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When Kwesi Pratt Laments Mills, Something Is Not Right

When Kwesi Pratt Laments Mills, Something Is Not Right
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On Thursday July 15, 2010 the story was carried out on Ghanaweb, captioned: Kwesi Pratt Predicts Doom for NDC. That anybody would predict doom for the NDC at the going trend of affairs is no news at all, but for the reasons alluded to by Kwesi Pratt one is left wondering whether Kwesi Pratt, a card carrying member of the CPP is more of NDC than avant-garde NDC members like President Mills, Togbe Avaklaso Rawlings, Dr Kwabena Adjei and Asiedu Nketia, etc. Mr Pratt is quoted as saying: The current division and various interests in the NDC have the tendency to degenerate into chaos if not properly handled. If they succeed in undermining the current administration and create the impression that this administration has failed and so on, who is going to vote for them?”, adding “they will not win the elections.” He said “if they don't win the elections and another party (e.g. the NPP) wins the elections, look at all the prospects available to that party.”

There is an old saying up North that says if your political enemies are goring themselves you don't get in the way. Kwesi Pratt will want the world to believe he is a CPP member but his actions and pronouncements tell a different story. What comes to mind when you hear the name Kwesi Pratt? That he is a member of the CPP and the CJA. Again we remember he led or was part of many street demonstrations against the NPP and Kufour.

When you take a closer look at his record, rhetoric and ranting the picture becomes abundantly clear that he supports Mills for reasons other than principle or ideology. He is part of the axis that consists of the Ahwoi brothers, the Tsikata brothers and the political opportunists that surrounds Mills.

For somebody who claims to be a key member of the CPP, I guess he laments over the NDC prospects more than even core members of the party. He cut the picture of a sorry carpet bagger when he was the first person to come out to declare the bogus one-year anniversary press conference Mills held behind the backyard of the Castle as a success, during which he declared Muntaka's corruption as indiscretion. Gone are the Peoples' Assembly or Meet the Press Conferences that Kufour made himself available to anybody to ask the president various questions, not like the invitation only Mills charade. For a party that claims to be for the common people, it appears it is very much afraid of the people. The president is the fabled Simpa Panin come alive. I guess he is even worse with his see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil posture. Prayers have become his answers to every challenge. But prayers are no plans or answers to our myriad problems, Sir. Sound economic planning is. President Mills's economic policies stinks to the high heavens, his development policies are treasonous and his social interventions are discriminatory and biased, starting with the distribution of free school uniforms only to the Central Region (twice) and Greater Accra and Upper East and West and Northern Regions.

He is disconnected from the everyday people as he clap-trap himself in the Castle. President Mills becomes the first president on the continent of Africa to invest $10 billion of his country's money in a foreign company - STX of Korea, whilst our own State Housing Corporation and real estate companies die a slow and painful death. In sum he has outsourced our housing development to outsiders. For a country that counts a core Akan group, Adansi – i.e. The House or Settlement Builders as one of its founding blocks, the STX-Korea deal is a slap in the face. The NDC admits there is a serious housing shortage in the country, what is disingenuous about that admission is their failure to see a link between their policies and the current housing crisis. Many years ago this same NDC sold out Ghana Cement Company - GHACEM to Scandinavia Cement Company SCANCEM, granting them monopoly to produce and fix the price of cement in the country, whilst collecting bribes on the side. That singular betrayal has led to cement being priced way beyond the means and reach of most common folks. As a result the people cannot afford to build their own houses resulting in about one million housing units shortages vis-à-vis population growth. Having set the condition to cause the housing shortage, this same NDC has decided to invest $10 billion of our yet to be earned future oil money in STX-Korea company.

It makes you scratch your head and wonder whether we have only idiots left in the NDC. Every country with sensible leadership knows housing and construction is the way to go to grow the economy and create jobs as one housing unit germinates a whole lot of spinoff benefits, from direct employment to indirect employment. One housing construction immediately creates jobs for masons, brick layers, carpenters, steel benders, painters, cement block makers, day labourers, food sellers etc. And once it is built you will need to furnish it, and that alone also leads to a whole set of conditions that gives jobs to other people and companies. Herein lies why when the housing market in the US went belly up, it tipped off a recession. One will have thought buck-teeth Kwesi Pratt and his allied misguided buffoons would jump up and pound the streets against this $10 billion dowry deal - that is what it is – like they hounded Kufour on every major policy initiative especially with regards to petrol price increases even when it was trading at $150 a barrel. In the history of Ghana when was it that we saw a foreign company or government came in to invest even $1 billion in our economy at one time? It won't happen, their home countries would not allow them, but His Incompetency, President John Evans Atta Mills would do just that with a handshake. If we invest the $10billion dollars money in Ghanaian companies, the money will stay in Ghana and circulate through the economy, plus all the added benefits of creating jobs and sustaining our companies. As things stand STX-Korea will repatriate 100% all their profits and money, plus tax-free incentives. If we can do that for a foreign company with insurance and sovereign guarantee et al, why can't we give the same benefits and conditions to Ghanaian companies? Atta Mills administration is the worst in Ghana's history hence the name calling from members of his own party.

In the STX-Korea deal, negotiated by Messrs Albert Abongo, Alban Bagbin and Vice President John Mahama, Ghana paid dowry to the Koreans. I guess the Koreans saw us from afar as fools rushing in. In a dowry marriage, it is the bride that pays money to the husband's family instead of the husband paying money to the wife family. President Mills and his group of ignorant and incompetent ministers have sold and mortgaged our future down the river and to this Kwesi Pratt is saying what - that people inside the NDC should not criticise the administration for fear of losing the next election? What these political neophytes care about is winning elections, but like the Konongo Kaya they have been compared to, they don't know what to do with it once they get the power. It is kind of like your dog grabbing your remote control.

We call on Parliament to abrogate the sell-out deal. We call on the thousands of jobless NDC foot-soldiers, students, and the general public to come out in their numbers to make their voices known and heard. After all it is your money, jobs, and children's future that is at stake. The $10 billion USD deal is colossal money that can transform the internal economy of Ghana if invested in local companies not in a Korean company. It is amazing how unexpected monetary windfall makes all bad policies thinkable. Scrap the slave sell-out and Kwesi Pratt must not try to muffle the dissenting voices in the NDC. What impudence and arrogance to try to shut down such voices for the sake of electoral victories? Na who born dog?

By: Eric Kwasi Bottah (alias Oyokoba)
[email protected]

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