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Essentials of Successful Life - Navigate Day by Day

Essentials of Successful Life - Navigate Day by Day
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“To be successful in life is not necessarily about removing obstacles and avoiding challenges, but it’s about the ability to navigate through and around them”

No matter how big your dream is, no matter how brilliant the plan is, nothing will be achieved unless action is taken. ‘You cannot score a goal siting on the bench.’ You have to get involved and ‘Just Do It!’ You can have a mission statement hanging up the wall in a nice polished frame, this will not do the job.

Do not procrastinate. A great journey starts with a step. A 100 year life is achieved by the second. ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ The answer is ‘One bit at a time.’ If you do not start, before you know it, you will be saying I wish I had done this or that when I was younger.

Constant Evaluation
Now and them stop and reflect. Take time to think! You will be surprised how people do not really ‘think.’ Do not be caught in the routine of day to day. Once in a while maybe every 3 or 6 months, stop and spend time reflecting. Spend 30 minutes or 1 hour just thinking about what you have done, what you are doing and what you want to do. Write things down. Identify things that are not performing as planned, try to find why and redress the situation. Notice your successes and celebrate them. Change certain things. Change is always happening; economic, social, technological etc. Change is all over you. Adjust your course and even your goals.

Certain environments may require day to day adjustments. Hyperinflationary economies can be so hostile and dynamic such that at the end, changes were being done by the hour. Management briefing meetings had to be done twice a day to deal with changes.

To be successful in life is not necessarily about removing obstacles and avoiding challenges, but it’s about the ability to navigate. Managing life is like navigating a chip at sea. Sometimes it’s crystal clear and calm such that you can see miles and miles. You, the captain can relax and play games. But at times storms come. Storm so violent and life threaten such everyone has to get involved. The greatness of a captain is measure by his/her ability to navigate through storms. You cannot afford to say ‘I am not a fantastic captain because of the storms.’

In life you will be threaten, challenged, derailed, let down, delayed, disappointed, fail etc., but do not allow these things to destroy you. Instead allow them to build your life stamina. Turn the threats into fearlessness. When you are challenged, develop bravery. When being distracted, let it cause you to be even more organised.

At times there is not much action. But wait a minute, absence of action does not mean things are not happening. It may turn out to be a time to reflect, at time to rest, a time do develop patience etc. This means you need to understand the times, to know what to do and when to do it.

Sometime being proactive means, just doing nothing. Yes, just waiting.

Have a great day!
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