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The Act Of Showing Appreciation (gratitude)

The Act Of Showing Appreciation (gratitude)
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How did you feel after granting someone a favour and the person did not show any appreciation? Did you just ignore it as one of those things people usually do or you felt disappointed and decided not to help that person the next time he or she is in need? The act of showing gratitude is something most of us fail to show when a good deed is done to us. We sometimes think we deserve every good thing that comes our way, so why thank someone? A scenario is what pertains in our family. Our parents feed us, clothe us, provide shelter and do everything in order to make our life on this earth comfortable. How often do we say these words “Thank you Daddy/Mummy for……….”

Showing appreciation is very important in our day to day activities. We show appreciation to exhibit our contentment or satisfaction to any good deed someone does for us. Most religious bodies admonish the practice of thanking the Almighty God for everything He has done in our life before asking for something from Him. This makes us understand that the Almighty God expects us to be grateful for everything He has done for us and then express it by thanking Him. So it is with us human beings; we really want to be appreciated hence the essence of saying 'Thank you' can not be overlooked.

It is imperative to say that when we show appreciation to people we have to make it very sincerely and make them feel that their effort of trying to help was worthwhile. When people feel that you say 'thank you' as a necessity and not sincerely, the chance of helping you another time is very low. A very warm smile followed by 'thank you' is just enough to make the person feel appreciated. Remember, it should not just end there. There is a saying that “One good turn deserves another”. Hence when someone offers you help at one point and the person comes to you for help, it is appropriate that you reciprocate the kindness showed to you.

Another important thing to take note of is that, it is never too late to show appreciation. Sometime we think that once we were not able to show appreciation at a particular time when a good deed was done towards us, then there will be no need of going back to show appreciation. This assumption is very wrong. It is never too late to show appreciation; the beauty of showing appreciation is that the person will be glad that after all you remembered to thank him or her. Let us all go out there and show appreciation for the good things that people have done in our lives. Always remember Leonado Davinci's words “Knowing alone is not enough, we must apply. Willing alone is not enough, we must do.”

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