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Source of endless happiness: human brain

Source of endless happiness: human brain
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“I will show you how we manage our country,” said the Black Ghanaian Professor to his White students coming from all around the world eager to learn in order to solve problems back home sitting in the Auditorium of the University of Ghana in East Legon, Accra.

The flagbearer of NPP in Ghana for Presidential election 2012, Mr Nana Akufo-Addo, was and is strongly advocating to improve Ghana's economy by implementing Industrialization. Ghanaians, do not fall into the trap of African Politicians that even are living in Europe or USA and therefore should know it much better ! Alternatively ask yourself the question whether such Politicians are qualified to lead your countries.

Industrialization is the concept of the past ! Around one hundred eighty years ago in UK and on the European continent this was seen as the blessing from God giving us the luxury we live in today. The basis are factories to produce various products. Raw materials are needed in greater quantities to meet the increasing demand for standard and luxury products. The world is hungry for natural resources and even fight for it in bloody wars. This will increase and increase in case rich countries are not willing to lower their living standards or having solutions for an economy not depending on natural resources and developing countries like China limited themselves in the desire for constantly higher living standards in form of more standard and luxury products

Once in one hundred years all natural resources in Africa and around the world will be exhausted because being used and on surface of the earth in form of products like plastic bottles, how to sustain the factories and make them work ?

Africans must look into resources that will never end to live for thousands of years. Weather will never disappears. Sun, rain, wind, water bodies and oceans are always there to use for generating power and providing drinking water.

Fertile lands like in Ghana, when kept in good conditions, will provide food always and when managed accordingly to latest state of the art scientific findings, are commodities for export to feed other nations like Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger less fortunate with nature bringing good revenues into the country.

As we live in the post-Industrialization era there is another important basis to use for thousands of years endlessly to build a modern economy on: human intelligence.

Finland is a small country located close to the North Pole with no natural resources, widely forestry and covered by snow most of the year living a high lifestyle. Nokia is known as a brand name all around the world and based in Finland. Nokia is not producing any phones in Finland but in Asia and East European low labour cost countries. Many world famous computer games are produced in Finland using only human imagination, computer and graphic skills.

Switzerland is a country with basically only mountains producing crops in limited quantities and yet the highest per head living standard in Europe servicing the Financial Sectors of the World combined with personal safety in its borders.

Singapore is the same being an island with two and a half million citizen less the size of Accra, a Financial and Logistic Hub to Asia and the Pacific.

You might be located in New York City, USA, wanting to find a specialized shop for a gift calling a hotline hearing a voice with American Accent directing you to the right source…a Butler service with a Man sitting in India at his computer being trained to imitate American accents.

The best advice for Africa is, do not repeat the mistakes of the White Man, but only copy success stories that will sustain generations to come and improve on it while coming up with own brilliant ideas to help humankind living consistently a better life day-in and day out.

Africa being a continent with mostly young populations, has the historic chance to stand in the forefront of humankind by going to have excellent educated and trained people allowing them to experiment in many fields to find solutions for crucial questions of mankind for the next generations to come thinking outside the box and use phantasy and imagination. A hungry man has nothing to loose but everything to gain.

Once the African countries choose the right leaders to open up the way ahead into the light, and like a strict father be there for them with a loving and caring heart and mind to guide them and to ensure they do not leave the right path of progress in life, they will succeed.

Africa has all that it takes to be a success story in history and make the turn around from suffering to success in shortest of time when the spirit of the Africans turn first. The renewed African spirit will function like a magnet and all needed instruments will come to them to enhance their way to progress and light for centuries to come

Another idea of a mad man ? Five hundred years ago mentioning to the Pope in Rome the day will come humans walk on the moon and send rockets to Mars and Venues, operate at open hearts and transplant hearts and kidneys from other people would have meant the death sentence and being called a witch. For us today this lifestyle is daily routine.

Africa: teach he world !

Author/copyright: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, 151 A, 4th Avenue,Greda Estate, Teshie-Nungua,Accra,Ghana,phone 00233 265078287, [email protected], [email protected]