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JJ Rawlings: The Janus-Faced Man of Delusions of Political Grandeur

JJ Rawlings: The Janus-Faced Man of Delusions of Political Grandeur
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“The success of President John Evans Atta Mills' government would depend on candid assessment” (JJ Rawlings, Quoted from Ghanaweb Nov 2, 2009).

“Former President Jerry John Rawlings has launched a blistering attack on the Mills led- National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, describing his ministers as illiterates who lack the requisite experience to manage affairs of the state” (JJ Rawlings, Quoted from Ghanaweb Nov 3, 2009).

JJ Rawlings has had numerous twisted mouths since 1979

When he imposed himself on Ghanaians
And became the hero of an ethnic group
Because he is their last ticket to the Slave Castle

JJ has dual-mouths
JJ has tripled-lips
Yet JJ craves for one Ghanaian one toilet
Though he releases more political dung than any Ghanaian

Crystal truth never emanates from either mouths or lips

Greased truths gush out of both watersheds of delusion

But his other mouth said JJ you are lying
Tell us how you paid for your kids' education
Tell us how you bought your fleet of posh cars
Tell us how you built your houses
Tell us how you are able to globe-trot
Tell us about your expensive lifestyle
Tell us why you wept on national TV in June 1982
When you well knew that you killed the judges
When you well knew that your “tribesmen” had done it

Tell us how you financed the “broke” NDC in 2008/09 elections

JJ said he is against CORRUPTION AND GRAFT
That Nkrumah was corrupt and only got a flag for Ghana

That Busia was corrupt and did nothing for Ghana
That Acheampong was corrupt
That Akuffo was corrupt
That Limann was useless and came to derail the RE-DELUSION

But his other mouth said JJ you are liar
You are more corrupt than all Ghanaians
You never accounted for the 50-cedi notes you seized from the poor

You never accounted for the sale of Nkrumah's corporations

Not even Nsawam cannery which you sold to your wife

You never accounted for the rags to riches of your followers

The coward partisan tribalists who are willing to die for you

Though they know that you are delusional
You never explained why you gave $20, 000 to a clueless woman

To plant rice in your paradoxically impoverished World Bank

You have said nothing about M & J, Scancem, CASHPRO

Before M & J that implicated your huge head-geared wife

You went all over the world blaming corrupt Ghanaians

Now your bogus anti-corruption campaign has deserted you

Tell us more about M & J for it was under your watch

Tell us about the friends who have been so good to you

Tell us about the friends who bought you cars
Tell us about the friends who paid your kids school fees

Tell us about the friends who paid for your mansions

Tell us about the mansion at Adjirigano with twenty-rooms

Four self-contained self-detached rooms for your four kids

Tell us about why you alone live in three large bungalows

Tell us why you killed people for having two toilets

But today you have 15 toilets in one compound-home

JJ said that he is for the ORDINARY POOR MASSES
But his other mouth and lips said JJ stop lying
At least enjoy your loot
As coward hypocritical Ghanaians look on
When you sip expensive imported wine
The common people drink gutterized water
You sleep without mosquitoes
But mosquitoes are friends with all Ghanaians
You eat imported beef, tuna, and all
The common people eat Nkrumah Circle chofi
You drive about in expensive Jaguars
The stupid masses cheer you on in Charlie wates
You have the best comfortable circumstances
Most Ghanaians you came to save live in poverty
Parents could not pay JSS/SSS fees
You sent your children to expensive schools overseas

You wear the best designer clothes
The masses wear infected oburoni wawu
JJ has called Mills' ministers ILLITERATES
But his other mouth was very shocked
The other mouth stated categorically that
JJ you failed most of your class exams at Achimota

JJ you basketed nine 9s at the O-level
That you couldn't pass the Air Force entry exams
It was J. W. Harley who paved the way for you
JJ you failed all your promotion exams
It was Colonel Yaw Boakye who “passed” you
Most of Mills” ministers had worked for you JJ
JJ you hate illiteracy but promote grand illiteracy

In 1982-83 you closed down Legon for 13 months
You introduced bogus JSS/SSS to produce illiterates

And whisked away your four children from JSS/SSS
They “literated” at the expensive Ghana International

Yes, Ghana International School where dollars counted

They “literated” in expensive British universities

JJ Rawlings now Ghanaians know you
They know that you are megalomaniac
You are the worst hypocrite
You are the worst know-all Janus-faced
Yet has not achieved anything in life
You are too power-drunk
You are exceedingly delusional
Even your avid supporters know that
Confused General Mosquito of NDC
Should publicly rebuke you JJ
Just as much he rebuked the fraudulent DR.
Yes, the fraudulent “Dr.” Koobi Spew-Garbage
For both your delusions of political grandeur
NDC leaders must call you JJ to order
Before you JJ wins 2012 elections for the NPP
Before you lose the last iota of respect
*Akadu N. Mensema is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained oral historian cum sociologist and a Professor in the USA. She writes what critics have called “populist hyperbolic, satirical” poetry. She can be reached at [email protected]

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