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22.05.2011 Feature Article

Do not feel hurt if you are not recognized in your corporate despite your contributions

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If you are hard working, more useful, very loyal and always dependable, there is no surety that you will be appreciated or cared much in your corporate. That is the universal law. The employees who may not be that loyal, may not be that useful, may not be very dependable, but still may enjoy great care and affection in the organization. One must remember that the corporate ecosystem is not and will not be a balance ecosystem. This is more true for corporate that are governed by single man.

Among our pet animals, cat enjoys great care and affection. Cat has no limitations in entering the kitchen or bed room. Beneath the chair, on the dining table and on the lap of the master, cats can walk-in without fear. Other than filling the so called the 'inner needs' of the master, a substance for his/her emotional needs, other than that cat does nothing great to man. Cat is also not that loyal. Very rarely only cats are chained. On the contrary, dog is one of the earliest friends of man, vary loyal and faithful, a very strong guard and companion of his/her master, enjoy more limitations than freedom. Dogs are chained and sometime caned. Always the master expects something from dogs.

If you go a little further deep, let us see the respect enjoyed by cattle from its master. Cattle are more useful, useful in many ways, its products, its very flesh and skin, even its excretory matter (dung), is useful to man. But hardly is it recognized or respected. Less care and attention is given to it.

What do all these things tell us? Every employee need to understand the disparity and unevenness in the corporate recognition and reward system. If you are more useful, yes, you are made like that. Your usefulness should be more for the inner needs of the people than to their outer needs. Whether it is in corporate or in society, the importance and recognition are more for how you could fill the inner vacancies of others. You will be heard if you speak to the emotion of others than to their intelligence because people are less intelligent and more emotional by creation.

It is smart work wins the credit and not the hard work. If you claim you are working hard, you are working without much of your intelligence. Learn to work smart and win. If you do not know how to work smart, look at the three examples such as cattle, dog and cat and learn to accept the truth.

Accepting the truth will help one to remain happy and peaceful than in self imposed tears and grief.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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