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God Is A Woman

God Is A Woman
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This is the most important document in the history of the world and is described all over the Internet and by various media around the world as a masterpiece. From this day on-ward, anyone praying anywhere in the world should pray to the only and true God, the Mother-God of the Universe.


“The revelation that God is a woman came strongly on Monday 25 July, 2010, through spiritual experience. I did not know how to present the complex revelation to the world. On the fourth day of struggling with the logic of presentation, it occurred to me to ask the 'Mother-God' herself to help out. This was the first time I was praying to the 'Mother of Creation,' and I was immediately reminded of my earlier article saturating the Internet entitled: Bible calls God Satan. After re-publishing the article that day, Friday 29 July, 2010 on the Internet, I became aware of the flickering snippets already contained in the body of knowledge I had assembled in the book: The end of Knowledge. I then moved to my computer to begin to weave the snippets into one piece and as I pressed the key of the first letter of the word 'The' of my opening sentence, the action appeared to have immediately switched off the entire national electricity grid at exactly 14.15 hours. This was perhaps intended to disturb my thought process, which was very fresh and coherent at the time. I used the period of the blackout, which lasted for exactly three hours, to construct the shell of my thoughts so as not to forget. The Gods were obviously having their final battles over my writings, which they had indulged in since I began intensive work on my magnum opus: The end of knowledge, some thirteen years earlier. There are no words to describe the complexity and magnitude of the battles between the Gods in the spirit world to stop The New World Order from emerging…..”.

This revelation is the most important truth or statement of fact ever to become available in the history of the world and of religions. It confirms that mankind has been praying to the wrong God and that this act principally is responsible for the never ending mayhem the world has been experiencing. In other words, that humans have been worshipping evil to pile pains upon pains on their heads. The revelation also means that all religions are wrong and are ego-centric fads, designed to mislead and exploit the majority of people, to enrich a few who accumulate fortunes in private jets, banks and priced lavish estates around the world, and award themselves the titles of Rabi, Sheiks, Bishops and Popes, to equate themselves with their male God as His earthly representatives.

From the moment men began to see themselves as the stronger sex and their women folks as the weaker sex, they began equating God with masculinity and brute force, although appearing to be slightly aware of the defective nature of the male God's creative assets. To compensate for this, some tribes of the world temporarily let-in the female companion on the rare occasions of their uncreative male God's desperate sexual hunger, otherwise, the men were satisfied that brute-force was all that was needed to keep the world under their perpetual control. The Christians, whose civilization now rules the world, were even more cruel and cynical about the nature of being when they allowed their male God just the one odd fling with an unfaithful woman called Mary, who was cheating on her poor, humble, innocent, carpenter husband called Joseph.

This Christian male God is called Yahweh and He was one of the sons of El (or El Elyon), the Canaanites' Deity. El Elyon (the Black Father or God of all gods of mankind) and his children were actually super human beings who had at one time or the other lived on earth, and were now ancestors who took charge of several individual nations. None of these deities, not even El Elyon, was considered the Supreme or Universal Being. The role of the Supreme Being in the African myth was reserved for the Grand-old-progenitor of the human race. El Elyon was some great grand-grandchild in the evolution process who had inherited the duty to manage the earth. El Elyon allocated the nations of the earth to his children-deities. El Elyon as the Father of the deities, was the superior among them naturally, and was the only God that could be spelt with the capital letter 'G.' His sons where spelt with the lower case letter 'g' for gods as in: el, eloah and elohiym.

The Jews, while translating the Hebrew religion into Greek text, fraudulently spelt their deity or idol with the capital letter 'G' for 'God' while spelling the idols of other nations with the small letter 'g' for 'god.' Seventy Jewish scholars gathered in Alexandra, Egypt, around 200 BCE to perpetrate the fraud. They found that although Judaism was preaching monotheism, they were in reality serving several deities or gods of the Canaanites. The Jewish scholars doctored the Hebrew translation to Greek text, to promote Yahweh, the deity allocated to Israel by Yahweh's Father, El Elyon, and sold Yahweh as the Supreme God of the universe, to enable them claim that they were the chosen people. So, the Jewish god became Theou in Greek, and anywhere the Jewish deity, Yahweh occurred, it was translated as 'God' instead of god which they used for the deities of other nations.

El or El Elyon was the chief of all Canaanite gods referred to as God or God Most High (or Most High). El was supposed to be The Most High God in Genesis 14:18 (whose priest was Melchizedeck), but that status was fraudulently given to Yahweh 'God' of Israel, as was done in the Most High in Deuteronomy 32:8, and the God in Psalm 82:6, which should refer appropriately to the Canaan God El Elyon. As a result, everywhere Yahweh is mentioned in the Bible became God said, God did, God told Moses, (Exodus 3:14). The correct translation is that Yahweh, a deity or idol of the Jews, (like the Sango of the Africans), told Moses. In the same vein, they translated el Philistine as the god of the Philistine and el Israel as the God of Israel. The end product of their fraudulent distortion is the Septuagint (LXX), the first Hebrew religious text in Greek, which the Church incorporated into the Bible as the Old Testament. Most of the Old Testament is allegorical, written in historical form and accepted by orthodox Christianity as the gospel truth.

The Hebrews had a sense of self-loss and alienation at the time in history and needed a vengeful god to help fight their wars for them. El Elyon understood this and gave them such a god. It was not God El Elyon who chose the Jews as His own people, it was god Yahweh. It was not Almighty El Elyon who unjustly promised other people's lands (Palestine/Canaan), to the Israelites, it was god Yahweh. It was not the Omnipotent and Omniscient El Elyon who led the Israelites in the invasion and occupation of those 'promised' lands, it was god Yahweh. It was not the Most High God El Elyon who ordered the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children of Palestine and Canaan, it was god Yahweh.

The Jews needed and got a tyrant of a deity, ruthless, blood thirsty and arrogant, to use to suppress, exploit and control non-Jews, and sold Him to the West who went around the world selling the idol as the universal God at gun point, while describing their victims as idol worshippers, and littering their civilization with a trail of blood. The crusaders unleashed unprovoked attacks and invasions of other nations, slaughtering women, men, and children, including Africans and American Indians in their millions through the slave trade, to usher in their industrial revolution. Their unbridled selfish ego even got them to fight each other in two World Wars before coming together again to inflict on the helpless, exploited poor of the world, racism, apartheid, the on-going slaughter in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and the mindless forfeiture of lives of millions of unlucky youths, Blacks and Whites, in civil wars around the world.

The Church was established on such malicious and inhuman bobby-trap cushion of thorns, laced with a monumental narrowness of mind, maintaining the impossible to be true and insisting that the records they present were divinely inspired. The Church fathers who assembled the Bible didn't write the original texts and myths. They only deliberately misinterpreted and misrepresented ancient ideas to claim that their God Yahweh is good and that He created the world and everything in it.

But living is sheer hell and humanity has only endless suffering and disasters to show for it. Famine, earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, civil wars are the daily menu of existence. Men constantly kill and maim each other to gain turfs and advantages. Big powers march into weaker countries to sack governments and usurp their resources even in the name of religions. The harder we pray the more pains we seem to suffer. We cannot walk the streets without minding our backs. Survival pangs are our daily chores, riddled with the fear of sudden death. Obviously, a diabolical force is in control of the world.

Organized religions claim that Satan brought evil to mankind. Man's dilemma from time has been to unravel where Satan came from if God Yahweh created everything and everything good. Adam and Eve could not have created evil since they were part and parcel of the perfect creation of God Yahweh. If Satan brought evil and God Yahweh created everything, and His original creation was perfect, then no aspect of it could have created evil. Isaiah 44: 24, Eccle. 11: 5, John 1: 3, Eph. 3: 9, Rev. 4: 11 say God must have created everything. The Bible insists that God Yahweh created everything. If this is true, then God Yahweh must have created evil or evil does not exist. But we all know that evil exists so if God Yahweh did not create it, He did not create everything and what He did not create seems to control our world.

Satan overwhelms God Yahweh in our world but religionists insist that God Yahweh cannot be overwhelmed and that He created everything. What they are saying without admitting it is that God Yahweh is Satan. Actually the Holy books are not ambiguous about who God Yahweh is. It is the preachers and Imams that paint confusing pictures of Him to look pious. Men of God create the differentiation between their male God and Satan to whip man into submission for exploitation.

The Holy Bible describes the Christian God as Satan.

God the perfect being, did all of the following: He created evil (Lam. 3: 38, Jer. 26: 3, Ezek. 20: 25 – 26, Judges 9: 3, 1, Sam. 16: 23, 18: 10); He deceived (Jer. 4: 10, 15: 18, 20: 7, 2, Chron 18: 22, Ezek. 14: 9, 2Thess. 2: 9 – 12); He told people to lie (Ex. 3: 18, 1Sam. 16: 2); He lied (Gen. 2: 17, 2Sam. 7: 13); He rewarded liars (Ex. 1: 15 – 20); He ordered men to become drunken (Jer. 25: 27); He rewarded the fool and the transgressor (Prov. 26: 10); He mingled a perverse spirit (Isa. 19: 14); He spread dung on people's faces (Mal.2: 3); He ordered stealing (Ezek. 39: 10, Ex 3: 22); He made false prophesies (Jonah 3: 4, Gen. 5: 10); He changed his mind (Jonah 3: 10); He caused adultery (2 Sam. 12: 11 – 12); He ordered the taking of a harlot (Hosea 1: 2, 3:1 – 2);

He killed (Num. 16: 35, 21: 6, Deut. 32: 39, 1Sam. 2: 26, Psalm 135: 10); He ordered killing (Lev. 26: 7 – 8, Num. 25: 4 – 5); He had a temper (Deut. 13: 17, Judges 3: 8); He was often jealous (Deut. 5: 9,6: 15); He wasn't omnipresent (Gen. 4: 16, 11: 5, 1Kings 19: 11 – 12); He wasn't omniscient (Deut. 8: 2, 13: 3, 2Chron. 32: 31); He often repented (Ex. 4: 22 – 23, Joshua 22: 20, Rom. 5: 12); He played favourites (Deut. 7: 6, 14: 2, 1Sam. 12: 22); He sanctioned slavery (Ex. 21: 20 – 21, Deut. 15: 17); He degraded deformed people (Lev. 21: 16 – 23).

He punished a bastard for being illegitimate (Deut. 23: 2); He punished many for the acts of one (Gen. 3: 16, 20: 18); He punished children for the sins of their fathers (Ex. 12: 29, 20: 5, Deut. 5: 9); He prevented people from hearing his word (Isa. 6: 10, John 12: 39 – 40). He supported human sacrifice (Ex. 22: 29 – 30, Ezek. 20: 26); He ordered cannibalism (Lev. 26: 29, Jer. 19: 9); He demanded virgins as a part of war plunders (Num. 31: 31 – 36); He ordered gambling (Joshua 14: 2, Num. 26: 52, 55 – 56); He ordered horses to be hamstrung (Joshua 11: 6). He sanctioned violation of the enemy's women (Deut 21: 10 – 14); He excused the beating of slaves to death (Ex. 21: 20 – 21); He required a woman to marry her rapist (Deut. 22: 28: 29); He taught war (Psalm 144: 1); He ordered the burning of human faeces to cook food (Ezek. 21: 3 – 5); He intentionally issued bad laws (Ezek. 20: 25); He excused the sins of prostitutes and adulterers (Hosea 4: 14); He excused a murderer and promised his protection (Gen. 4: 8 – 15); He killed a man who refused to impregnate his widowed sister-in-law (Gen. 38: 9 – 10); and He is indecisive (Gen. 18: 17).

The Christians say their God does not repent.

Num. 23: 19 God is not a man that he should lie: neither the son of man that he should repent. 1 Sam.15: 29, And also the strength of Israel will not lie nor repent: for he is not a man that he should repent.

Contradictions: Jonah 3: 10, and God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not. 1 Sam.15: 11, It repenteth me that I have set up Saul to be king. Exod.32: 14, And the Lord repented of the evil, which he thought to do unto his people. Psalms 42: 10, For I repent me of the evil that I have done unto you. Whao! God admits to having done evil? Gen. 6: 6, and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. 1Sam. 15: 35, and the Lord repented that he had made Saul king over Israel.

Christians say no one has seen the face of their God.

John 1: 18, No man hath seen God at anytime. John 6: 46, Not that any man hath seen the Father, save he which is of God, he hath seen the Father. 1 John 4: 12, No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

Contradictions: Gen. 32:30, And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel:�� for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved. Exod. 33:11, and the Lord spake unto Moses face to face as a man speaketh unto his friend. Num. 14: 14, ….that thou Lord art seen face to face….Job 42: 5, I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eye seeth thee. Deut. 34: 10, and there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, who the Lord knew face to face. Deut. 5: 4, The Lord talked with you face to face…(also Psalm 63: 2, Isa. 6: 1 and 6: 5, Amos 7: 7- 8, Ezek.20: 35, Ex. 24: 9-10).

Moses saw Yahweh's back because Yahweh covered Moses' face with his hand while passing. “I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by, then I will take away my hand and you shall see my back; but my face shall not be seen,“ (Exodus 33: 22-23). But Moses had seen Yahweh's face earlier on in (Exodus 33: 11), ….And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face as a man speaketh unto his friend. The Lord came to visit Abraham and ate in his house. Isaiah saw the Lord in his temple. Gideon, Ezekiel, Samson's parents, Daniel, all saw the Lord. God was not only seen, Jacob wrestled with God and nearly defeated God until God managed to wrench Jacob's hip. (Gen. 32:21). What a God?

The Christian God made false promises.

Jacob never received the Promised Land, and it is questionable whether the spot on which he lay ever came into the possession of his descendants. Genesis 35: 10, And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob; thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel. Then 11 chapters later: Gen. 4: 2, and God spake unto Israel in the visions of the night and said, Jacob, Jacob. And he said, here am I.

Deuteronomy 23: 3, An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the Lord forever. Ruth, a Moabitess, not only entered the congregation of the Lord as Ruth 1: 4, 1: 22, 1: 13, 4: 17 show, but gave birth to the ancestors of David and Jesus.

Even Yahweh's Son himself, Jesus Christ, admits in Luke 12 51-53, that he came to the world not to bring peace but to cause division and discord among people.

That is the perfect God of the Holy Bible. What criminal, what villian, in all history had a record to match? Ingersoll's Works in (Some Mistakes of Moses) says: “a false friend, an unjust judge, a braggart, a hypocrite, and tyrant, sincere in hatred, jealous, vain and revengeful, false in promise, honest in curse, suspicious, ignorant, infamous and hideous – such is the God of the Pentateuch.

Thomas Paine in (The Age of Reason) says: “All our ideas of the justice and goodness of God revolt at the impious cruelty of the Bible. It is not God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes. Thomas Paine in (The life and Works of): “A book so full of contradictions and wickedness could not be the Word of God and …we dishonour God by ascribing it to him.”

The fault-riddled masculine God Yahweh perfectly suited the temperament of the Indo-Europeans and the political ambition of the ignorant Church fathers. As Cheikh Anta Diop tells us in (The African origin of Civilization), in prehistoric times, Africa with her abundance of vital resources and its sedentary agricultural character, engendered in the African, a gentle, idealistic, peaceful nature, endowed with a spirit of justice and gaiety. In the case of the Indo-Europeans, the ferocity of nature in the Eurasian steppe, the barrenness of those regions, the overall circumstances of their material conditions created instincts necessary for survival in such an environment. Nature left the prehistoric Indo-European no illusion of kindness. It was implacable and permitted no negligence; man had to obtain his bread by the sweat of his brow. Above all, in the course of a long painful existence, he learnt to rely on himself alone, on his possibilities. He could not indulge in the luxury of believing in a beneficent God who would shower down abundant means of gaining a livelihood, instead, he would conjure up deities maleficent and cruel, jealous and spiteful, such as Yahweh.

Also in prehistoric Eurasia, woman's economic role was much less significant than in African agricultural societies. Consequently, the nomadic patriarchal family was the only embryo of social organization. African civilization of the Romans was through the Etruscans and Sabines, which as the names suggests were soaked in Egyptian mores. The Etruscans brought all the elements of Egyptian civilization to the Italian peninsula, farming, religion and arts, including the divining art. Sabines and Etruscans buried their dead in the Italian peninsula. These populations were agricultural; their life was ruled by the matriarchal system. The Etruscans knew and utilized the Egyptian sarcophagus. When they destroyed the Etruscans, the Roman assimilated the substance of civilization, while eliminating those aspects most alien to their Eurasian patriarchal conception. In this way, after the transitional period of the Tarquins, the last Etruscan kings, the Black matriarchal system was completely rejected. The patriarchal principle would rule the whole life of the Indo-Europeans, from the Greeks and Romans to the Napoleonic code, to our day.

African ancestors gave mysticism and religion to the world. Their earliest most profound influence was the miracle of childbirth. Ancient man was amazed how he could reproduce himself. At first he did not think he contributed to it. He attributed it to something super-natural and mysterious. Soon he started seeing his woman as the source of the mystery and elevated her to the status of a goddess. His first deity.

Man's first deity evolved in the Nile Valley into the Goddess Nut of the sky, while man allowed himself to be God Seb (Geb) of the earth from about 15,000 BCE. In the Temple of Goddess Het-Heru (or Hathor), at Dendera, Egypt, even now, Goddess Nut is shown giving birth to the sun out of her vagina in the morning and receiving the sun back in the evening through her mouth. This shows the rotational principle of the universe. She governed the metaphysical realm. Symbolically, God Geb (or Seb), the God of the earth, lived in a little chapel in the center of Hathor, from which earth was coined. He governed the physical plane.

In this brief statement is the unambiguous message about who God is and that God is not a man. Man has control over the physical, a little chapel, the here and now, the earth, while his woman controls the metaphysical, the Temple, therefore, life on earth and after, the spiritual realm, the universe and the cosmos. Only a few humans have the wisdom, spiritual gift or capacity to dabble in the metaphysical because it imposes mind on matter or mind beyond the brain. These are our spiritual sages and they have no qualms about who has the creative authority although they sometimes use undeserved chauvinistic aggression to conceal the fact and appear to get away with it because the Mother God is undemonstrative, unobtrusive, and does not have to prove anything. Nothing gets done without her consent.

Deities Nut and Seb evolved into Goddess Ma'at and God Ptah respectively in the Egyptian pantheon. Goddess Ma'at is the Universal Deity. God's real name is Goddess Ma'at, the Goddess of the living and the dead. Ma'at was known as a concept encompassing the qualities of order, balance and justice, and as an anthropomorphic Goddess, emboding the duality that typified ancient Egypt. Ma'at was closely connected with Shu as an air Goddess, and thus connected with creation, yet her importance came though, more as a principle of order which contributed to its significance in the Egyptian theological system. The concept of Ma'at enveloped all aspects of Egyptian life, from the Nile's regular inundation to one's behaviour toward one's neighbour.

Ma'at underwent changes from the Old Kingdom through to the Middle Kingdom. In the text “The Maxims of Ptah-hotep” we see Ma'at as a concept which if followed and practiced will allow for the material success of the individual. This philosophy changes in the First Intermediate Period to concentrate more on how to deal effectively with Ma'at in obtaining a desired after-life as shown in The Teaching for King Merikare. Through The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant, we observe a text devoted more to the practicing of a social Ma'at where equality and concern for others is a priority. This respect, gained through following Ma'at of the First Intermediate Period, would expand to include the average Egyptian in the Middle Kingdom. Also in The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant, we are presented with the idea of something which borders on democracy, where “Ma'at reached down to embrace the lowliest Egyptian, and that he had a right to insist upon such a democratic coverage from his rulers.

In fact, The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant, represents the ideal social order, and puts new emphasis on Ma'at as “a positive search for new good. In the story, the peasant argues …”Ma'at belongs to eternity.” Ma'at's seeming usual concept of unchanging order in the Old kingdom, changed into a positive face of social justice in the Middle kingdom, and Ma'at became not just the domain and responsibility of the ruler, but was a viable concept for all. This is demonstrated in the eventual results of the peasant's appeals – when he receives that which was taken from him and more. The rendering of Ma'at in the appeal confirms the idea that Ma'at was a concept of “order and righteousness and practical justice. (Vincent A. Tobin: The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant).

The priority of “The Maxims of Ptah-hotep” is in playing by the rules and principles of Ma'at because that brings the desired rewards of property and position. Optimism is prevalent that if one behaves in the right and proper fashion, all will be well, (Ptah-hotep 129). Early in the text the writer states, “Great is Ma'at, and its foundation is firmly established” (l. 6,5). The typical optimism of the era is clearly seen in “…in the long run it is Ma'at which endures” (l. 6,7). The writer then launches into a proverb-like dissertation on the benefits of doing what is honest and just, and how Ma'at will benefit not only the reader, but his children as well – “Strengthen Ma'at, and your children will live” (l. 18,1).

The writer of The Maxims uses himself as an example of the advantage found in following Ma'at. He claims to have “enjoyed one hundred and ten years of life” as well as receiving “honours surpassing those of my predecessors … because of my doing Ma'at for the King” (l. 19,6-8). Throughout, the writer strives to stress the importance of Ma'at and its qualities of order and balance, and paints a picture of ideal behaviour to be emulated. Ma'at continued to endure into, and through the difficulties of the First Intermediate period, although emphasis would be placed more on the ruler's responsibilities, as found in the text “The Teaching for King Merikare”. (John A. Wilson: The Burden of Egypt).

The 42 Ideals of Ma'aT

Through this text, we are shown the Egyptian version of what later became the Hebrews' Book of Proverbs,' and the 'Ten Commandments.' The Tomb of Pharaoh Rameses VI, in the Valley of the Kings, shows the forty-two Admonitions of Goddess Ma'at, out of which Moses copied his 'Ten Commandments,' thousands of years later. The response to the Admonitions of Goddess Ma'at include: “You shall not speak ill of your mother and your father; you shall not kill man nor woman; you shall not hide a light under a bushel,” these were fraudulently claimed to have come to Moses on Mount Sinai. Here is a translation of the 42 Admonitions of Goddess Ma'at.

1. I will not do wrong. 2. I will not steal. 3. I will not act with violence. 4. I will not kill. 5. I will not be unjust. 6. I will not cause pain. 7. I will not waste food. 8. I will not lie. 9. I will not desecrate holy places. 10. I will not speak evil. 11. I will not abuse sexuality. 12. I will not cause the shedding of tears. 13. I will not sow seeds of regret. 14. I will not be an aggressor. 15. I will not act guilefully. 16. I will not lay waste the plowed land. 17. I will not bear false witness. 18. I will not set my mouth in motion (against any person). 19. I will not be wrathful and angry except for a just cause. 20. I will not copulate with a man's wife. 21. I will not copulate with a woman's husband. 22. I will not pollute myself. 23. I will not cause terror. 24. I will not pollute the earth. 25. I will not speak in anger. 26. I will not turn from words of right and truth. 27. I will not utter curses. 28. I will not initiate a quarrel. 29. I will not be excitable or contentious. 30. I will not be prejudice. 31. I will not be eavesdropper. 32. I will not speak overmuch. 33. I will not commit treason against my ancestors. 34. I will not waste water. 35. I will not do evil. 36. I will not be arrogant. 37. I will not blaspheme Ntr (Goddess - the one Most High). 38. I will not commit fraud. 39. I will not defraud temple offerings. 40. I will not plunder the dead. 41. I will not mistreat children. 42. I will not mistreat animals.

The laws on morality and human behaviour are known as the 'Admonitions of Goddess Maat,' the Goddess of Justice and law. The laws gave mankind the concept of good and evil, truth and lie (deceit), and the feather of truth (i.e. that truth is weightless and lie requires several layers of lies to sustain); and the scale as the symbol of justice. The laws of Goddess Ma'at taught humans that righteousness is superior to might and steel; that virtue will be rewarded in the empyrean-abode of blissful spiritual life after death, and that our ancestors do not die. The laws also taught us that no evil doer will escape punishment, which influenced the law of Karma in Buddhism. These laws were settled when Heru, the one and only Son of God Ausar by 'Virgin Birth,' took his Uncle Set to court. Heru's triumph in court established that patience, truthfulness, honesty and goodness will defeat evil and might in the court of just men.

The great tribunal of the spirits of the ancestors and the cosmic deities had 42 Gods, with Tem as leader and Tehuti as judge. After weighing the heart of the matter against the feather of Maat (the symbol of truth), Set's government was ruled to be based on deception and might, and that Set did not himself obey the laws he imposed on others. Ausar and Heru, on the other hand, were judged to be righteous and to have lived by the laws they made. They were thus found to be True of Word in the Maa Kheru tradition. The Gods settled the 'Great Quarrel' on the basis of right over might. Set was sentenced to serve as the wind that propelled the boat of Ausar. In the spiritual (inner religious circles), this historical verdict is known as the Kerh Utchau Metut (Night of Weighing Words). The basis of morality, justice, resurrection, Virgin Birth, Holy Ghost, Trinity, humanized Trinity, the notion of the last judgment, with Ausar as judge (God) of the dead, myths and philosophies of all religions in the world, law and order in society, what constitutes good governance and democracy, all originated from the 'Great Quarrel'' and the 'Judgment of the Night of Weighing Words.'

The Night of Weighing Words judgment introduced the concept of the feather of truth, and the scale as the symbol of justice. But with both arms of the scale balanced and leveled horizontally. In the USA, both arms of the scale appear to be unfairly weighted, which seems to demonstrate the despicable level of pervasive justice since Western civilization picked steam from its African source. Jurisprudence was a strong basis of law in the African deity, claiming that a “harbourer should not get away from the penalty of the thief.” Today, six thousand years after Africans set the tone; jurisprudence is taught as if it is a European invention.

Goddess Maat (with wings), handles the orderliness of the world. Egyptian symbol of the Supreme spirit is the flying wings spread out. Christian Angels are Deities' messengers, with wings like those of Ma'at. Rosicrucians use Ma'at's wings as their symbol. Every person's heart is weighed on Goddess Maat's feather scale. To balance on it, is to be pure and sinless. It is Ma'at's conquering power over all. Ma'at's concepts of Heaven and Hell and all the aligned concepts were copied by all the religions of the world. The evil and deceitful roast perpetually in Hell. Reward for the righteous is sometimes slow but always certain. Cheikh Anta Diop: (The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality, edited and translated by Mercer Cook, Lawrence Hill Co., USA), tells us that: “A visitor to Thebes in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt can view the 'inferno' in details (in the tomb of Seti I of the nineteenth Dynasty).

Ma'at's principles of Justice and truth still dominate affairs of mankind today. Without justice, there is chaos. It is to Ma'at that the world turns to seek justice. Heads of States, Judges of Courts, parliamentarians all take their oaths by Ma'at and claim that Ma'at is blind implying she is unbiased. Goddess Ma'at is the only Deity in history that fulfills all of mankind's criteria of who God is. The first Deity. A perfect Deity, pure without blemish and beyond evil. The embodiment of what is best in nature. The summit of human excellence, ultimate merit, and the embodiment of final virtue; a spiritual rallying point; a superlative centre of gravity, that holds the human race together regardless of gender, age, colour, religion, level of education and status in society. Goddess Ma'at is the colourless, unobtrusive Mother-Nature, Mother-God, who does not ask to be worshipped. All humans are her Sons and Daughters and all that is required of every human alive, is to be good and live the truth and let his or her tongue be soaked with truth.

Perhaps Ptah-hotep explains it best when he writes that Ma'at “is as a path even in front of him who knows nothing”. All the greatest spiritual icons in history had by the side or background, a female who was not the wife, mother, or relative, who was unobtrusive, colourless and seemed inconsequential in public eye, whom the icon revered, worshipped and placed his life in her hands. But to boost the male ego, men perpetrate the notion that although Ma'at is the ultimate God, she is a female under the control of a spiritually empty male God. That is why when we take the oath in Ma'at's name, we give the glory to the male God with the words, so help me God. It should be so help me Goddess Ma'at.

The Yoruba pantheon provides very eloquent statement about the superiority of the Mother God in creation and spiritual issues. In the Yoruba myth of creation, two hundred male Gods (Orisas), along with one female God (Orisa), called Osun, were delegated from the spiritual realm to come and build the earth. The men laboured physically and tirelessly for a long time ignoring Osun who they considered the weaker sex, but they could not achieve their task. Frustrated and exhausted, they returned to the spirit realm to confess that nothing was working for them. They were asked why they did not join their physical efforts with the Ase of the female God (Orisa). That it was her job to command things to happen. The men returned meekly to earth to plead with Osun to invoke her Ase, and that was how the earth was built. Even against the strength, bravado and intellect of 200 male Gods, one woman Goddess has the word, the logo, the command principle, and without her, nothing works.

In the male-dominated Ifa cult, women quietly play the central roles. In fact, the Ifa divination stick (iroko) portrays just a female figure kneeling in supplication to bid Ifa to give correct answers to consultee's requests. Ifa invocation verses (the Odu), are named for Ifa's mythical wife Odu, confirming she is the word. At the third and final stage of initiating an Ifa priest, the deepest secret of Ifa is exposed to him by Odu, whose face the initiate seeks by looking into a ritual pot called Odu, Ifa's trusted spouse. He must never reveal to another living soul the image that he sees inside the pot of Odu. In the very powerful and influential Yoruba male cults: the Ogboni and the Egungun, meetings cannot hold unless convened by the female functionaries, the Erelu and Iya Agan.

Women have exclusive and powerful societies of their own too, variously called Asologa, Iya Agan, Aje or Eleye, upholding their supremacy as witches, a term not considered derogatory but an honour in Yoruba. To appease them to ensure positive turn of events, Yoruba communities like the Ilaro while performing their (Gelede) festival, or the Ijebu at their (Agemo) festival, feature men camouflaged as women. The Olowo (king) of Owo and his chiefs during the Igogo festival, parade the town with heads exposed, a taboo, which the Oba and chiefs overcome by plaiting their hair in women fashion to gain protection from evil forces. Sango, the God of thunder and the warrior-king of Oyo Empire, was noted for his masculinity, strength, and military exploits. He often wore skirts, earrings and plaited hair to attract the natural protective aura of women as well as show his love for Oya, his wife, who always accompanied him on his war exploits to invoke rain and hurricane to facilitate the thunder which Sango sent to his enemies.

The African woman is often portrayed by modern artists to be carrying water vessels of sorts on the head (symbolizing her control of life); with enormous breasts (symbolizing virginity, chastity or fertility). The mother ties a wrapper over her breasts and straps a child with it to her back whilst performing her chores. Other times, she is portrayed in the kneeling position, signifying the birthing position, a sacred charge, which only she can perform. These portraits symbolize the woman as the giver of life and nurturer of the tribe and sum up her status within the African community. She is loved yet feared but never subordinated. The following Ifa verse demonstrates this and confirms that although man is awed by his woman, he can only dream of subduing her.

The people of Sabe have poison
The people of Togun have arrows
None of them dares lay a siege to the city of women

I would have killed many
I would have sold many into slavery
And I would have taken some home as wives.

Ptah started out as the local God of Memphis and the patron of craftsmen. Legends say he spoke the name of the things in the world and thereby caused them to spring into existence. In other words, Ptah was considered a God above other Gods, and was equated with the sun. It was observed that when the sun comes, there is light and the crops and vegetation grow and when it goes, there is darkness and between the sun and the moon, the rivers rise. Africans started studying the behavior of the two mysterious balls of fire in the sky, thus beginning the sciences of astronomy and astrology. The sun soon became God Atom, the basis and giver of life and God Ra or Re, the fire God, the unmoved mover, the creator of eight other Gods, which modern science presumed to be the major planets apart from the sun, known to man until recently. The sun God became a state deity in the Fifth Dynasty. Some tradition make the sun god the creator of men and the Egyptians at a point called themselves the cattle of Re.

The Egyptians had several Gods and thought of them as beings with human like desires. The Gods were sometimes represented as humans, sometimes as animals and sometimes as a mixture of both. They played vibrant roles in everyday life and were consulted before or about happenings, which were believed they caused or could cause. Ammon was the god of Thebes and was usually shown as human but sometimes as a ram or a goose. The Greeks later worshipped him as Zeus and the Romans worshipped him as Jupiter Ammon and consulted oracles at his temple. When Narmer, the African king of Northern Khemit defeated Scorpion, the African king of Southern Khemit, in 4100 BCE, he merged God Amen, the deity of the North with God Ra the Demiurge and deity of the South, as Amen-Ra. Amen-Ra's attribute of the Sun could not stick after Narmer defeated Scorpion because another civil war split Egypt again into two political entities. One group retained the PTAH attribute of the One Source while the other group adopted MAAT, the Goddess of Justice, as their principal attribute.

African ancestors saw the union between man and woman as spiritual, ordained, blissful, and the guaranteed way of achieving balance in Nature. Described by the Secret Societies as Hieros Gamos or by the Chinese as yin and yang, when man and woman work hand in hand, there is harmony and progress, and when one is antagonized, especially the leader, there is chaos. Africans created the cults of the Gods and Goddesses, to work together to prevent chaos in the world. In the modern interpretation of the ancient African concept of union between man and woman, Amon represents the masculine fertility aspect, while Auset (or Isis) represents the divine Goddess of femininity, beauty, and fertility. Auset's planet symbol is Venus, the Eastern star, known as Venus in Europe and Astarte or Ishtar in Asia. Ancient Africans observed that the Venus planet traces a perfect pentacle every eight years, so, it became their symbol of beauty, perfection, and spiritual fulfillment in sexual love.

The pentacle's symbol is represented by the five-sided star. The male part of the sign is the '/\' with arms wide spread and pointing downward. This is the phallus symbol too, sometimes called the blade and it represents aggression and manhood. This phallus symbol is used in modern times on military uniforms to show rank. The more penises you have, so to speak, the higher your rank. The female symbol 'V' is the exact opposite of the male symbol, with arms open upward and spread sideways. It is sometimes called the chalice because it resembles a cup or woman's womb. It is the symbol of femininity, womanhood, and fertility. The Greeks got their idea of the Olympic Games' symbol from the pentacle of five sided stars but replacing the star points with inter-locking rings to represent harmony and inclusion, and break the eight years' cycle into two of four years each, for shorter, easier, regularity.

Leonardo da Vinci, who was deeply involved in the alchemic practice, and was once the leader of the Priory de Sion, captured the African essence of the pentacle of sexual union between male and female to form a whole, in his Mona Lisa painting. It carries a cynical androgynous message, fusing the African God Amon with the Goddess Isis, who in ancient pictogram was called L' isa. AMON L'ISA (Mona Lisa) combines the male, female union, with the cynicism of the knowing smile.

Supposed 'Paganism' in celebration of Nature, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and the feminine cult, was absorbed by the secret societies. Stories about chivalric quests for the lost Grail were actually legends of forbidden quests to find the lost sacred feminine. Knights who claimed to be searching for the Chalice were speaking in tongues to protect themselves from a Church that had marginalized women, banished goddesses, buried Christian non-believers, and destroyed Pagans' reverence for the sacred feminine. The feminine cult, man's first and most revered and oldest surviving deity was symbolized by the blossoming flower imaging the female genitalia. The blossoming flower is epitomized by the Rose, which ties to the five-pointed pentacles of Auset (Isis), the Mother of femininity. Rose is the anagram of Eros, the Greek god of sexual love. The five petals represent the five stations of female life: birth, menstruation, motherhood, menopause and death. Other relics of femininity absorbed by the secret societies include: Delphi's labrys axes, sistrum rattles used in ancient Egypt to dispel evil spirits, Tjet ankhs resembling small standing angels, gold caducei wands, statues depicting Horus being nursed by the goddess Isis.

The West helped humans to completely destroy the notion of the Mother-God with their destruction of the feminine cult and the demonization of sex. The Church fathers usurped, doctored and converted aspects of the African Mystery System to Christianity to promote their hegemony and political ascent that has now lasted over 1,500 years since the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. Not satisfied with being crooked and deceitful, the Church fathers launched into a smear campaign against two principal pre-occupations they feared could undermine their male ego massaging ambition, and make them look like the small men that they are. The first concerned the African rituals, traditions, symbols, and ideas that were not needed or incorporated into their brand new religion. Those they accepted, they defined as divine injunctions from their male God, and those rejected were branded as barbaric, primitive, savage, and 'black.' So, Poseidon's trident became the devils pitchfork; the wise crone's pointed hat became the symbol of a witch, and the pentacle became the sign of evil and bloodshed. Anyone found involved in such banned traditions and rituals or proclaiming allegiance to them in any way was burnt at the stake. The other major Pagans' tradition that the new religion did everything to destroy was the feminine cult. The first deity of the ancient African creators of religion and spirituality was the divine feminine. Childbirth had a lot to do with it. The experience was seen as mystical because it meant the woman was the giver of life.

Constantine and his successors successfully converted the world from matriarchal Paganism to Patriarchal Christianity through a vicious war on divine feminine. The power of the female and her ability to produce life posed a threat to the rise of the predominantly male Church, so, sacred feminine was demonized and called unclean. The natural sexual union between man and woman to reproduce life was recast as a shameful act. Mother Earth became a man's world. Woman, once the sacred giver of life was now the enemy. Suffering, according to the Church fathers, was God's correct punishment for Eve's participation in the eating of the apple of knowledge. 'The supposed Original Sin.' It was not the Mother-God but man that created the concept of 'Original Sin' whereby Eve tasted the apple and caused the downfall of the human race.

The crusade to destroy feminine worship went on for three hundred years resulting in the burning of over five million women at the stake. The propaganda and bloodshed struck fear in humankind to the extent that even ordinary natural sex urge is now seen as sinful and evil. Today you would not find female Catholic priests, female Orthodox rabbis, or female Islamic clerics. Hollywood helped the Church demonize the pentacle as the sign of the devil by scrawling it on walls to announce or herald bloodshed. Traditional societies see the destruction of the sacred feminine as responsible for our cosmic imbalance fuelling wars and misogynistic societies. Secret Societies too are concerned about the destruction of the divine feminine and the colossal knowledge lost through fires, just to protect the lies that sustain Christianity, and promote male ego and power responsible for the mayhem and wars in the world today.

Women hardly war against the life they give and nurture. Men do not nurse the pains of child-birth. They destroy with minimal qualms, everything in the way of their greed. That is evil; it is the maximum sin and not God the Mother-God. Pray to the Mother-God every time you pray. Give the world to female leadership and fill our troubled world with love and peace.

“From April 1, 2010, the spiritual battle to stop me from publishing The end of Knowledge became direct. On July 1, 2010, Jesus Christ in name put a gold wristwatch on my right hand wrist suggesting that the lie had exhausted its precious course. On July 25, 2010, a voice from the spirit realm in trance said God is a woman. I did not know how to present the information for four days when I asked the Mother-God to come to my aid. I was immediately reminded of my article entitled: the Bible calls God Satan. On August 30, 2010, my Alhaji African maven, while returning to the village from Lagos mainland, where he had gone to buy some elements for spiritual activities planned for the next day, was involved in a fatal accident. The commercial bus he was travelling in lost a front tyre and somersaulted three times on the Badagry Expressway. Three passengers died on the spot, many others were badly injured. Alhaji got away with a slight head wound and pains on the waist for which he received injections. The following day, August 31st, we sent Alhaji's son to buy the elements lost in the accident. That night, Alhaji's dead parents, one after the other in dream state, warned us severally and severely not to perform any spiritual activities for the next seven days.

I did some spiritual work with the Alhaji on Sept. 8, 2010. That night, Alhaji was attacked by seven Islamic deities each holding a copy of the Koran, who spoiled our spiritual work and threatened him with death for continuing to work with me. He was severely shaken-up during the long night experience, but after the deities had left, his dead parents came to stand by him to assure him that he was being protected and should not be afraid. My Mama Arole maven was attacked at the same time too by seven Christian beings each holding the Bible. Their leader was trying to read from the Bible but Mama Arole silenced him and told them that not only was their religion powerless, African spirituality was older and superior. They could not harm her so they left quietly. That same night, seven Christian gods each with Bible and seven Muslim deities each with Koran attacked my personal assistant, asking him to stand in their middle which he refused, and warning him to tell Alhaji to stop working with me. He said a female figure (The Mother-God), wrapped head to feet in red, descended on the scene with bomb-like thunder crash, accompanied by lavish fireworks, followed by a thick spread of smoke and pitch darkness. When the smoke eventually cleared and normal light returned, the scared intruder-deities hurriedly collected their holy books and scampered in different directions, saying nothing even to each other, leaving my staff standing there by himself un-scared, then he woke up. This was probably the first time Goddess Ma'at was making Herself visible on earth in thousands of years, thus proving She was back in control. The male God was helpless.”

There is a global Ma'at movement and organization co-ordinating all relevant ancient and modern native faiths world-wide under the authority of Goddess Ma'at and the one and only authentic spirituality and the highest level of science for mankind. All African spiritual groups and faiths scattered around the world now have a common home under Ma'at, a common denominator, an umbrella body to help us work towards a common outlook and voice instead of at cross purposes, and to ensure our growth as one indivisible family. If you are already a leader, teacher, student, follower or adherent of Ma'at or a member of Ifa, Sango, Olokun, Ogun, Gelede, Yemoja or other sub-deities or groups, or simply a practicing diviner, herbalist or mentor in African faiths, whether in South America, USA, Canada, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe, Asia or Africa, send Naiwu Osahon your e-mail address through facebook and a free electronic copy of Ma'at: truth and justice, would be sent to you to enable you structure and join the global mass Ma'at family movement and the New World Order. God is a woman and her name is Goddess Ma'aT. Leaders of Black Churches, Black Muslims and their followers now have the opportunity to move en-mass to the authentic spirituality of the world. Welcome home all of you.

The New World Order (Song)
The intelligent, enlightened man or woman;
the proudly African patriot and champion,
is a Ma'at child and nothing less.
Christianity, Islam and the others
are impious distractions, contradictions.
So, favoured one, begin to Ma'at at home,
involve family, friends and neighbours,
and steadily grow a Ma'at community.

Make Ma'at t-shirts, handbags, bandannas.
Wear Ma'at caps, pendants and jewelry.
Paint the world blue with Ma'at love and care.
Write poems in praise of the divine mother.
Sing Mama's virtues to the high heavens.
The male God is not God but the devil.
Even the Bible is unequivocal about this.
He does not give-birth, he destroys.

Goddess Ma'at is the New World Order,
the correct one, the original, the ultimate.
--- Naiwu Osahon

Sage: The New World Order.

NAIWU OSAHON Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) World Pan-African Movement); Ameer Spiritual (Spiritual Prince) of the African race; MSc. (Salford); Dip.M.S; G.I.P.M; Dip.I.A (Liv.); D. Inst. M; G. Inst. M; G.I.W.M; A.M.N.I.M. Poet, Author of the magnum opus: 'The end of knowledge'. One of the world's leading authors of children's books; Awarded; key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Honourary Councilmanship, Memphis City Council; Honourary Citizenship, County of Shelby; Honourary Commissionership, County of Shelby, Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy by Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the African race.

Naiwu Osahon, the Sage: New World Order, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader world Pan-African Movement.