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18.06.2014 Feature Article

Life After Birth

Life After Birth
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It is a beauty to behold when a new baby is born, as parents, relatives and friends go into indescribable ecstasy for the gift God has blessed them with. Even though everyone seems to be in a jubilant mood, the mother of the child is the one who is expected to rejoice more after nine difficult months of carrying the gift of God in her belly.

I sometimes sit down to imagine how a baby is formed in a belly of a woman after having 'good time' with her man, and also after nine months of pregnancy. The more I think about it, the more it blows and baffles my mind.

My mind cannot simply fathom the awesome creative power of God to create a human being of our kind in the womb of a woman. This is simply amazing and indicates the miraculous power of God.

In the days of old, God instructed Abraham to multiply and fill the earth with his descendants. In order words, Abraham was mandated to continue creation and this same mandate applies to us all.

After nine months of the agony a woman goes through, joy springs up when her baby enters the world with a loud voice crying out to God in praise.

The tears of the woman are wiped away and as it were, the baby continues the tears of her mom few minutes of entering the world.

It is however one thing to come to this world as a baby with tears of joy and another to fulfill one's destiny with joy. Some kids are fortunate to be born with silver spoon in their mouths while others are seen as unfortunate to go through the harsh reality of life from the day they were born till death.

It must be noted that it is not always the case in view of the assumption that those born in rich homes grow up to fulfill the excellent destiny God has prepared for them. In fact, fulfilling one's destiny is not about how rich or poor one is. It's about the state of mind and how one perceives and reacts to the challenges in the long journey of life.

God admonishes us in the bible to always renew our minds with the word of God. This is very essential because there is no true and permanent success without the renewal of our minds with God's word. Every decision taken without the application and knowledge of the word of God often times end up unsuccessful.

From the stage of adolescence to adulthood, one cannot blame his parents for the unfortunate things that have or may occur in his life because God has already endowed everyone with the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. It must get to a point in time where people must accept responsibility for their fortunes and misfortunes and stop the blame game.

After birth, one must understand that life is a journey that every individual is entitled to travel through and there is no short cut.

Challenges are the ladders of life that we ought to climb to get to the pent or the top of the mountain. Ignoring challenges and hoping to succeed in life is like ignoring supportive ladders of a mountain and hoping to get to the top of it, knowing well that it is not possible because you have no wings to fly there.

What then am I saying? I'm advocating all of us to face challenges as it comes and strive to find the distinct antidote to every challenge using the word of God. God has blessed as with his word in the bible and we are to use it as a guideline in fulfilling our glorious destinies.

God never brought anyone to the world to suffer and not make any impact. Everyone has a unique gift and talent to inspire and impart his generation with his God-given potentials.

No destiny is ever fulfilled by accident or surprise. Destinies are fulfilled by intentional commitment to one's goal and doing everything rightly possible to make it a reality.

Availing yourself to the word of God to guide your path and putting the word of God to work in every situation is a prerequisite to fulfilling one's destiny.

Life is mostly about service to mankind and the more you impart others with the wisdom God has blessed you with, the more God spreads your coasts to do even more to eradicate people from the arena of ignorance. For the bible declares that 'lack of knowledge, my people do perish.' The biggest problem of mankind is ignorance. That is why God has blessed us with the bible which is the only book in the world that has the solution to every problem.

The more you study and spend quality time with the word of God, the more you discover the secret to overcoming every challenge or problem you may ever face.

In conclusion, life after birth is about knowing your identity and authority in Christ on earth, and putting the blessed instructions of God in the bible to work in fulfilling the predestined glorious destiny God has prepared for you. The world is awaiting your manifestation and it is about time you make up your mind to impart the world with any unique talent God has endowed you with. Don't give up and don't give in because God can still use you to bless the world. Forget about your sinful past and reminisce the mercy of Christ on the cross of Calvary. 2 Corinthians 5:17 assures us that old things are passed away and all things have become new. You are now a new creation, a new being without sin. God doesn't remember your past sin. Hold your shoulders high and fulfill what God has called you to do; for that is your life after birth.

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