26.04.2013 General News

Fire Service rapid response team positioned in Madina Market

26.04.2013 LISTEN
By Frank Agyemang

The Madina Branch of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is taking the fight on fire outbreaks to the Madina market and other markets around its area of operation.

“We realise it's time we take the fight to the market. We are moving to the markets not only to wait and fight the fires that occur but to continuously educate traders about how to prevent them,” said the Second in Command at the Madina Branch of GNFS, Mr. Eugene Asa-Gyekye.

They have deployed a team of firefighters to the Madina Market to be on standby to combat any fire outbreaks. In collaboration with the La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly, the GNFS has acquired a permanent office located at the centre of the market. A team of firefighters deployed to the market has been supplied with fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment as a first aid reaction to fire outbreaks and communication gadgets that would assist them call for reinforcement in case the outbreak is beyond their control.

According to Asa-Gyekye, the decision to situate offices within market centres is a nationwide strategy of the GNFS to combat the rampant fire outbreaks that occur in major markets. Other markets under the Madina Branch of GNFS namely Domi, Taifa and Yam market at Haatso have also got firefighters positioned there. The Second in Command at the Madina Branch, Mr. Eugene Asa-Gyekye, said that the same strategy has been adopted for the other markets under their jurisdiction. They are Domi, Taifa and Yam market at Haatso. According to Asa-Gyekye this is being considered as a nationwide strategy of the GNFS to combat the rampant fire outbreaks that occur in major markets.

Fire gutted the middle section of the Madina Market last October razing down over 50 sheds and destroyed several goods. About 225 people mainly traders, had their goods worth several millions of Ghana cedis destroyed by fire.

Though the cause of the fire was not immediately known, some attributed it to the frequent power outage whilst others claimed it was due to illegal use of fire (gas) in the market.

Fire Officer Peter Tetteh who is part of Madina Branch Sensitisation Team said the teams dispatched to the various markets report to their offices as early as 6am and leave after 10pm due to the nature of their assigned tasks. This is to enable them conduct daily inspections in the market before and after business within the market.