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26.01.2012 Feature Article

Still Slaves Of The White Man's Medicines

Still Slaves Of The White Man's Medicines
LISTEN JAN 26, 2012


My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, can you tell me why all over the world, all conscious human groups insist on their divine right to cure their sick in their own ways rather than in alien ways?

Why are French medicines not the same as British, German, Chinese or Japanese medicines even though medicines are medicine everywhere on Earth?

Why are Chinese hospitals not the same as Japanese or German or Italian hospitals even though hospital is hospital everywhere on Earth?

Why do you think the healing methods of Chinese are not the same as the healing methods of USA, Britain, France, Japan and so on, even though health care is health care everywhere on Earth?

Why do you think the French take great pride in healing themselves the French ways, the British the British ways, the Japanese the Japanese ways, the Chinese the Chinese ways, the Russians , the Russian ways and so on and never Foreign ways ?

But when it comes to you, why are up till now, ninety-nine percent of you my Afrikan brothers and sisters in USA, still believe and accept the White man's lie that medicine is medicine for you only when it is Western/White American/USA-based and oriented rather than Continental Afrikan based and oriented which you know little or nothing of?

Why continue to fool nobody except yourselves for preferring the Chaff of Western/White-controlled symptom-based medicines to the Grain of your own created and controlled Cause-based Continental Afrikan Medicines which you are programmed to reject and dismiss as non existent or barbaric, obsolete, uncouth, raw, unpolished, unreliable and unscientific?

Why cure your sick the Western/White man's ways when the White man does not cure himself your Afrikan ways he frowns upon?

Why go to the White man's controlled or style hospitals while other conscious human beings go to their own hospitals to be cured their own ways that promote, strengthen, honor and glorify their various unique, original, natural beings in a Holistic manner instead of partially ?

Yes, whether you know it or not or will admit it or not, it matters a lot whether you cure yourselves your Afrikan way or the White man's way, or whether you take Afrikan Medicines or the White man's medicines when you are sick or whether you to go to the White man's Style hospitals or your own Afrikan Hospitals in the same way you never see the Lion curing himself/herself the Elephant way or the Bird ways or the Tree ways or the Fish ways when the Lion is sick .

Hence, preferring the White man's hospitals , medicines and healing methods to your own Ancient and Traditional Afrikan Hospitals, Medicines and Healing way is proving to yourself, the world and the White man that before the White Man, you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the White Man's World were not and are not human , intelligent and capable of curing yourselves the Afrikan ways instead of the White man's ways

It is also to forget that Afrikan Medicines and Ways of Healing you have been uprooted or disconnected from and kept ignorant of are the world's first, oldest and Ancient Medicines and Mother of all today's Forms of Medicines and Healing Methods including the White man's Medicines and Healing methods you have become addicted to enslaved by and dependent on without the least knowledge of the harm you are causing yourselves .

This explains why 99% of you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the White Man's World in USA and Europe have become the easiest preys to all kinds of illnesses which were all once alien to your Afrikan System and Beingness .

That is why the White man will never prefer his White Medicines to your Afrikan Medicines and any others even if 99% of what we call Western Medicines today were/are stolen or taken from Afrikan and non-Western world Forests/Nature's Pharmacies and Native Healers even if they will not admit it .

Why? Because, all today's world conscious human groups on Earth know and are convinced of the fact that to forget or be ignorant of the healing techniques of their Ancestors is to become slaves of the healing techniques of others designed by others to satisfy the health needs of others.

They also know, to lose their own respective Forms of Medicines and healing science, technology and art of their Ancestors is to become dead or commit suicide.

Because, they know, without the Ancient healing science of their Ancestors as the foundation or root of their today's Western/White American, French, British, Chinese, Japanese, etc oriented medicines and cures, they know they will not have anything to honor, celebrate and impose on the rest of the Non-Western world .

That is why your early Continental Afrikan Ancestors even in the White man's chains in USA, never trusted, loved, cherished or preferred the White man's ways of healing to their Continental Afrikan Way of curing themselves to which they remained proud and faithful.

Even when the White man's hospitals were considered White Only and not for your Afrikan Ancestors they considered and treated as the White man's slaves or properties, they never begged, fought and died for the right to go to the White man's hospitals to be cured like the White man's ways.

But instead, they secretly relied on themselves to cure themselves in their own Afrikan Way, which they never forgot, or rejected.

Because, they know, the “White” man's medicine is not the same as Afrikan Medicines of their Ancestors since the White man's System is different from the Afrikan System and as such common sense dictates that they must be cured differently and not the Foreign/Western ways which they rightfully considered alien to them .

And as such, they know only the White man medicine can cure the White man's sickness of greed and selfishness while only Continental Afrikan medicine can cure today's Afrikan of his/her invisible sickness of identity crisis, self-ignorance, fragmentation, dependency and lack in the midst of so much abundance he/she is not even aware of.

As far as they are concerned and in their infinite wisdom , know without the White ma's degrees, that the Lion is intelligent enough to know that only a lion can cure a lion of any lion sickness on Earth.

That is why the Lion never goes to an elephant, a bird, fish or a tree to be cured when the Lion is sick but relies on his/her lion power, intelligence and knowledge to keep himself/herself healthy or cured whenever he/she falls sick.

And since it is now clear that all Human Groups on earth except you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters , like the French, the British, the Germans, the Chinese, the Japanese , White Americans etc can heal or cure themselves in their own ways and in their own hospitals and with their own Made Medicines , it stands to reason that, your Afrikan Ancestors even in the Belly of the White America Crocodile , knew they had no choice but to rely on themselves to cure/heal themselves with their own Afrikan Medicines in the Afrikan Way which kept them alive in the face of untold human barbarity, suffering and wickedness .

As proud Afrikans brought in chains from the Continent of Afrika to USA/New World to serve the needs of the White man, they secretly kept alive, practiced and benefited from their Ancient and Traditional Afrikan Science, Technology and Art of Healing as the world's first mother and father of today's world forms of medicines and Healings which include the very Western-based and controlled medicines you now prefer to your own Afrikan medicines you were kept totally ignorant of .

This means, without Continental Afrikan style Medicines of your Afrikan Ancestors you care little or nothing about, there will not be today's Western style medicines for you to become so dependent on at the expense of your Afrikan Medicines .

While the world's first and the greatest of the world greatest physicians in Ancient Continental Afrika in Ancient Afrikan Kongo, Ethiopia , Nubia and Egypt , ten thousand years ago, invented , practiced and benefited daily from the Power of the world's first Medicines as Afrikan Medicines, there were no White man, no White man's world and no White man's medicine, no Arab medicines and no Jewish medicines .

When Ancient Greeks were learning the secrets of Continental Afrikan Medical Science, Technology, and Art of healing at the feet of your great Ancient Afrikan Egyptian physicians and Afrikan medicine professors, there were no British, no French, no Western world, no Western medicine, no French or British hospitals or no White man's miracles cures.

This means, the Western style medicines you die for today is a child and a student of your Ancient Continental Afrikan Medicine as its mother and master Teacher.

To know this as Afrikans in USA and Europe is to stop preferring the child and student to the Mother and Master .

To know this is to know how to set yourselves free, once and for all, from the hell of the White man's money-based and controlled medicines and healing methods.

Because to treat yourselves the White man's ways is to rob yourselves of the untold blessings of your Continental Afrikan Medicine and Way of Healing which is caused-based and inside out or total body-mind-spirit forms of healing .

To prefer the White man's medicine to your own medicine is to proclaim to yourselves and the world that you are not human and intelligent enough to take care of your health needs in your own Afrikan Way .

To prefer the White man's healing methods to your own Afrikan Healing method is to confirm, justify, and legitimize the White man's lie that we, Afrikans, are nothing without him and his “wonders/gifts” to us.

To prefer the White man's hospitals/clinics to your own Afrikan Healing Centers is to destroy and kill yourselves in the name of the White man's medicine.

All because, the miracles of the White man's medicine can be yours only when you have the money to buy it.

Your Afrikan Medicine, on the other hand , is everywhere in Nature's Pharmacy for all to use.

The White man is highly expensive and can only be afforded by the privileged few.

Your Continental Afrikan Medicine requires little or no money to have it.

The White man's medicine is machine-based. Your Afrikan Medicine is people and not machines or things based and oriented.

The White man's medicine is profit-based and cannot do without money.

Your Continental Afrikan Medicine is service-based and can live and flourish with or without the White man's money.

The White man's medicine treats only the symptoms of the sickness and leaves the causes or the root of your illness alone .

Your Continental Afrikan Medicine treats the Roots or Cause of your sickness.

The White man's medicine offers you short-lived, limited and partial health benefits or reliefs.

Your Afrikan Medicine offers you total health benefits of Body-Soul-Spirit Cure or Healing .

The White man's medicine is man-made chemicals-based and cannot exist without them.

Your Continental Afrikan Medicine is totally free from man-made chemicals and can exist and flourish without them.

The White man's medicine is hospitals/clinics or walls-based.

Your Continental Afrikan Medicine Healing Centers are in the hearts, spirits, and minds of the sick or wherever the people are found.

The White man's medical knowledge and skills are books based and degrees-oriented.

That means, your Continental Afrikan Medicine is as valid, important and indispensable to all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders as French medicine, British medicine or Chinese medicine is to its people.

Hence, to urgently recover, develop, modernize and improve upon your Natural, Authentic and Potent Continental Afrikan Medicines and Way of Healing to achieve total mastery over your Health for all the total, permanent and abundant health of sickness-free, fear-free, worry-free and negativity-free life you deserve and are entitled to in dignity .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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