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14.08.2012 Feature Article


LISTEN AUG 14, 2012

Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
William Shakespeare
How many sets of people relate to Facebook? Only three! There are non-users, negative users, and positive users. I can say on authority that only about 5% of Facebook users use it positively. The rest 95% cannot account for anything good. The reason why people don't use Facebook is that they think “bad” things happen there. If you know you are arguably sharing the same platform with some of the greatest people on earth, you would think twice about how to use it.

In the year 2011, I sat in an instructional seminar facilitated by Ghanaian author and motivational speaker Albert Ocran who made a point that it took him more than a year to figure out how he really wanted to use Facebook. That is why you will never find post about his private life but rather professional life.

Ok, the morale of this article is that Facebook is as neutral as what a judge is in a law court. How we use it is what it serves us. I have studied that I attract people of my kind. What you post frequently reflect what you think and what you think is who you are. Remember Proverbs 23:7 says that, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

So, here is how to make Facebook become your servant rather than your master. One, DECIDE what you really want to use it for. I decided to use it to promote my passion for books, knowledge, and customer service. Two, POST any and everything related to your passion. Three, go back to number one and start the process again. I hope you found this post educative. If there is anything on your mind, you can leave a comment below or sign up for weekly blog mailing.

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