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2013 is a year of surprises –T.B. Joshua

2013 is a year of surprises –T.B. Joshua
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The General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua, known for his accurate predictions and prophecies has declared 2013 as a year full of surprises.

In a watch night service transmitted live via Emmanuel Tv, Prophet T.B. Joshua noted that many great, famous, rich men and politicians will become helpless and in need of help in matters of sickness, disease, finances and death.

For politicians, the Prophet hinted that they will encounter numerous predicaments because, “they have failed to reward those who helped them to succeed. This is the year of judgment, especially for politicians who use youth to support their political ambitions without reward after winning power.”

The agriculture sector will be the most lucrative business venture for 2013. T.B. Joshua disclosed that this is the anointed business for 2013 intended to revive the world from the economic depression.

“Those in the foodstuff business will have a field day this year. Farming and agriculture will be the order of the day and will help greatly to be the source of solution this year. People engaged in it will be greatly blessed,” prophesied T.B. Joshua.

He went on further to encourage couples to diversify their source of income urging for investment in the agric sector. “Those who have been working for many years and have never been satisfied with the job and salary they receive, the limited resources at their disposal should be invested in foodstuffs business, especially those already married,” said T.B. Joshua.

It is important to have this published for records purposes and to observe trends as the year goes by.