01.09.2014 Feature Article

Open letter to Alan Kyeremateng!

Open letter to Alan Kyeremateng!
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Dear Mr. Kyeremateng, I am one of your fans far away in China. I was praying and hoping you would have won or at least give Nana Addo a close marking in the just ended super delegates voting on Saturday, 31st August, 2014.

Even though my heart wanted you to win, but my mind told me you could not win.

Whatever be the case, the voting is over and the results known to everyone! I was shocked as many of your fans and you yourself were! I am urging you to put the past behind you and move forward!

But I have a simple plea to you to save your future political fortunes!

There is no way you would win the 18th September impending main flag bearer contest to lead the great NPP party.

So I would like you to organize a press conference to give up and declare your support for Nana Addo.

You have to invite Nana Addo and all those who contested with you. Invite all those who have said some bad things against you, especially, Dr. Amoako Tufuor and others like him. Hug them and tell them let by-gone be by-gone! Then I bet you, that would set the tone for unity in the great NPP party.

If you heed to my simple plea and do this, I am sure you would save your political career and stand the chance of leading the NPP to power in the future!

Long live NPP!
Long live Ghana!
God bless you!
Elvis Owusu, China.

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