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June 4th/31st Dec: Self-Seeking Enterprise

June 4th31st Dec: Self-Seeking Enterprise
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Cruelty, sense of remorse and feelings of empathy, criminality and obedience to the law, compassion, morality, immorality, etc are all states of mind that emanate from the central nervous system. We all subscribe to the fact that to err is human, so when a person hurts another, depending on what emotion is expressed to what may be taken for a nocent action, either spontaneously or afterwards, that becomes a determining factor as to whether it was committed intentionally or otherwise and in good or bad faith therefore punishable or pardonable. In this wise, for John Rawlings, who holds himself out as a self-styled Messiah-like public-spirited person to act with a presumed aim of albeit achieving an objective of public interest to fail or refuse to evaluate his success and failures to enable his personal determination whether to merit singing his own praises or blame as may be deserved is a huge deficiency. Should he apologise to Ghanaians or brag in pride and prejudice of others?

The words probity and accountability, though known and applicable in ordinary usage, came to hang on everybody's lips as a household word after John Rawlings had delivered his address to the nation Ghana on the occasion of both June 4 and 31 Dec. Bewildered Ghanaians who witnessed the attrocities of the events, fawning rather incredulously to the apology expressed by Rawlings presumed the normal standard everyday interpretation of probity and accountability but the question is, did these champions of the Rawlings-led probity and accountability catchphrase mean the normal everyday version or its 'classical' version? On the face of it all, how accountable has this Rawlings been to Ghanaians? Is he the man of integrity he portrays himself to be? If so, in what way? To ask at least one question, what happened to PNDC account No 48 that accords Rawlings bragging rights to a self-acclaimed 'angelic' leadership of his? It is only a psychopath who behaves and conducts himself as does John Rawlings. Indeed there is no wonder Johnson Asiedu Nketia aptly likened his conduct and utterances to that of a crazy dog in sciamachy, fighting its own shadow by continually barking and disturbing. A clear manifestation of psychopathy and paranoia form the background image of what Rawlings does and says.

Before he can claim any bragging rights, it is a known fact that under President Limman, there existed several factories that were built by the Nkrumah administration which were operating; John Rawlings must therefore account to the people of Ghana what occassioned the sale of some and the collapse of these factories, leading to the collapse of Ghana's industrial development. At least, a simple explanation would suffice if indeed he respects accountability to the people which he passionately proclaimed yet, as at now, Ghanaians, who ought to know have been kept in the dark whiles falsehood is spread through the airwaves by twisting facts officials and journalists.

What clear-minded people must ask themselves is that, what did the accursed and ill-fated Boakye Djan, Baah-Achafuor and their other miscreant complicities seek to achive? Where are the other members of the AFRC and why do they distance themselves from June 4th anniversary activities. It is a known fact that Boakye Gyan et al took US$100,000 each, with which they fled to the UK where Boakye Gyan was sponsored to study international relations, a post-graduate course which includes war studies in its curriculum. Rawlings claims not to have taken this mercenary role reward but chose to stay behind whence he furthered and hatched an agenda to oust the PNP administration, an ambitious enterprise that he had earlier on embarked upon that ended him in BNI cells.

By objectively assessing Ghana's socio-economic growth over the past 32 years under Rawlings, Kufuor and Mills by listing the achievements of everyone and also considering all loses, failures, hardships and destructions as well, even a child of 4 years can tell who to blame and who to praise. After all these years of foisting himself on Ghana and Ghanaians as Head of State and eventually President for eight years, John Rawlings has no recognition in the international communities. He sees Kufuor in a high profile international limelight, a situation which he finds hard to accommodate and live with. Paranoid, he must denigrate Mr Kufuor at any given opportunity, especially at a form like an outlawed June 4 celeberation where short-sighted mediocrity scallywags and evil-intended underworld-minded thinkers converge to applaud and glorify gory misery. By calling for a restaging of June 4, John Rawlings is calling for an event that would surely make him the number one target, victim and casualty. This maniac must think twice if indeed he has any brain at-all sitting in his head by first asking himself why he always sees things and events abnormally different; why he makes wrong decisions and gets everything wrong. By him, John Mills was foisted on his NDC Party as a chosen but not an elected leader; he is the man who he is condemning today for misgovernaunce. Who was Mills then, and what is he now? What went missing from an adored Mills whose death, to him was a divine event?

He who seeks equity must do so with clean hands. John Rawlings must reflect back to the AFRC/PNDC days, consider carefully the dastard conduct of the various tribunals and kangaroo courts inspired by the Tsikatas that were set to try people albeit innocent and guilty of their so-called offences without allowing them fair legal representation and how he murdered them in cold-blood. How many properties did they have and how many properties does this crank Rawlings have today. This is a 'classical' version of equiparity; a classical case for crying foul and seeking equity in the eyes and minds of Ghanaians who have suffered injustice in the hands of somebody like him. Ghanaians are indeed foreberaring but not without a potency to be aroused in anger. A June 4 event can be staged not necessarily to oust a lawful regime. A word to the wise satiates.

Editor's Note:

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, (UK)

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