Koku Anyidohu Must Be Summoned Before The Supreme Court

Feature Article Koku Anyidoho
JUN 27, 2016 LISTEN
Koku Anyidoho

Shortly after the Supreme Court directed the Electoral Commission of Ghana to submit to it a comprehensive list of all those who registered as voters in Ghana by using the NHIS cards, by the 29thJune, 2016, A deputy general secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidohu was in the media exhibiting what can at best be described as high buffoonery about the directive from the apex Court of Ghana.

He felt the Supreme Court in exercising its authority in directing the recalcitrant Electoral Commission to submit the list of NHIS registrants to it was an interference in the work of the EC by the Supreme Court. He went ahead to tell the Supreme Court to take over the conduct of election 2016, if it felt the EC of Ghana was inefficient to conduct the polls.

Koku Anyidohu must be told that he is not the only most intoxicated character in Ghana. He can't impose his somersaulted thoughts on Ghanaians.

He must also be told that the well rehearsed strategy of his underwhelming NDC party to assault legitimate institutions in Ghana in the execution of their jobs just to intimidate them is dead on arrival.

The Electoral Commission is not an Island. It is operating in a republic called Ghana. It is not an Electoral Commission for the people of Abyssinia. The Electoral Commission of Ghana can Never be more powerful than the Supreme Court of Ghana.

Koku Anyidohu and his NDC led by Japanese Toyota loving President Mahama- must be reminder that the same Supreme Court that gave legitimacy to the Presidency of President Mahama is the same Supreme Court asking for the NHIS list.

How can the Supreme Court have the authority to affirm President Mahama as President but can not order the EC to submit to it a comprehensive list of names that the Commission said publicly that they have?

The Supreme Court in my view must invite the deputy general secretary of the NDC- Koku Anyidohu to appear before it to explain how the Supreme Court has erred in ordering for the NHIS list or how the SC was interfering with the work of the EC of Ghana,?

During the election petition hearing in 2013, Sammy Awuku- the national youth organiser of the NPP and Sir John - the general secretary of the NPP among others were summoned to the Supreme Court for making what I feel were mild comments against the Supreme Court as compared to what Koku said against the SC.

The SC must do this to send a strong signal to some confused politicians who are of the erroneous believe that they can make loose talks and go away with it to come to their senses.

The EC of Ghana must also come out of its utopian World. The kind of power and Independence that the commission thinks it has is either superfluous, imaginary or both.

The current electoral tension in Ghana is the making of the EC, the Commission is behaving as if it is a political party with Charlotte Osei as its Presidential Candidate. If a referee should decide to wear a jersey in a crucial match what will be the action and reaction of the spectators?

The peace or instability of Ghana before, during and after the elections of this year will be the work of the Electoral Commission.

A word to the wise is enough.
Akilu Sayibu
Tamale North