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Jehovah's Witnesses offer disaster support

Jehovah's Witnesses offer disaster support
21.06.2015 LISTEN

Accra, June 21, GNA - The Ghana Branch office of the Jehovah's Witnesses faith has invited members to come to the aid of people affected by the recent flood and fire disasters in some parts of Accra.

The invitation is a follow up to members of the faith after initial spiritual and physical support offered by the branch office to both members and non-members affected by the deluge and inferno on June 3.

In a letter last week to members of congregations of the faith in the Accra Metropolis, the branch office, located in Nungua, on the Accra-Tema beach road, urged members to channel their donations through the Co-ordinators of the Bodies of Elders in their local congregations.

The relief items being sought are food, clothing, water, building materials, cash, accommodation; and volunteers to work on damaged property of affected persons in the Adabraka and Alajo areas in Accra.

Mr Nathanael Gbedemah of the Public Information Desk of the branch office in a follow up interview on the letter with the Ghana News Agency confirmed that about 250 Witnesses were affected and displaced by the floods.

However, there has not been any report of the loss of a Witness.

While commiserating with bereaved families who lost dear ones in the fiery deluge, the Christian Minister urged all to keep focus on God, and give thanks to Him for the survivors.

'We the rest are alive, we can go on with life.
'We pray that we remain calm in the face of these hard times, because building and maintaining our relationship with Jehovah is the most important thing we can do.'

Mr Gbedemah announced that Jehovah's Witnesses have in place an arrangement for assistance throughout the world where elders of local congregations make prompt responses to disasters.

'The good news is that these arrangements are working. It has worked in Dunkwa before the one in Accra. So in the case of the Accra floods, elders in the affected areas quickly got into contact with the local Witnesses and their neighbours to know the extent of damage. Right after that… the Branch Office sent some brothers to the site to see what could be done immediately.

'We quickly arranged relief items including blankets, towels, clothes, water, medicine and other things that would be needed.'

Mr Gbedemah said the Witness has arranged for medical professionals to take care of people affected around the Alajo and Adabraka areas, where both Witnesses and non- Witnesses were given medical attention, including diabetics patients and other people on special medication.

Torrential rains flooded parts of Accra, and caused an explosion at the Goil Filling Station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

The flood and resulting inferno consumed neighbouring houses and claimed more that reported 150 persons, and destroyed property.