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21.02.2015 Feature Article

The Plank In Your Eye: To The Critics Of Mzbel

The Plank In Your Eye: To The Critics Of Mzbel
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I greet you dear reader. I hope this finds you well. Since I have become notorious for writing “annoying” open letters I have decided to make this a closed one. So I am writing this to you on a personal level, as an individual; you who claim to be a “Christian”.

Early this week, God spoke through His servant to address the threat of a growing fashionable heresy; that our Lord Jesus is a myth, on the same level as Mithra, Horus, Krishna and the rest. I found it interesting and humbling, the level of excitement and euphoria generated by this response. Indeed may the name of Jesus alone be glorified, that many whose faith were shaken, received strength by this injection of clarity. So since I have your attention, I should like to make good use of this gift you have so bestowed for the advancement of Truth.

Far it be from me, that a lowly kinsman like me should bring accusations against you, your highness, for unchristian behavior. Yet I stand guilty of sacrificing Truth for political correctness, if I fail to point out your error in this matter. May I be judged ever so severely, if I fall short of discharging this assignment placed on me by conscience and goodwill.

Ms Ekua Amoah, AKA MZBEL, is a young and intelligent Ghanaian lady who happened not to share our faith and belief that Jesus is the Christ. By God's grace and per the evidence available, truth spoke with clarity, and sounded a clarion call to her for repentance and renewal. We are only co-laborers with our Father in Heaven. We can only sow seeds dutifully, but the owner of the vineyard is the one who causes seeds to germinate. So whether MZBEL comes to Jesus Christ or not must be a matter of prayerful entreaty. Yet you say to me, “where have we erred Nkunimdini?” Pardon me your highness, but may I be so bold to speak truth to power even if it hurts? Very well then, hear the same word of Truth that you celebrated when it was in your favor:

1 Peter 3:10 (NIV) – “For whoever would love life and see good days must keep their TONGUE from evil and their lips from deceitful speech.”

Double-edge sword huh? God is still good, is He not? Answer me eh, oh! Why are you quiet? When MZBEL spoke up, you took unpalatable liberties and called her all manner of names. I am about to paint the picture for you, how we are losing many souls to Satanic doctrine because of our own (Christians) attitude of Hypocrisy. Oops!! Did I just say that? No way. How dare you Nkunimdini? Who do you think you are? Do not worry about me. For my reckoning is with the Christ.

Read these comments (unedited):

“Such a crap....who shud listing to dat lady...mtcheeeew if u dont believe Christ exist ah go errrh who wey edey concern am.”- Name withheld.

“I wept for her Kudos more people will enlighten Jezebel. - Name withheld

“It's my prayer dat she finds salvation...... cos if not on judgement day how I go lash her eh.” - Name Withheld

Some funny, some unprintable and some even seemingly innocuous, but underneath all such comments and disparaging attributions, reveals a mindset and culture of intolerance and disdain for contrary viewpoints. In our enthusiasm and passion to defend His Holy name, we have unwittingly ceded ground to the Accuser. As if to say the mediaeval Crusades were justified in the name of “righteous” duty to the One who counseled love and restraint, but not sword. Who is it that shed His blood to atone for your rebellion against God? Is it Jesus Christ or Pope Urban II? Who is it that taught you that God is your Father, and that he loves you so love your neighbor likewise? Is it Jesus Christ or Pope Urban II?

My supposition, and correctly so, had always been that the one who professes discipleship must demonstrate congruence of values and character with his/her master. Supposition I said. Maybe I am wrong, for I perceive that the servant is now greater than the master, so “damn the master's teaching” you say. “Why turn the other cheek when I can slap her back to please Moses and maybe assuage my anger in the process”, you say. For every behavior or attitude that you reveal, whether online in the streets or at the mall, which is out of synch with Jesus' character and teachings, you swell the ranks of the Humanists with another rookie recruit. You don't believe me? You don't have to. Read these words:

“Ghana's religious landscape is changing. Africa's 'belief-scape' is undergoing transformation. Humanists are beginning to discover that there are other people of like minds. The humanist movement in Africa is growing in strength and number. A wave of secularism and freethought is sweeping across the region. The humanist group in Ghana is not only making waves locally but also internationally. The group is gradually becoming the hub for organized humanism in West Africa.”

-Leo Igwe (Member, Nigerian Humanist Movement)
(Extract from text - Humanist Fellowship Has Arrived in Ghana)

Throughout my faith journey, I have had occasion to reason out matters of doctrine with atheists, agnostics and others who may just be plainly confused. One thread of observation is their disaffection with hypocrisy and lack of critical thinking on the part of those who claim to “know” Christ. Double standards. Saying A and doing B. A feeling that is shared by many revivalists in the modern day Church. I know as Christians, we struggle with what Paul the apostle calls “the sinful nature”. But what I suggest to you, dear friend, is that we struggle because we haven't fully yielded. You are saved, okay! I believe you! But explain to me why you disparage the humanity of a poor young lady still searching for peace when even Jesus himself did not rebuke Thomas for doubting him, or the Zebedee brothers for vain ambition or Peter for perfidy? I speak not even, of those who lay no claim to being light and salt or understands little about royal priesthood. I speak to you, who blabber in strange tongue whilst hands raised in worship with one eye shut and your whole heart absent. I speak to you, who tithe a tenth of your income yet neglect the weightier matters of love, tolerance, respect and honor. I speak to you; you who show up every Sunday to church with a hovering halo and your pious greetings. Have you not read the commendation of the Master to the Philadelphian church?

“I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know you have little strength but you have kept my Word and not denied my name. I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are not, but are liars – I will make them come and fall at down your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. Rev. 3:8-9 (NIV) - Emphasis mine.

Here is the verdict: Keep his Word and honor his name to receive commendation from Jesus lest you be made a liar by your lack of integrity. In-te-gri-ty. Integrated. Together as one, in thought, words and actions. Honor his name by working hard, solving problems, thinking critically, being a part of the solution, all within the space of loving God and loving MZBEL, your neighbor. This is how the skeptics and cynics will know, that we are truly disciples of Jesus Christ.

I have many things to share with you, but your abhorrence for lengthy letters hinders me. I must leave you now to ponder your guilt to true repentance. MZBEL is wrong about Jesus Christ no doubt, but so are you, about abusing her unjustly with unchristian language.

At sunrise, when you rise from sleep, please pray for me that I may hold fast. Before the sun sets, pray for the Church. Between sunset and sunrise, whiles Jesus tarries, pray without ceasing. Jesus loves you.

Yours in the service of Jesus,
Nkunimdini Asante-Antwi

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