5 Ways To Be A Disciplined Business Person

Feature Article 5 Ways To Be A Disciplined Business Person
JUN 1, 2016 LISTEN

Self-Discipline is one of the most difficult responsibilities everybody would have to deal with throughout their life. Gary Blair, the Head Coach of Texas A&M University Women’s Basketball team presented an excellent view on self-discipline. He maintained that, “Self-Discipline is an act of cultivation. It requires you to connect today’s actions to tomorrow’s results. There’s a season for sowing, a season for reaping. Self-Discipline helps you know which is which.”

  1. They Set Goals

Highly disciplined people never live in limbo. Limbo here refers to a ‘country’ where no plans are made, no goals are set and no targets are met. Highly disciplined people recognize the truth in the argument that, ‘the best way to achieve nothing is to aim at everything.’ Goals give direction and bring purpose to our time every day. He, who despises goals in life, never achieves anything of substance. Kofi Amoabeng, the founder of UT Bank and arguably one of the most disciplined businessmen in Ghana revealed that, goals are like the fuel life depends on to function.


Time is the currency of success handed each of the over 7 billion people on earth but only a handful are really investing each second in something worthwhile. How one spends his time is an indication of how disciplined he is. Highly disciplined people are very conscious of the 24 hours we all are blessed with. The major difference between a disciplined man and an undisciplined soul lies in the realm of time usage. Every second that is lost to unproductive work is a million dollar opportunity gone wasted. Highly disciplined people approach life from this perspective.


Every major decision one shall make in this life would have one or more alternatives that must be forgone. The decision to be disciplined itself comes with the tacit acknowledgement that a disciplined life is a better choice to loose living. Discipline is impossible without sacrifice and highly disciplined people by extension are highly sacrificial people. To become a disciplined person, you must commit to let go of certain things in your life. It may be a relationship, it may be spending time with friends, it may even be resigning from a job altogether. They focus their time and energy on what needs to be done, and do it without thinking twice.


For some reason, many people mistakenly assume that highly disciplined people are the most difficult people to live with but on the contrary, highly disciplined people are the most predictable people to live with simply because they have routines that clearly define their activities. Highly disciplined people have certain routines they live by everyday, which makes them very predictable. They have certain traits that make it very easy to predict how they shall respond in any given situation. Take a moment to observe a disciplined man for seven days and you can comfortably predict his activities for the rest of the month.


Highly Disciplined people by default are set up to be very principled people. To the disciplined soul, “A” can never become “B” as “B” can never be “A.” His principles are at the soul of his heart and once he loses his principles, he loses himself. Principles are to the disciplined man as spontaneity is to the undisciplined man. A life without principles is a life set up for frustrations and failure. Principles are the building blocks that hold life together. Highly disciplined people have the knack for living according to laid down principles.

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