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Oct 21, 2013 | Diaspora (Canada)

NPP Edmonton-Canada Crucifies Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah

By NPP Edmonton-Canada

A natural by-product of economic mismanagement by an elected government is incessant labour agitation. Such agitations take on an even angrier tone when workers realize, less than three months after a general election, that the rosy picture that had been painted of the economy (before the elections) was nothing but a farce. Or worse that the government literally drove a fragile but growing economy aground by spending money it did not have on dubious projects to shore up its chances of winning an election.

The National Security Advisor, Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah has commented on the current agitations on the labour front. In the view of the Brigadier-General, “…the many strikes on the labour front is a sign of a high level of indiscipline in the country…”.

We would agree with the Brigadier-General up to a point. That point being that a “high level of indiscipline” leads to strikes. Where we disagree with the Brigadier General is who is guilty of the indiscipline.

The Brigadier General is of the view that the indiscipline is coming from the striking Ghanaian worker. NPP Edmonton, Alberta is of the view that it is the high level of fiscal indiscipline that was exhibited by the NDC government in an election year that has led to the current spate of strikes by workers.

It would have been helpful if back in 2012, the Brigadier General had whispered in the ears of the government of which he was and still is a part that the fiscal indiscipline by the government would have terrible consequences in 2013 and beyond. Perhaps if he had done that then, he would not have had cause now to accuse striking Ghanaian workers of not being disciplined. Perhaps, if he had advised his colleagues in government to sing less of “E De Be Kɛ Kur” and more of “Asɛm Yi Di Ka” (this is tough to say but must be said nonetheless), he would not have had cause today to accuse striking Ghanaian workers of indiscipline.

Brigadier Nunoo-Mensah is reported to have said to the striking workers thus: “If you don't want the job, Ghana is not a police state, take your passport and get out of this country”. The last time we checked, Ghana was trying to appeal to its professionals domiciled in foreign countries to come home and bring their expertise to bear on national development. Go figure.

Be that as it may, we are where we are today. Strikes here, strikes there, strikes everywhere.

Now is not the time for saber-rattling. Now is definitely not the time for obtuseness. What is called for now are cool heads with a little dose of sensitivity, truthfulness and competence.

Ordinarily, we would have implored the President to call the National Security Advisor to order. Even a dismissal would not be out of place. However, we know that such a call would only fall on deaf ears. Accordingly, we make no such call on the President.

So we rather choose to call on the good workers of Ghana to exercise restraint in the face of the unfortunate characterization of their just demands as “indiscipline” by the National Security Advisor. And that at the appropriate time, they – the good and disciplined workers of Ghana - show an incompetent and corrupt government what the “undisciplined” can do.

Communication Team
NPP-Edmonton, Canada
(signed) Gilbert A Gyimah

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