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20.03.2009 Feature Article

Acai burn -- Acai berry

It's time to clear up some of the confusion surrounding Acai Burn and acai berries!

For thousands of years, the Acai berry has been known and used as a natural energy source by various inhabitants of South America, particularly the Brazilians. Although the early Brazilians always considered acai berries to hold magical properties, outside South America the acai berry was seldom known. In fact, it is only in the last ten years that researchers and health experts around the globe have become aware of the many health benefits associated with the berries. Impressed with what they found, researchers started to actively make known some of the amazing health advantages acai can give, particularly in the area of weight loss. And a particular product was developed containing acai berries: Acia burn.

There was quite a large boost for the publicity surrounding acai as well as the popularity of Acai Burn with the publication of a book called "The Perricone Promise" penned by Dr. Nicolas Perricone, a well-known authority on methods to slow aging. His research caught the attention of other diet experts and, subsequently, more research was undertaken to identify the potential and actual benefits that the acai berry and, separately, Acai Burn might offer in dieting and weight control.

There have been thousands of studies conducted by various scientific institutes from around the world regarding the acai berry and Acai Burn. The fruit, and certain extracts from it, have been found to promote and speed up the human metabolism, thereby helping people to burn off unwanted fat more quickly. The berries (and, some claim, Acai Burn too) have the added advantage of also helping to control and suppress the appetite.

Many study have also indicated that Acia berries are a rich source of antioxidants which, as is well known, work in the body to help reduce “free radicals” that lead to cell damage and ageing. So the berries help promote a younger-looking you for a longer period of time. Many antioxidants can be easily damaged by food and supplement processing techniques, so it is not entirely clear whether their full beneficial properties are preserved in derivative products such as Acai Burn – but the convenience of the supplement and the ready availability of its beneficial nutrients and substances can perhaps make up for any deficiency in the quantity of antioxidants present.

Some have described the acai berry as incomparably superior to other fruits in terms of nutritional value. Such 'hype' statements should be taken with a pinch of salt (or fructose!) as all fresh fruits have very high nutritional value. However, the high concentration of valuable nutrients in acai may well be one of the prime reasons why early South Americans considered the juice from the berries as a kind of elixir of life. Today's enthusiasts describe Acai Burn and its like in similar terms!

So how much credibility should you give to the hype surrounding Acai Burn etc? Out of the hundreds of studies and experiments conducted on the berries and products derived from them, there are many indications that the fruit content will assist with:

• Enhanced metabolism
• Weight loss
• More effective immune system
• Helps to remove Mucoid plaque

Creating better digestion
• Help in sleeping disorders
• Anti-aging benefits
Since the rise in popularity of Acai Burn and similar products, a large demand has been placed on the world's natural supply of acai berries. This can make it difficult for manufacturers to acquire a good quality raw supply. As mentioned above, because of the possible degradation of the acai berry's natural ingredients during processing, one should exercise some care in purchasing acai products if they wish to benefit from the true potential of this amazing fruit. So, until acai berries reach the state of being mass-farmed in those climates that will support their growth, one should only purchase the fruit products from highly reputable companies who can assure you that the fruit is correctly sourced, processed with the minimum loss of its nutrients, supplied at a high concentration, etc. Most probably it is the fact that Acai Burn appears to have met these demands so far that so many people have bought it and thereby boosted its popularity even further.

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