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May 27, 2016 | General News

Don’t Shut Social Media; Sensitise People – Aning tells Police

Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Aning the Head of the Department of Research at KAIPTC
Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Aning the Head of the Department of Research at KAIPTC

Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Aning, the Head of the Department of Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) has urged the Police Service not to block social media during the 2016 elections, but rather sensitise people to use the platforms wisely during the polls.

Dr. Aning’s comments come after the Inspector General of Police John Kudalor stated that the Ghana Police Service is considering closing down social media services during the November 7 general elections.

According to Kudalor, the move is to curtail abuse of the social media platforms where members of the general public hide behind them to create tension.

“At one stage I said that if it becomes critical on the eve and also on the Election Day, we shall block all social media as other countries have done. We’re thinking about it,” Kudalor told the media Thursday.

“We are also thinking about the other alternative that the police should be IT compliant and get our own social media [account] to be able to stop these things on time,” Kudalor added.

But Dr. Aning in an interview on Morning Starr Friday said the Police Service must engage the citizens of the country to be responsible with the use of social media on Election Day rather than shutting it down.

“Let’s have a conversation around how we can all be responsible on that day, let’s talk to people about the need for caution on that day and let us test how sensible we can all be and therefore let’s keep social media open,” Dr. Aning told host Nii Arday Clegg.

Dr. Aning added, “keeping it open strengthens our democracy and tests the resilience of our people.”

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