Christianity Today Is Evil—Just As In The Days Of Martin Luther

Feature Article Christianity Today Is Evil—Just As In The Days Of Martin Luther
APR 11, 2014 LISTEN

In 1517 CE, Martin Luther, a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, Christianity's only denomination then, stunned the world when he boldly spoke against what he perceived to be evil teachings and practices in an organization considered holy by many!

An African proverb goes like this: “If the frog comes out of the river to tell you that the crocodile had become blinded in one eye, you do not doubt him”. So then, when Luther screamed against the very organization he belonged to since his youth, after becoming one of its top leaders, the world gave him hearing.

Luther was a charismatic theologian versed in the teachings of the Catholic Church. He powerfully articulated his anti-Catholic views in his famous “95 Theses” document, spelling out every evil he knew in the Church.

Many Catholics joined Luther's rebellion; breaking away to form what was called The Reformation Movement. Whether Luther's purging of Catholicism was minded by the Creator or not, successful or otherwise, may be judged based on how pure his Movement was, its ephemeral uniqueness, and shifting focus!

Relics of Luther's Reformation Movement are today's Protestant Churches. These Churches comprise every one of Christianity's non-Catholic denominations. And so, all that hydra-headed conglomerate of churches that outwardly seems non-Catholic—visibly disunited in their faiths, doctrines, and practices, to the extent of even abhorring and envying one another—is all what remains of Luther's initial homogeneous Movement.

The bane of Luther's Reformation Movement is the very word defining it—“reformation”—and breakaways! Living to its name, Luther's Reformation Movement just kept on reforming itself, and fragmenting, until it imploded, resulting in its present day frightening body of hydra-headed denominations of anomalous faiths and practices! Today, almost five hundred years after its inception, Luther's Reformation continues to reform into varieties of faiths and practices, with no end to its reforms in sight!!

After Luther had expunged his ninety-five numbered evils from Catholicism, his ensuing Reformation, sadly, could not attain the purity and holiness that must characterize the spiritual body of believers in the Savior—the chosen ones called out of the world, and sanctified with the blood of Yeshua HaMashiach—according to the will of Elohim, the Creator-Judge, Himself. Maybe, Luther should have found more than ninety-five evils in Catholicism to render his Movement purer and holier!

I dare say that, had Elohim been involved in Luther's “Reformation” bid, He would have led him to seek a “Restoration” instead, and then showed him the way back to the saving-faith of the apostles of Yeshua HaMashiach, abandoning Christianity completely since evil was inextricably fused into it from its inception!

Luther did not know Christianity was never the faith of the apostles of Yeshua—for they never heard of it to even consider it for salvation! Luther seemed unaware that in the days of the apostles, nobody preached Christianity. Also, because “Christianity” is not mentioned even once in the entire English Bible, it means it does not originate from Elohim!! Replacing Christianity, altogether, by reinstating the apostolic faith—“The Way” (Acts 9:2, 18:25-26, 19:9, 24:14, etc)—seemed more imperative than Luther's “Reformation”.

The Hebrew Holy Scriptures reveals no word translatable as “Christianity”!! Bible translators, working without Elohim's mandate, forced the word “Christianity” into the minds of readers by bringing into their Bibles the non-Hebrew names JESUS CHRIST. Christianity has not come from Elohim, and so is not His revelation and inspiration for man's salvation! Christianity is a man-made religion, and thus, without Elohim's blessings for mankind's salvation!! Just beware!

One may ask: “Does the name Jesus Christ, supposedly the Savior's, not give salvation? Has this name not begotten Christianity and Christians?” Thinking in this way is as a result of the worst trickery Lucifer has pulled over the eyes of mankind through Bible translators—the name of the Savior is NOT Jesus Christ and was never to be!!

The only true name and titles of the Savior are Hebrew. Had the Hebrew Holy Scriptures not been translated, only the Hebrew name and title—“Yeshua”, and “HaMashiach”, respectively—would have been known for anyone to exercise faith in them for salvation, and never their so-called translated versions of “JESUS” and “CHRIST”, respectively. Christianity would then never have been conceived and taught to salvation seekers! Please, accept this truth.

At the time Luther saw evil in Catholicism, everything Christianity was everything Catholic!! Thus, Luther's Reformation Movement, cut out of the Church, meant that it had everything Catholicism has in its DNA! So then, Catholicism and Protestantism are one: They are inseparable!

Today, many Protestant Churches are realigning with their roots—Catholicism—as a matter of cause, for Catholicism is where they came from and truly belong!

Christians of all denominations of Christianity are destined to suffer punishment as tares (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43)!! Beware and be warned. Shalom!!!

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