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16.02.2009 Feature Article

MUCOID PLAQUE -The harmful effects

Mucoid: resembling mucus; thick, slimy, stringy.
Plaque: any hardened deposit which builds up more thickly over time, often inside the body (for example, tooth plaque, arterial plaque)

Mucoid plaque:

refers to a hardened layer of mucus thought to be caused by modern Western diets sticking to the insides of the digestive system. It is often described as getting thicker and thicker over time, causing inexplicable overweight and poor health.

Massive controversy surrounds the question of what mucoid plaque really is, what could cause it – and even more on how to get rid of it.

Doctors and pharmaceutical representatives on one side of the issue claim to be able to show 'proofs' that mucoid plaque 'doesn't exist'. In many cases, they prescribe 'weight loss medication' which doesn't work.

Health experts, nutritionists and 'rebel' doctors point out that such doctors make profits from people's ignorance by selling their 'weight loss' medications again and again and again … with a commission or profit each time. The person who loses is the person with the weight or health problem – incorrectly diagnosed and incorrectly medicated for all the wrong reasons.

On the other hand, many alternative practitioners, nutritionists and the above-mentioned 'rebel doctors' can refer to startling success stories from people who describe how they have removed the mucoid plaque from their intestines – and who have then suddenly lost their excess weight and regained their health and energy.

The fact is, if the delicate skin inside anyone's bowels is coated with a 2-10mm layer of dark, thick, toxic, gluey slime – a breeding-ground for intestinal parasites and worms – how would that person even get to know about it?

And, if they did know that their insides were caked with this foul-smelling layer of wriggling gunk, what could they even do? Swallow a scrubbing brush and hope for the best? That's a joke, by the way! (Don't try this at home, kids!)

Human intestines have evolved to be able to absorb all the nutrients that the human body needs for good health, good looks and proper function. If the intestines' sponge-like surfaces are coated with a toxic slime such as the mucoid plaque described above, logically they cannot absorb anything … except the toxins in the slime!

Those toxins, along with intestinal worms and other parasites, may be responsible for everything from fluid retention to exhaustion to an inability to metabolize properly.

No matter how healthy and wholesome the food is that a person eats… and no matter how healthy in other ways their body might be … if all their dietary vitamins and minerals and energy are just bouncing off of the mucoid plaque, and sliding right through without ever getting absorbed … then those nutrients can never reach the cells, where they are needed for a happy, slim and healthy life.

Instead, with a layer of thick greasy goo clogging up the system, all those vitamins, minerals and energy would go … that's right … straight down the toilet.

So the real question here is not,
“Are healthy intestines really necessary for my weight loss and vitality?”

The answer to that question is now known to be YES. You do need healthy, happy bowels to live a healthy, happy life with total control over your weight.

No, the real question is:
“How much longer can so-called medical practitioners continue to ignore the evidence in front of their noses?”

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