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13.04.2010 Feature Article

Are social, pressure and other important groups watching???

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I am just wondering if there are social groups, pressure groups like CJA, AFAG, NUGS, other important groups like Christian Council of Ghana, the Catholic Bishops Conference, the Muslim groups etc in Ghana anymore? if they are, are they aware of the injustice, tribalism and the sidelining of the majority tribes in Ghana, the Akans to be precise.

I would not talk much, but I would urge these groups to take a look at the appointments in Ghana since the Mills led administration started ruling Ghana.

Please, I want these groups to speak out before irrepairable damage is done.

If it was the other way round, there would have been ugly noises going on.

A word to the wise, is enough.
God save and bless Ghana.

Elvis Owusu
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