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Christianity As African Culture

Christianity As African Culture
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This article might be a surprise to almost 90% percent of Africans, whether living in the continent or in the Diaspora, but most of the Western people know what will follow up, as truth. As a result, Africans should stop believing the lies orchestrated by a sect of ancient Europeans who were in the beehives of the African literature, but because of their treacherously knack, they re-wrote the world history, which was known to have epicentre in Egypt, to favour their western world. Against that backdrop, a lot of Africans look up today to the western people as a people that all civilization started from, but it is a lie, a blatant lie, civilization started in Egypt, Africa. Africans should stop thinking that all roads lead to Rome; but should know that all roads lead to Egypt. Africa is the centre of civilization, and not Europe or America. Africans should pause and ponder where they started from, and stop believing all they read about history; the world history was altered by Romans, which they lifted from Egypt. As a case study, Christians should open their eyes to know which god they are worshipping, because Christianity was African culture and religion, which the western people made a lot of people to believe today that it's Israelites own.

It is very bad that anybody that questions the supremacy of god or Jesus, a lot of people will characterize him as either anti-god or anti-Christ, but rarely do many Africans question the perceived supremacy of the western world today, which is to the detriment of the Black world. But I am of belief that in a land where everybody is thinking alike, it means that no one is thinking in that land. And I pray that this LAND will stop being Africa.

The intention of this article is not to say that there is no god or Jesus Christ, but it is very imperative that Christians understand the god or Christ they are worshipping. History is very ambiguous, but people tend to believe in any history that first got to them. The Romans sold fallacy as history to Christians and they believe today, oblivious that what they sold were not even the relics of the original things about their faith, which is in Africa, but their refined paganism. Many Africans would say the history of the world started in Africa, but few would want to question why is it today that Americans and Europeans have made Africans to believe that it started from them. Was it not in the history that the "historical Jesus Story" in the New Testament finds its origin with the Osiris-Horus myths of Egypt personified in the lives of the Pharaohs; in particular the Pharaoh Tutankhamun as you will come to see.

While I was researching to know why today Africans are suffering what I call religion-ignorance, I came to realize that a lot of African histories were stolen by the Greece and watered-down in Rome, and shipped back to Africa to believe. I came to understand also, that while these renegades where re-writing the history, they changed a lot of names to their western names, of which if they had used the Egyptian names, many people will not be in the doubting today. This change in African names to Europeans made it possible for the unenlightened Africans to be seeing the western people as demigods, whereas they were not. The western people only created a scene where Africans spirits were magnated by their make-belief cleverness, and Africans look today like people that were defeated, because their spiritual lifestyle were stolen away by the West.

The call that Africans should WAKE-UP, is no longer news. Africans should wake-up and clean themselves of the robot they bought, sold to them by the western people in the form of human being. This implies that what Africans were taught Christianity was, it is not that today. Africa owned Christianity! Not a religion of the western people, as they created the aspersion.

Reportedly, according to most Christian scriptures, Jesus has been born in Bethlehem, or Nazareth. In the Coptic writings, where the oldest Christians called Copts still reside (Kemet and Ethiopia), and according to Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, a Kemetologist, born in Ethiopia, Jesus was said to have been born in Kemet (Egypt). In Matthew 2:15, it still says, "Out of Egypt shall I call my son!" Contrary to written sources, Kemet (Egypt) is where Christianity was born, while Ethiopia built the first Christian Church and was the world's first and oldest Christian nation. Christianity was originally an African religion, as was the Hebrew African religion called Judaism.... When the Roman Empire converted to Christianity (312 A.D.), and wrestled it from Africa, the story was changed. This was further confirmed at the Council of Nicea, on May 20th, 325 A.D., called by the Roman Emperor Constantine, and attended by 318 bishops and religious scholars. Together, they formed a new Imperial State Religion, known today as The Roman Catholic Church.

It is very hard to convince people; especially Africans, who were brain-sold to religion, many of us do not even know the rudiment. The only rudiment many Africans knew was that Africans were pagans, which we were not. The paganism credited to Africans was the creation of the western people to rob us of our cosmic glory, and they are 95% succeeding in that art. They didn't tell us that Christianity was African and the Jesus they talked about was traced to Egypt.

Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div., said, “Christian's religious belief system, when tested and exposed to contradictory facts from Biblical languages, Biblical history, Biblical culture, and archeology, must in the Spirit of Truth and Repentance, be flexible enough to change.

“I have been searching since my graduation from Seminary for the "Jesus Jesus" and not being able to find any demonstrable evidence for a Jewish Rabbi who lived in the first century in Palestine which was the "expected Messiah" I have looked almost everywhere and read and studied everything available in my efforts to find the clues that will reveal this "Jesus" as a historical personage. My search has been tedious and exhausting and fruitless. Only when I began to trace the roots of Judaism back to Egypt was I finally rewarded for my efforts all these 15 or more years for it is there, in Ancient Egypt that I finally found the "historical Jesus". The only problem is that he is only "half-Hebrew" and was a "murdered" Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty.

That may sound blasphemous to fanatics, but one should know that nothing can be known if there is no open mind. Lyons went further: “Greece received from Ancient Egypt their religion, yet Christian Rome, from which our religious belief systems has chiefly sprung in this Western Hemisphere, would take and alter almost beyond recognition the simple Divine message of the Creator given originally to Ancient Egypt.... In so doing, Spiritual allegory and metaphor became literalized and historicized, and limited to but one person, that being Jesus. With this Roman transformation of the Ancient Egyptian religion, Rome imposed upon all a promised damnation if one failed to accept Roman Orthodoxy. The monuments and hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt, as well as the Jewish people and nation with their Kabbalah, have protected and safeguarded this same Divine message in the absence of their Egyptian parents since their destruction and Hellenization by Alexander the Great.

“Ironically, when the literal reading of the Jewish texts of their Tanakh, the Old Testament as well as the Christian gospels, along with the Gnostic Pauline epistles is read esoterically, and not exoterically, we find again the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual truths regarding the evolution of the Soul in mankind. Read exoterically, literally, and historically, we never get a glimpse of these mystical and metaphysical Spiritual truths that further evolve man's evolution into the stature of the fullness of Christ.”(3) Rome, however, in conquering Greece and owing to their own Sun Worship, will only further remove mankind from their earlier understanding of Ancient Egypt's Divine message entrusted to them.... Egypt today gets a bad rap by those who misunderstand its religion and many lacking such knowledge interpret Egyptian faith as idolatrous Sun Worship in its own right. Nothing could be further from the truth once you look into it for yourself and remember that allegory, myth, simile, and metaphor was only used to communicate these Divine Truths of the incarnation of Divine Mind, God, into “matter” and mankind; NEVER was this Cosmic message to be understood in a "literal" or historical sense...”

I am not saying here that there is no Jesus Christ or god, but what I am saying is that Christians should rethink the Jesus Christ and god they are worshipping; are they the one that history beckons in Africa or the paganised one sold to the world by the Romans?

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Media Consultant based in Rivers State, Nigeria; and also the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA). Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: [email protected]