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How The Obvious Miscreant Ghoulish Fiends Behind Dr Bawumia’s Car Crash Expose Themselves

Dr. Bawumia's Mangled CarDr. Bawumia's Mangled Car
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There were three vehicles in a row of a convoy that spontaneously and simultaneously had their tyres burst on the same stretch of road and at the same time. One of them in which Dr Bawumia, his minder plus his driver were travelling escaping fatality by the skin of their teeth yet the national Security and the government would want to impress upon the minds of all Ghanaians that it was a normal accidental occurrence.

Yes indeed, to the victims, it was an unforeseen incident, the occurrence and cause of which could not have been detected under any circumstance and for which no one amongst them can be heldculpable however, since nothing happens without the least remote or immediate cause, from the analysis that follow, clear-minded people cannot disagree more with Sir John's blame image identification parade.

His opined prime suspects are the National Security and others clothed as such, working under the command of John Mahama as the obvious perpetrators. Politically planned and motivated murders of various forms are not uncommon, especially in communist-minded regimes such as ours in Ghana today. A Russian politician was tactically poisoned to death by a communist secret agent sent to track him in London by pinching him with a poisoned tip of a brolly on a London Bridge encounter.

Death through destruction of property is what they had designed and intended for Dr Mahmoud Bawumia and Mr Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, two of the petitioners who have filed a post-election scire facias at the Supreme Court that has hurled the Electoral Commission, - the obvious thief - and self-made caretaker President John Mahama to the Supreme Court.

Though not required, the NDC, who have for some reason not yet seen themselves as expletive to the responding party, persist in voluntarily entangling themselves in the broil as an act of solidarity for John Mahama. It may be recalled that the petitioners' intention to go to Court was reduced to derision and scorned at by all the respondents at the onset, whereby the NDC referred to the petitioners as idiots, cowards, propagandists etc yet from the moment they came to full conscious realisation that the petitioners meant serious business, several scheming attempts have been made to frustrate the Court event with the understated events forming part of some of their several overt attempts to thwart the process and even murder the petitioners.

Armed men were deployed to attack a building at Osu where NPP erudites had sat to tirelessly compile figures for evidence of electoral fraud and manipulation. A few weeks later, Madam Gloria Akufo's office was rummaged by people behaving cowardly with intent to identify and seize to destroy any related document vital to the petitioners' evidence so far compiled for the Supreme Court to prove their case only to realise to their dismay that they had hit a wrong target. Besides these failed physical attempts to attack, seize and destroy efforts, the John Mahama/NDC respondent duo applied a vexatious system of litigation that, if successful, would have dragged the Court's hearing of the substantive matter ad infinitum.

These are respondents who had elected to present over eleven thousand witnesses to testify in a matter, the main ingredients of which had hither-to remained unknown to them until even a supposed 'further and better particulars' had been released to them. Barely two weeks ago over three hundred more 'idiots' had their intromission application rejected by the Supreme Court that exposed their lawyers to ridicule and extreme pudency.

Others include dastard tactics to silence opponents by use of threats of trapping them into some plotted and designed harmful road incidents with intent to kill them. One of such threats went to Ms Ursler Owusu whiles Kabila, Mr James Kwabena Bomfeh Jr was actually trapped into a ditch whiles returning home from an evening talk show at Oman FM by two vehicles that sped away after seeing him and his vehicle ditched. These are only two of many.

After the election results had been announced and as soon as Nana Addo and the NPP's National Executive Council declared their intention to contest the results so declared at the Supreme Court, amongst the several people who flocked into Nana's house were miscreants from the Notorious Domestic Criminals' (NDC) party who at any time they are in power seek to destroy everything domestic, including the economy, health care, education etc.

Their aim and purpose at Nana's house were to cause as much damage as possible but only succeeded in puncturing all four tyres under Mr Jake Obetsebi Lamptey's vehicle which stood in the yard. Within fifteen minutes, all four tyres became deflated and surprisingly this happened in the presence of a useless supposed Policeman whose policing presence and authority if not compromised would usually scare anybody into conducting themselves law abidingly yet this officer claimed not to have identified the perpetrator not -withstanding the fact that people and property there were supposed to be under his watchful eyes for protection.

Former vice-President Ekow Nkensen Arkaa was crushed to death soon after the NDC under John Rawlings lost power to the Kufuor-led NPP by an unknown assassin right at the entrance to his home. Arkaa had been assaulted and battered at the Castle by Rawlings over some disagreements and subsequently fired by the former President. Arkaa indeed had a lot to tell the in-coming NPP administration, so in their usual dastardy, he had to be killed to avoid any wrong-doing that he would expose.

Putting these to the background, when the platform on which Nana Addo was addressing a rally in Kumasi caved-in, NDC General Secretary Asiedu Nketia gloated by saying that it was a fitting dessert from God; as for the reason, that remains known only to Asiedu Nketia and all those who reason like him and with him.

Not having any facts relating to the strength and physical conditions of the burst tyres under the vehicles in that near-fatal Dr Bawumia's car incident, the so-called National Security retorted that the tyres were not properly checked for road worthiness before beginning the journey.

What strikes my mind from this statement is that the National Security capos by this, were privy to some physical damage that had been inflicted to the tyres at their command as a basis for a remote cause of explosion that needed checking and identifying.

Secondly, the National Security were some distance behind the convoy in their usual surveillance over all NPP moves and activities when the incident occurred yet on seeing the incident happen, they sped off and passed them by without offering a helping hand in empathy as should be the conduct of a National Security that cares for all alike.

Kumasi, the strongest hold of the NPP is under siege by armed gangs yet Ghana Police and the entire National Security stare askance in the face of a sort of paternalistic 'President' Mahama for direction. They cannot act in defence of the denizens and citizens of Kumasi and the entire Ashanti Region unless and until Mahama gestures indicatively to them to act accordingly, simply because they have been scorched and made impotent.

Lose-talking Asiedu Nketia has the temerity to intimate to Ghanaians that the Dr Bawumia road incident was planned and executed by the NPP who see his star in the Party shining brighter and brighter by the day so, out of malice the NPP want to get rid of him.

Furthering his shameless insulse, this same lose-talking NDC scribe of some sort claims that the renown Dr Bawumia is after-all an NDC asset that has been stolen from them; a phatic childish blub unbecoming of any serious-minded supposed NDC political stalwart.

The true fact is that, the learned Dr Bawumia is one of the key lead witnesses whose testimony to the Court will be so infrangible that the respondents will remain dumbfounded and defeated so he is a thorn in the flesh of the respondents as are all the petitioners

Readers mustn't forget that whatever Asiedu Nketia says in accusation of his opponents is exactly what the NDC have either done or plan to do. When they pontificated that the NPP were planning to rig the elections, in fact, that is what they had rather completed doing and only awaiting polling day to bring into effect. Dubbed a winning formula of all formulae for all future elections this new found winning formula is what they have applied that has today arraigned them before the Supreme Court in a scire facias petition that will bring these Notorious Domestic Criminals to their knees forever.

When they accused the NPP of theft of Ghana's gold and depletion of State coffers through profligacy, we know today how our gold can leave by air to Iran through Turkey. We know who has sold Ghana's gold reserves.

Nobody but they themselves have exposed themselves by their misguided statements reflecting their known record as the miscreant ghoulish fiends behind these callous deeds. Through Sir John, they have come to know that we know what they have done under the guise of an accidental event which he has already discerned and exposed for the world to know about.

Why should some of our NPP members blame Sir John for pointing accusing fingers to Mahama and his Security capos? What in their imagination makes Sir John blameful if we are to be critically analytical of some burning factors that need to be considered as pointers indicative to the deed?

When Rocco Frimpong was murdered in cold blood in his Tema home, John Mills, then NDC flag bearer told the world that it was an NPP planned murder because the deceased bank manager had opposed Mr Kufuor's redenomination of the cedi. Such was a blanket raison d'etre provided by a supposed professor of law. Such is how thoughtless and un-analytical the NDC are.

There is no wonder this usurper self-styled intruder through the back door President is showing concerns over people who some news-readers and some radio presenters engage for interviewing relating to pertinent issues of national interest, thereby blaming some media men of being sloth and un-professional. This man is now beginning to see that some people speak rubbish that is unworthy of anybody's ears.

I hope this man's self-consciousness has now come to relish in the need for well-constructed responses relating to issues of national interest by calling for the views of better informed people of profession as against the current culture of insults, banters and fescenine verses sung in radio interviews by such people like Alotey Jacobs, Asiedu Nkatia et al.

Much as this is the first time John Mahama has observed and made a true statement which needs the support of all and sundry, this man must first recall and apologise for when as vice-President he rudely and pompously used words like baloney on his opponent MPs as well as his recent retort to ex-President Kufuor that he would rather kill an ant with a bull-dozer.

He must be reminded that these rude, rustic and uncanny retorts he made were greeted with the same Aaaadom FM' startling squalling jingle which he enjoyed at that time but condemning today. If therefore bantering on radio is a food of life for Ghanaians, let them play on.

This however is not to affirm that some of the Ghana's media work to professional standards. What we don't realise is that our development partners listen to all these unbecoming inane political banters on radio to our own discredit but to the fascination and enjoyment of radio presenters, typical amongst them Bobie Ansah and Adakabre Frimpong Manso.

Reasoning from the above, Sir John is a big-brained all round Scribe of a political party that believes in proper democracy who can rise and fall to all occasions depending on the exigencies of the matter. His reasoning can hardly be understood by simple minds at first instance until they are mulled over with some good effort for further elucidation.

If the NDC in my definition of who they are in this passage, wish to descend into fetid muddy gutters, this able Scribe has the modified skin, the clothes, the equipment, the aptitude and skill to wallow there with them squarely.

On the other hand, if they upgrade themselves to his reasoning, noetic, politic, respectful and ethically mature level by choosing to wear regal ermine over descent clothes, speak like cultured humans, hence deserving exaltation, Sir John would already be there waiting to welcome them with congenially open arms. Thank you for reading.

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