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29.08.2015 Feature Article

Beware! The Name JESUS CHRIST Has Evil Roots!! Part I

Beware! The Name JESUS CHRIST Has Evil Roots!! Part I
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In about 600 BCE, a navi [nabiy] of Yisroel by name YirmeYahu HaBen (the son of) KhilkiYahu (Hilkiah?), a kohen (priest?)—please never refer to him as “prophet” nor call him “Jeremiah”, even though this is what Christian theologians think of him—was led by Ruwakh HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit?) of Elohiym to reveal in the Hebrew tongue, thus: “. . . the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.”—YirmeYahu (Jeremiah?) 16:19.

Today, more than 2,700 years after this revelation, the Gentile world is about to experience its fulfillment! May the children of Yisroel be awakened from their spiritual slumber and take up their roles in this fulfillment by receiving and teaching their Gentile-guests the genuine name of HaBen HaElohiym (The Son of Elohiym) and the only true way—HaDerekh—into the salvation of Elohiym!

Obviously, modern generations cannot be blamed for whatever lies were told to mankind millennia ago. Even though all mankind is culpable for gullibly accepting and living by these lies told by “our fathers”, and for passing them on to succeeding generations, no one today can be held responsible for them. And so, no one should take my exposures of these lies personal and, thus, try to get at me for uncovering them!

But should anyone want to get at me in these exposures that I am mandated by the Kingdom of Elohiym to make, then, the one must first establish his direct ancestry in those who first told these lies; and, furthermore, prove that these lies are a part of the inheritance these ancestors bequeathed to him personally!! Otherwise, let him, forever, hold his peace.

What lies did “our fathers” inherit which were later passed on to us and are to be passed on to our children and their children? Sad to say, these lies constitute the biggest deception that Lucifer, the enemy of Elohiym and mankind, ever succeeded in making—that HaBen HaElohiym, who was sent to Earth from Shamayim to redeem mankind from sin and the wickedness of Lucifer, was called by the English name JESUS CHRIST!!

The fact is that the name of HaBen HaElohiym, who was begotten in Yisroel to redeem mankind from Lucifer, and who lived ca. 4BCE-30CE, was never called JESUS CHRIST!! Even though the most popular book in the world—The “Holy” Bible, so-called—says in almost every page of its New Testament (Beyrit Khadasha?), that the name of the Savior is JESUS CHRIST, this name can easily be dismissed as belonging to HaBen HaElohiym when he temporally resided on planet Earth!

Our world today thrives on knowledge and information, just as it was foretold it would long before now—cf. DaniEl (Daniel) 12:4. By this revelation of DaniEl, it is not surprising that knowledge has enabled man to travel to planet Mars! Knowledge enables mankind to forecast future events to dazzling accuracy long before they ever happen.

Mankind is able to reconstruct his pre-historic past, when dinosaurs roamed our Earth, to great admiration. We have knowledge of bringing up to the surface of the Earth hydrocarbon treasures that are several kilometers deep down in its crust! We even pride ourselves in being able to determine the age of Creation!!

So then, if man has all this ability to get rare information, and yet fails to establish the absolute anthropological impossibility for HaBen HaElohiym, who lived in Yisroel in the First Century of our time, to have been called JESUS CHRIST, then, all his knowledge must be counted as dung!

Or is it that some evil spiritual powers have teamed up to do man in, in not allowing man to determine the obvious—that no one by the English name JESUS CHRIST could ever have been so named to live in Yisroel as an indigene, from Creation to date??

When a malak (angel), at the behest of Elohiym, on two separate occasions delivered to Earth the name by which its Hebrew-born Savior was to be called when born, this malak did not give the English name JESUS CHRIST! The English Bible seeks to compel its readers to believe a very big lie, in claiming that this malak brought to mankind the name JESUS CHRIST from Elohiym in Shamayim!

For three reasons, I know that the name JESUS CHRIST has not come to mankind from Elohiymin Shamayim but through evil forces!! The first is that English is never spoken in Shamayim, and so any malak on errands from Elohiym to Earth or outside Shamayim is never instructed in English, but in Hebrew: For Hebrew is the only lingua franca of Shamayim!!

Secondly, since the direct recipients of the message regarding the name of HaBen HaElohiym—foster-father Yosef and holy mother Miryam—could only understand Hebrew, and lived at a time when English as a race and language was even yet to evolve, it is obvious they received this message from Elohiym through the malak in their Hebrew father tongue.

Thirdly, because no malak from Elohiym needs to translate the Hebrew-revealed Word given to him for transmission directly to the people of Elohiym on Earth, who, themselves, always spoke the Hebrew tongue anyway, I can confidently say that the malak who came with the name of the Savior never uttered the English words—JESUS CHRIST.

If he had uttered the words JESUS CHRIST, he would have been lying in claiming that “This is what Elohiym says”! And so, if he had uttered the words JESUS CHRIST, he would have been deemed disobedient and disloyal to the Ruler of Shamayim and Earth; for only fallen malakim (angels) speak any Gentile languages!!

The result of such disloyalty on the part of this malak would, obviously, have been that he would never have been permitted to return to Shamayim to serve Elohiym! He would have been eternally marooned on planet Earth, bound together with other malakim who before him proved to be disloyal to Elohiym and are thus held in some dark prison awaiting judgment—cf. Kefa Beth (Second Peter?) 2:4 and Yaakov (Jude?) 6.

The Hebrew name the malak gave to Yosef and Miryam, as being determined by Elohiym, by which HaBen HaElohiym was to be named, is YAHUSHUA!! This name, the malak pronounced twice on Earth—cf. MattitYahu (Matthew?) 1:21, 22; Lukas (Luke?) 1:31, 3:21—so that mankind would never make the mistake of ever referring to HaBen HaElohiym by some other name!

Clearly, the name YAHUSHUA can be seen to be embedded in and begotten outof the name—YAHUWAH—of the Most High One!! Now, Yahushua means “YAHUWAH saves”, “YAHUWAH is salvation” or “YAHUWAH gives salvation”.

Obviously then, by the translators’ queer English name of JESUS CHRIST as belonging to the Hebrew-born Savior, someone is selling a cheap lie to simple-minded mankind and seeking to deny him knowledge of and faith in YAHUSHUA, the only name which has the saving-power of Elohiym infused into it!

So then, all who zealously preach in and by the name JESUS CHRIST do not work for Elohiym but rather serve the interest of His enemies! Oh, how dangerous it is when men work in zeal without revelation knowledge!!

That the name JESUS CHRIST has today engulfed and subdued the Earth, with only an infinitesimally small populace of mankind knowing the genuine name of the Savior as being YAHUSHUA, gives an indication of the success of Lucifer in his deception of mankind and paints a grim statistic of people who, at the end of Time, will be permitted to live in the presence of Elohiym!

Those who translated the Hebrew Scriptures into Gentile “versions”, or rather “perversions”—firstly, from Greek, to Latin, English, etc—consistently depended on an inglorious technique known today as Replacement Theology to do their self-motivated work!

By this technique, deep and peculiar Hebrew thinking and spirituality, and most Hebrew names and titles are replaced with Gentile “equivalents”. The result has been the evolution of beliefs, practices and spirituality completely strange to and unknown by Yisroel—characteristically, CHRISTIANITY—and only particular to the Gentile culture in which the translation is done!

But then, because the spiritual beliefs of all Gentiles are strange to Yisroel, any Gentile-based spirituality is bereft of the saving-power of Elohym, for “salvation is of the Hebrews”—cf.YahuKhanan(John) 4:22! I pray the eyes of Christians will be opened to this great truth.

By Replacement Theology, when Elohiym mentions in His Hebrew-revealed Holy Scriptures the words Aleph and Tawv, the first and the last alephbets respectively of the Hebrew language, in relation to the person of Yahushua—cf. Hisgalus (Revelation) 22: 13—translators would have unsuspecting mankind believe that Elohiym said Alpha and Omega instead, by their rendering of Aleph and Tawv as Alpha and Omega respectively!!

But, of course, even though Alpha and Omega are indeed the first and the last Greek alphabets—the second one being beta, and hence the coining of the word “alphabets”—and Aleph and Tawv are also undeniably the first and the last alephbets of the Hebrew language—with Beth being the second one, and thus the evolution of the Hebrew word “alephbets”—only human wisdom with no inkling of Divine Wisdom in it would seek to replace Aleph-Tawv with Alpha-Omega, as Replacement Theology has been applied to do in the English Bible!

Part II
Maybe, replacement theologians would someday change Alpha and Omega to Aay and Zee in revised editions of their English Bible! By that time, they would have again compelled the world to think of HaBen HaElohiym as being the Aay and Zee and thus would have fully completed, supposedly, on behalf of Shamayim and for mankind, their willful evolution of the Savior from being Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin and to a modern-day Anglo-Saxon!!

In Lukas (Luke) 4:27 KJV, one finds another typical deception of replacement theologians. Here, translators have replaced the Hebrew name “Elisha”, which belonged to a very holy navi (prophet?) with a typical Greek name, Eliseus!

Now, “Elisha” means “salvation is of Elohiym”, or can be personalized to mean “my salvation is of Elohiym”. On the other hand,“Eliseus” can only mean“Zeus is Elohiym”, or even aptly tickle one’s thought to mean“Zeus is my salvation”!! By this evil trick, English Bible translators have purposefully sought to replace Elohiym with Zeus and, in fact, have sought to equate Elohiym to Zeus in the beliefs of unsuspecting mankind! How could they?? And this deception Christians seem to have enjoyed for centuries!!

Is modern mankind willing to live by these wicked deceptions of its forefathers? Please count me out of this! All serious-minded salvation seekers of this generation must rise up in arms together to defeat an enemy who has, for close to two millennia, told the biggest lie to mankind—that HaBen HaElohiym, who once sojourned on planet Earth, was called by the English name JESUS CHRIST during the time of his sojourn!

Let me now teach how the name Yahushua was cleverly made to become JESUS by replacement theologians. It is clearly revealed in the Holy Hebrew Scriptures that Yisroel is the bride of Yahushua—cf. MattitYahu (Matthew) 25: 1-11, Second Corinthians 11:2, Hisgalus (Revelation) 21:2, 9, 22:17. So, in romancing with her Yahushua-Groom, Yisroel progressively shortened the name Yahushua to fit into her prose, poetry, sing-song literature and slangs; becoming Yeshua as a result!

The name “Yeshua” came about in much the same way that any bride today and close pals of her groom may, in romanticizing and fraternizing with him, affectionately call him by a shortened name “Steve” instead of by his official, fuller or longer name “Stephen”.

But then, all other people outside this circle of lovers may even be deemed discourteous in calling him “Steve”! They are expected to show him respect and address him only by his formal name, “Stephen”. Also, even though friends may affectionately address him as “Steve”, it is only “Stephen” that is permitted on all official documents and records; never is “Steve” permitted officially!!

Early in the First Century, when faith in the name Yahushua—the only Shamayim-approved or official name in or by which the ritual of baptism is commanded to be received by anyone for his initiation into the salvation of Elohiym—cf. YahuKhanan (John) 3:5, Acts 2:38-39—began spreading out of Yisroel, the sing-song Groom-Yahushua name “Yeshua” also spread with it, becoming popular even among Gentiles.

As stated earlier, the name Yahushua is derived from the name of the Most High One—YAHUWAH—and so, within Yahushua is found the substance of what is in Yahuwah! In fact, all the DNA of YAHUWAH can be found in the DNA of Yahushua. Like Father, like Son!!

And so, replacement theologians reasoned to craft a name derived from that of the greatest Greek deity, ZEUS (their “equivalent” of the Hebrew Creator, YAHUWAH), and therefore came up with the name IZEUS. In Greek thought and mythology, IZEUS is the son of ZEUS!! By this feat, IZEUS must have in his DNA everything within the DNA of ZEUS his father!

In coming up with the name IZEUS as the son of ZEUS, and, subsequently, in trying to equate YAHUSHUA to IZEUS, replacement theologians determined they had to their advantage the sing-song name Yeshua, common to First Century followers of the Savior (Yahushua), at least, sound-wise. This advantage, they exploited!

But before they could complete their forgery, they needed to go one step further. They had to transpose YESHUA into Greek alphabets to obtain IESOUS, which sounded very pleasant to the ears of Latin-loving theologians who adapted the Greek IESOUS to IESUS and thence to JESUS by Englishmen! Waaow! Very brilliant!!

So then, because JESUS is begotten from ZEUS, through IZEUS and IESOUS, it must also have in it everything that is within the DNA of ZEUS!! Therefore, worship of JESUS is simply, worship of ZEUS through the back door!!

Moving or changing faith from YAHUSHUA (aka YESHUA) to JESUS would and should, obviously, land mankind right into the lap of ZEUS and LUCIFER!! See the destructive outcome of Replacement Theology and the power and effect of ignorance in all of this?? I hope Christians get to see the harm they have caused themselves by believing in the name JESUS in their quest for the salvation of the Most High One!!

When Elohim has strictly commanded all His children never to mention the names of deities of Gentiles—cf. Yehoshua (Joshua) 23:7—by this trickery of Lucifer, people seeking Elohiym’s salvation are unknowingly compelled to call on the name of the infamous Greek deity, ZEUS, in and by their faith in and profession of the name JESUS!! Sad that today's people of the Earth greatly relish their faith in the name JESUS, ignorant of the harm and dangers it portends for them!!

The English word “CHRIST”, which is at the center of Christianity, is derived from the Greek word CHRISTOS, which was in itself derived from the Greek root word “chrio” meaning “to smear or rub with oil or lubricant such as grease in military andor industrial activity, or anoint someone in consecration for religious service”—cf. Strong’s 5547 & 5548.

Here again, replacement theologians, by equating CHRISTOS to HaMashakhYahu, the Hebrew title of the Savior which means “The Anointed One of YAHUWAH” or simply “The Anointed One”, made it easy for English translators to come up with the combined name JESUS CHRIST which has today become so popular on Earth, as if it were the true name given by Elohiym to His holiest Ben!! How sad!

Dear reader, do you think it was any good for replacement theologians and translators to do all their theological gymnastics to come up with the names JESUS and CHRIST to cover, and thus render redundant, the names YAHUSHUA and HaMashakhYahu, which Elohiym determined to be essential and indispensable for your salvation?

The harm done to salvation seekers by replacement theologians and translators can never be measured! In working to replace Hebrew names and titles revealed by Elohiym for the blessing of mankind with words of Gentile origin, replacement theologians have, as it were, forced lies out of the mouth of the Most Holy One!! The judgment awaiting them is, undoubtedly, deserved!

I dare say that the very origin of theology is evil—for “theo” is the very Greek word “Theos”, which means God, completely unrelated to Elohiym. And so, because theology is a field of study that has originated from Greeks, it has Greek mythology, religion and culture intrinsic in it! Theology is obviously anti-Hebrew and, thus, is without the holiness and power of Shamayim for mankind’s salvation! Again, I repeat here that salvation is of the Hebrews”!!

The battle cry is herein sounded and the shofar (sheep-horn trumpet) blown!! Arise and let us together seek for the truth that will deliver us from the lies “our fathers” inherited, through no fault of theirs, which they also ignorantly passed on to us, and which we too ignorantly gobbled with relish as if they were the truth!!

By a very simple technique Lucifer has introduced his lies to mankind. This technique, a modern-day trusted servant of his—the notorious Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945)—adapted and popularized!

Listen to Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it [as if it is the truth]”—; words in square parenthesis are mine. Incredible, isn’t it??

Obviously, by reading lies in the English Bible like the word “God” for the over 4400 times it appears there instead of Elohiym; “Christ” for 555 times instead of HaMashakhYahu; “Jesus” for over 970 times instead of Yahushua; and “Holy Spirit” in countless number instead of Ruwakh HaKodesh, the interests of the likes of Goebbels and their boss, Lucifer, are served!!

Thinking of the damning effect of these lies on those who dedicatedly do a complete read of the English Bible several times in their lifetimes can only cause one to shed tears for those who are so deceived!

We must deliver ourselves from the lies “our fathers” inherited and passed on to us! We need to do this because it is mandatory we teach our children the truth that is of Elohiym, Yahuwah, Yahushua and Ruwakh HaKodesh and the entirety of the Holy Hebrew Scriptures! Shalom aleikhem.

PS: Should readers of this and any of my other articles have special messages or questions for me, they should contact me via e-mail by clicking on “Contact” on the Home Page of my website, and also purchase a copy of my book—Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners’ Prayer for Salvation—so together, we learn to succeed in the holy pilgrimage to Elohiym’s presence. Shalom, shalom.

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