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10.08.2011 Feature Article

The relationship of hyena and vulture a must for mankind

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When the purpose/need prevails, fight disappears. How honest is the above mentioned statement? Corporate world may have doubts about the reference but the animal world has proven that the above reference to be very true, pertinent and valid. How to decipher the real meaning of how fight vanishes when we become more purpose or need oriented?

Look at the social interaction of hyena and vulture especially when they share the carcass meal. Both animals are scavengers and both animals largely survive in forest by eating the carcass. In most occasions, 'both' animals have to share the same food resource for their meal.

The fight between vulture and hyena are expected to be more due to the species difference as both does not belong to the same pack or flock and also due the competition for the food. But in most occasions, hyena may at the most try to drive away the vulture or vice versa. They never pick up deadly fight or quarrel. When size of the carcasses is reasonably big, all of them eat the meal together with great tolerance.

Why they avoid fighting or killing each other? Hyena is a very strong animal with definite history of killing even a wild beast or a buffalo. Why can't it kill vulture so it can eat the vulture also. If it kills a vulture, it can also scare or warn other vultures and it can eat the meal very peacefully. Why such possibility the hyena is not exploring or had explored? Why nature has created a very strange/different/unique relationship between the two animals?

Hyena need the help of vultures to know the presence of carcass in the in the forest. If hyena attacks the vulture, then the animal will be inaugurating an unwanted war between the two animals. Perhaps, in nature, the scavenger would have preferred to remain as scavenger in front of other 'scavengers'. Another interesting possibility may be why to pick up a fight with vulture as it is also exclusively depending upon the same food resource for its survival.

Is it not worth learning about the art of co-existence and 'fight less living' from hyena and vulture? Corporate employees in most instances, fight for nothing. If they observe and understand the relationship between hyena and vulture, they can learn a lot and can be happy in the organization.

Hyena and vulture knows that it is not worth fighting when a need or purpose kindles them. Fulfilling the purpose is worthier than fighting and wasting the time & energy resource. Corporate employees if introspect will get to know the truth that most of the fights are meaningless and does not breed any result. One should ask whether it is worth leaving aside the very purpose or objective and make fighting to be the most important 'purpose' in corporate.

Learn to live in harmony and follow the law of live and let others live is what hyena and vulture has to tell to corporate and its employees. Purpose/need and tolerance are the two important aspects that determine the success people in the organization.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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