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02.01.2009 Feature Article


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It is customary on the part of many to describe anyone who criticizes the NPP as an Ewe or an Ayigbe man, and anyone who criticizes NDC as an Ashanti. I think Ghanaians must rise above this Ashanti/Ewe divide in our politics to stand up for truth, and for freedom and justice as our motto says. I don't think it is important but I want to make it clear that I am a full blooded Ashanti born into a Danquah/Busia political family and have been a member of that political tradition for a long time. It is so disheartening that anytime I write something critical of NPP , I am called all kinds of dirty Ewe names.I am not an Ewe, I am an Ashanti who disapproves of the daylight robbery that's going on in our politics today, all the dirty tricks being employed to overturn the will of the people. Where is Kofi Annan, to help talk NPP to accept the people's verdict? Don't wait till it is too late. Now is the time before hell breaks loose. Ghana is bigger than any individual or a political party.

ALL peace loving Ghanaians are sitting on the edge as a few greedy politicians who want to hijack the state to pursue their own selfish agenda are pushing the country towards mayhem and unnecessary bloodshed. The self styled democrats, party of intellectuals, the so called party of self makers, after being rejected by the people in the general elections are trying all kinds of tricks to subvert the will of the people. The NPP knows very well this path they have chosen will lead Ghana into chaos, civil strife, unnecessary bloodshed, and everything we have strived to build for in the last sixteen years of our democracy will go up in smoke. Why are these so called champions of rule of law and democratic governance still determined to push Ghana to the path of conflict?

Ghanaians remember very well about eight years ago, the other party which is often referred to by the so-called democrats as the party of thugs, violence, and whose founder does not always speak fondly of democracy lost elections, but they played by the rules, promptly conceded defeat, and handed over power peacefully which was admired by the whole world and marked the first time one democratically elected government handed over power to another in Ghana and in the whole of Africa. That is the beauty of democracy. The Rawlings Presidency and the NDC government set a great example for NPP to follow in 2008. The NPP and Akuffo-Addo should promptly concede defeat, and allow for a peaceful handover from one elected administration to help consolidate our democracy and put it on the world map of democratic countries.

Are there any wise people, nation lovers but not nation wreckers and self seekers left in the NPP? Anybody who will reason with these power drunk self seekers to safe our country from the brink of war? Where is Kofi Annan, the Ghanaian noble statesman when his people need him the most? Kofi helped brokered peace in Kenya when a fraudulent elections led to riots and civil strife leading to loss of thousands of life and millions of dallars of property. Kofi Annan was highly sought after again in Zimbabwe after Mugabe rigged the elections there. The news from Africa has been bad all the time when it comes to preserving and entrenching democracy but Ghanaians have always pride themselves that Ghana is a different country, a peace loving country, where democracy is gradually taking roots. It beholds on the NPP to preserve and strengthen democracy. We want Kofi Annan to talk NPP and Akuffo-Addo into conceding defeat and submitting to the will of the people to help preserve our democracy and to protect life and property. Kofi Annan, Ghanaians need you now more than ever to prevent war, and preserve the peace and tranquility we enjoy. Don't wait till it is too late.

Ben Ofosu-Appiah,
The author is a public policy expert and a senior political and social analyst based in Tokyo, Japan. He welcomes your comments.

Ben Ofosu-Appiah
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