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Since the Ghana Black Satellites won the world cup after beating Brazil on penalty shoot-outs in Egypt certain persons and agencies are struggling very hard to attribute that victory to a certain pastor T.B. Joshua of Nigeria.

A youtube video is already making the rounds about how the said pastor helped Ghana. I am even confused as to whether he predicted that Ghana will win the world cup or he helped Ghana to win the cup! That one has its debate too.

I watched the said video and I must say I was honestly left with more questions on how the video was recorded than how the said pastor helped Ghana to win the under- 20 world cup!

The number one question that came to my mind was that, how did Pastor TB Joshua notice that the Head coach of the Black satellites was to call him and got cameramen ready to record their conversation? Does he record all calls he receives on video?

The second question that came to my mind was that, has this pastor being recording his predictions in the past? If the answer is yes I will want to see another youtube video of a prediction he has ever made that was also recorded at the very time he was making the predictions?? I will honestly believe the video about his prediction on the Black Satellites if I see a similar video of him making a recorded prediction.

Until that is done, I will only say for now that, the video making the rounds is a well rehearsed one! Other questions that came onto my mind included the following; when was the video made? Was it before, during, or after the Ghana Brazil Match? Or all these put together?

I don't believe that it was Pastor TB Joshua of Nigeria who single-handedly helped Ghana to win the cup. Let us not belittle the sleepless and tireless prayers that our own Pastors, Imams, traditionalists and Infact every Ghanaian put into the victory of the Black Satellites. I am hugely disappointed that we are talking less about our own prayers in Ghana and very busy struggling to justify a controversial youtube video!

Why do we have to reduce the hard work of every Ghanaian to only a single Pastor somewhere?

The funny thing is that, we are not even talking of God being responsible for our victory but rather a Pastor! I don't have any incontrovertible evidence that Pastor TB Joshua of Nigeria helped Ghana to win the Cup.

Let us not forget that, it did not just take the Ghana versus Brazil Match to win the under- 20 World Cup. I am even disappointed that, we seem to forget that the Black Satellites played other Matches and won before even reaching the finals!

The question to ask now is that; if it is a certain Pastor TB Joshua of Nigeria who helped Ghana to beat Brazil in the finals who also helped the Black Satellites to beat the other countries before qualifying for the finals with Brazil in the first place??

To me the victory of Ghana should not be narrowed down to a certain pastor in Nigeria. If we do that, we would have being undermining our own pastors and Imams in Ghana who prayed, and even fasted for our victory. I know somebody here in the United Kingdom who though not a pastor or Imam, fasted and prayed for the victory of Ghana out of his love for soccer and Ghana. Perhaps he is my pastor TB Joshua Here! Hahahaha…!

What I want to say in summary is that, the victory of the Ghana Black Satellites was made possible by the prayers of everybody including you the reader of this article!

It was also made possible by the readiness of the players to die for mother Ghana through their hard work and also all on the Technical bench. All the motivational offers from the numerous individuals and corporate bodies also helped in the victory of the satellites.

Above all it was the will of God that, the Ghana Black Satellites in 2009 will win the under- 20 world cup in Egypt! Should I call it predestination? Anyway I am not ready for any debate on Predestination for now.

Whose who are still not convinced of the reasons I have explained above should begin to wonder aloud why the Nigerian Pastor who helped Ghana to allegedly win the under-20 world cup could not help the Green Eagles of his own Nigeria to qualify for the world Cup tournament in South Africa in 2010! Any answers??

Akilu Sayibu UK
Email: [email protected]

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