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Orji And Terrorism

Orji And Terrorism

Bravo to the gallant soldiers, who were said, arrested suspected blood-lickers in Abia State, on Sunday 15 2014. The stout soldiers were given as those from the Asa Military Base of 14 Brigade, Ohafia Barracks, Abia State. News reports were that the arrested were 486 including eight girls. Imagine!

This was coming a fortnight when one Gov. Shettima blatantly said that insurgents might shift their inglorious activities to the South from the northern part of the country they have held sway. Although, before the arrest, the people of Abia State had known terrorism, not of the type of the Osisikankwus, but of robbers of good governance, as the world could see under the government of Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji, their Ochendo Global.

The first thing that happens to any person who enters Abia State is to first get sick due to the terrorism called mis-governance in the state. The critical infrastructures are not made available. The inhumane government in Abia State, in term of development, is worse than any act of terrorism as the word goes.

The government is unpopular and not ashamed of these umbrages of the difficulties that the people are passing through. Even when the people who have been very diplomatic are conveying their plights, they are not listened to, but humiliated to a first degree. It is not all about arresting suspected terrorists in the state, but, also, about what becomes of the state under Governor Orji.

The government is biased with pungent hobbies in mis-governance and the use of propaganda expediently designed to malign the people of Abia State, with sorrowful songs of regret, worse than the nuisance of Boko Haram. Terrorism like the ones the robbers of good governance are showing off in Abia State is a familiar enemy.

And the good people of Abia State have been doing everything within their reach to wedge a sensitive war against the widespread of mis-governance in the state, but the governor is bent on furthering the incapacitating of the development rearward of the state. A mental-stock taking of the activities of the government in Abia State will make any sensible person to leave the state for fear of being entrapped in indignation, just as many people are leaving the northern part of the country today to the South.

The non-performance of Gov. Orji in Abia State and his un-quenching rabid anger have made the serene state a shadow of itself. An enabling environment such that can make people live in peace and achieve their desired aspiration is elusive in the state; hence evil-mongers are on the prowl swimming in the euphoria that (there is not lively government in the state) to hatch their evils.

If not for the security men who arrested the supposedly goons, Gov. Orji's media war-touts would have told the world that nothing was wrong even in the face of glaring difficulties. This is the extent they have defined the word propaganda in the once scintillating Abia State that was known as God's Own State, but, now, Goons' Own State.

It is not certain why Gov. Orji believes so much in deluge of non-performance when there are many works to do. He has refused to play back commitment except the ones on his shenaniganism of 'Legacy Projects'. The capacity of his stewardship smells like the happenings in Chibok, where all the residents of Abia State have been kidnapped into the falsehood christened governance in Abia State. This is a government that inaugurates projects that the people will not see on ground. The annoying side is that Abia people never imagined that Gov. Orji will disappoint, but they have no option than to take their unimagined fate, while looking at the infrastructural dooms in the state.

The people's cry has not touched the governor and his bunch of aides - over 500 of them. Rather, the cry of the people has been a stimulant that perhaps has suffered the governor not to perform and he is happy with that and is on a mission of always persuading his untutored aides to be spreading falsehood around and labeling dissenters with unprintable names without giving Abia State the expected new-dawn she had wished. The government has refused to pay back to the society.

While the official terrorism to the economic development of Abia State persists, it would be aplomb that the federal authorities questioned Gov. Shettima of who the arrested alleged terrorists in Abia State were, because he has been a whistleblower of the activities of the sect and, apart from being a governor, his name recently is seemingly synonymous with the militants' activities of the Boko Haram sect, to a very controversial level.

His counterpart in Abia is into the intimidation that Abia State should not be developed. These acts are not mere political sentiments; they carelessly reveal how to make Abia State uncomfortable and inhabitable. Gov. Orji is busy with how far his alias - Ochendo Global - could reach. If he was serious to duty, by now many strategic areas in the Igbo place would have been guided and guarded since they said that he is the Chairman South-East Governors' Forum.

But don't be surprised that Governor Orji who has been unable to provide job opportunities to the people of Abia State or anywhere in the South-East zone might by tomorrow go in defense of the arrested with such noise that they are in Abia State to look for job opportunities. This is the way he may go just for political and cheap publicity. He may even go as far as building mosques for them for the benefit of warren pity.

Gov. Orji man whom they said is the South-East Governors' chairman, but he has never replied Shettima in strong term when the latter sent in his apocalyptic message of his Boko Haram agents ready to invade the South-east. Even as the arrested were made public, the north is now using propaganda that 'refugees are now being treated like terrorists in Igbo land'. But Ndigbo are already refugees in Abia State to a significant level. Remember that the Gov. Orji government in not too far time sent Ndigbo who are not aboriginality from Abia State back to their respective states. Tell us what the meaning of this is if not terrorism.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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