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06.02.2013 Feature Article

How cobra can kill an elephant.... a corporate message

How cobra can kill an elephant.... a corporate message
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King cobra venom can kill an elephant. King cobras are also known have killed many elephants. The question is why a small snake like king cobra in comparison to an elephant carries the venom to kill the giant animal like an 'elephant'.

Do elephants attack king cobra often? Is the attack of king cobra is an accidental event? Even if the attack of king cobra on elephant is accidental and spontaneous, why the nature has favoured the snake to have such deadly venom?

Is not the venom in the poisonous snake is essentially for their defense and hunting the prey? The elephant is neither the prey of the snake - king cobra or an enemy who loves to attack them. The question is why they have such deadly venom?

This needs to be understood from the management perspective. When we compare, the king cobra is extremely smaller animal than that of an elephant. There is no sense in such comparison, either. But have we ever understood how the snake would be seeing the elephant.

There are several instances where the python has killed animals that are larger than what it could swallow. After killing the prey with great effort, the python has left the prey as it could not swallow the same. The probability is that the snake may not either able to measure the size of the animal, its relative intention, whether the snake can use the animal as its prey etc., before it bites.

Another probability is that the animal like elephant would have evolved with least resistance or immunity against snake venom, especially that of king cobra. During evolution, nature would not have favoured the elephant to be immune against the snake venom as the elephant would never encounter conflicts with snakes as they are too small a match for the pachyderm.

Perhaps the elephants would have evolved by taking snakes for granted. The corporate leaders like CEO's and people holding related profiles should never think or take other people like officers and executives for granted by taking their designation. The people like officers and executives can prove to be king cobras to the CEO's in the corporate world.

In comparison, the CEO's may hold extraordinary powers in the corporate in comparison to the officers and executives. But these people may carry 'venom' that can kill the CEO's.

The CEO's must evolve therefore with complete awareness and understanding that many people in the corporate can be like 'king cobra'. Once such awareness is there, they can easily identify such poisonous snakes.

The HR must know the venomous people in the corporate as the venom of these people can cause destruction of any magnitude. Further never take any one in the corporate for granted is what the king cobra conveys to the corporate world.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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