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Life throws at us several opportunities. Some of these opportunities may appear as problems depending on our perspectives in life. Because how you see issues of life is a function of who you are. Those who complain about problems are only being unveiled to who they are not what they see.

There are two categories of people when it comes to complains. The first category is those who complain about a problem without taking action. They are just talkers. And the second category is those who take action after complaining. They walk their talk.

Our success in life is proportionate to how we react to what happens to us. You can't turn your life around by complaining about the things you are uncomfortable with. Life only gets better when we recognize opportunities and make them work to our advantage. Making use of opportunities is not a good option; it is the best path to win the future.

If you want to join the second category of people who take action after complaining, then you must embrace the following:

Every Problem Is An Opportunity In Disguise.

If you want to turn complains into opportunities, then you must look at problems as stepping stones instead of roadblocks. This is a result of a kind of mindset that is synonymous with successful people. Successful people are not from space, they are humans who see opportunities in the daily problems we complain about.

Buried in every problem is a solution. And in every solution awaits someone to take charge.

In one of his facebook messages, Dr. Mensa Otabil wrote, “FOCUS MAGNIFIES. What you focus on, grows bigger and bigger. Losers focus on problems; winners focus on possibilities.” How true!

Be a Solution Seeker.
In an article written by Daniel Decker titled 14 Ways to Expand Your Influence (, Mon, Jun 14, 2010), the blogger wrote, “Don't sit around complaining about what doesn't work or about all the problems around you, instead seek solutions. People are attracted to solution seekers and by being one you will help influence others towards a new perspective.” Remember, people sympathize with unsuccessful people but they celebrate successful people.

Solution seekers know 'the power of one'. Their mantra is: one can make a difference. Confucius, the great mind of China said that, “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

Change Your Perspective In Life.
Someone has said that the way you see problems is the problem. That is why two people will see one thing but have different reports. What do you see when you look at the pressing issues around you? Do you see problems or opportunities?

If you don't like what you see change your attitude. Our attitudes towards issues of life make or break us. Build a positive attitude and it will intend build you.

Take Action.
I like the story of Zoomlion Company Ltd. which was started in Ghana. The pioneers saw what others saw. They complained about what others did. But they took charge of the opportunity when it came to waste management in Ghana. What gave birth to Zoomlion Company Ltd. which is now fast becoming a multinational was going beyond complains to take action. Today it is the leading Waste Management Company in Ghana and other African countries. Take action on the things that you think are not going on well!

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