Chinese Illegal Mining in Ghana: A Video Discussion

Special Report Chinese Illegal Mining in Ghana: A Video Discussion

Illegal Mining in Ghana by Chinese and others has become a significant media topic and serves in many ways as a challenge for cordial Ghana - China relations. Indeed, I already drew attention to this issue of illegal mining of gold and other minerals way back in December 2012 in a ThinkAfricaPress.Com article (China in Ghana's 2012 Electioneering Discourse) but this issue is only now flaring up with the arrest of about 150 alleged illegal Chinese gold miners in Ghana in May/June 2013.

This scenario has led to a lot of media inquiries, resulting in my granting a number of interviews, one of which is by a local Hong Kong TV company called One TV Global Ltd. Here are three clips of about two to three minutes each, which can be rebroadcast only in classroom situations or for other educational purposes: