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Bawku Senior High School @ 50

By Abundant Robert K. AWOLUGUTU & Edward KABA
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Bawku Secondary School, formerly Azoka Secondary School, is one of the high-profile schools in the Upper East Region. It was established on 11th October, 1963 in Bawku as one of the Ghana Educational Trust Schools.

The school started with the first batch of fifty (50) students and four (4) tutors, including the Headmaster, Dr. Agyemang Dickson of blessed memory.

Under the auspices of the Board of Governors, Parent Teacher Association, Headmaster, staff and students (both past and present) the school will begin the celebration of its golden jubilee on the 12th of December and climax it with a special durbar on 14th December during which deserving students and staff will be rewarded.

As a public educational institution, tasked with providing quality instruction to its students, the following programmes of study are offered by the school: General (Arts and Science), Agricultural Science, Business and Vocational (Home Economics and Visual Arts).

The philosophy and vision of the founding fathers of the school can be noted from the motto of the school: VERITAS LUX MUNDI (Truth is the light of the world). The programmes are designed to give holistic training to the students with emphasis on academic excellence and moral discipline.

Despite the numerous challenges faced by the school, it has been resilient and made much progress over the years with high academic performance by the students. The performance of students in sports and other extra-curricular activities has been an encouraging one in the face of inadequate sports equipment and infrastructure.

It is significant to note that products of the school can be found in both the public and private sectors contributing immensely to the socio-economic development of mother Ghana.

Some eminent personnel the school produced include the following: Alhaji Baba Kamara Senior Presidential Advisor, COP Patrick Timbillah Director General Human Resource Police Headquarters, Accra, Prof. Ali Bukari, Head of Pharmacology Department of KNUST), Dr. Abdul Nasser, Snr Lecturer, KNUST, Dr. Mahama Duwiejuah Snr Lecturer, KNUST, Prof. Thomas Akabzah, Chief Director, Ministry of Energy, Mr Ali Pelpuo, Registrar, Islamic University, Accra, Mr. Mahmud Khalid, Ambassador Designate, Mr. Benjamin Suuri, Regional Commander, Customs, Suleman Alhassan, Municipal Director, GES, Wa, Dr. Zakari Bukari, Medical Director, Tumu Hospital, Mr. Paul Afoko, Businessman /Leading Member of the NPP, Mr. Jonas Jabulo, Director, GWCL, Accra, Mr. Azziz Gado, Businessman, Wa, Alhaji Issaka Sumaila, Businessman and Mr. Richard Anamoo, Director General, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority among others.

There has been a tremendous improvement in academic performance and discipline over the years due to dedication to duty and hard work by staff coupled with commitment to studies by students.

The theme for the golden jubilee celebration is: “The search for peaceful co-existence to promote quality education.” The theme is most appropriate because when tribal sentiments overtake any school resulting in divisions either on the part of students or staff or both; it could hamper serious academic work. Students must avoid such unhealthy practices as ethnocentrism, tribalism, drunkenness, lateness, laziness, lesbianism, homosexualism, the use of narcotic drugs and occultism among others because these could pose a serious threat to peaceful co-existence as well as teaching and learning. They should rather engage in activities that foster esprit de corps to promote sound teaching and learning for a brighter future.

The school has numerous challenges to deal with. There is the need to improve the infrastructure of the school so that the vision of the founding fathers to give holistic training to students can be enhanced. So while the celebration is a rare opportunity to showcase the potentials of the school, we should use the occasion to mobilize funds for infrastructural expansion to give our alma mater a fitting status as a world class institution dedicated to the training of quality human resources for national development. All stakeholders should give serious consideration to this suggestion and donate generously to assist the school to address its many challenges.

Even though successive governments over the years have made efforts to improve educational infrastructure in public institutions, it is obvious that there is much to be done for our second cycle institutions in this regard. It will, therefore, not be out of place if we use this occasion of our golden jubilee celebration to appeal once again to government to attend to the infrastructural inadequacies of Bawku Senior High School such as more dormitories, staff accommodation, mechanized boreholes and a library complex to further improve teaching and learning and by extension academic performance.

It is an indisputable fact that without the tremendous contributions of past Headmasters the school would not have attained higher laurels and become the toast of parents and students. We are therefore grateful to all the past Headmasters for their immense assistance to the school. In similar vein we have no doubts about the ability of the current Headmaster and hope the good LORD will guide him to equally serve with distinction.

We wish all stakeholders a happy golden jubilee celebration.

Long Live Bawku Senior High School, Long Live Ghana.

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