Sun, 21 Dec 2008 Feature Article

The NDC Could Win the Run-off Elections If ……..

The NDC Could Win the Run-off Elections If ..

One will have had no qualms about Professor Evans John Atta Mills winning the run-off presidential elections if Former President J.J. Rawlings was not on the prowl and lurking from behind. The fear of the most vindictive Former President Jerry John Rawlings being consulted 24/7 on every policy undertaken by Professor Evans Atta Mills is the danger Ghanaians will have to contend with. This makes him the so-called poodle incapable of being his own man but to be instructed about as done with a pet dog, excuse my French. But can he extricate himself from Rawlings' evil spell cast upon him? No way, not as long as his master has his heart pumping oxygenated blood through his mortal being, breathes, and is temperamental when dealing with his subordinates of whom Mr. Mills is typical.

As resourcefully revengeful and callous as they are, the Rawlingses have determined to exact a pound of flesh of each NPP politician they deem their enemy. Can they execute this act of vengeance with impunity as they used to? Have they forgotten the episode of Antonio in Shakespeare's book, "The Merchant of Venice?" In this episode, the defence lawyer, Portia, put up a colourful argument in defence of Antonio, the kind-hearted and selfless merchant of Venice. She insisted Shylock take the supposed pound of human flesh of Antonio but to ensure no blood was spilled as spillage of blood was never part of their terms of agreement, but just a pound of human flesh. This became her final conclusion after all persuasions had failed to get Shylock have compassion on Antonio. In the end Shylock, the Jewish moneylender who had intended evil for Antonio became the victim of his own evil machinations. As it was with that evil Shylock who got impaled on his own sword of malevolence intended for Antonio, so shall it turn out to be with the Rawlingses who are perpetually scheming evil for others?

Why has TRUTH evaded many a Ghanaian, an enquirer wants to know? Telling the truth is to many a Ghanaian like a bitter concoction being forced down ones oesophagus. Though the medication is often bitter, it holds the needed potency to cure the patient. Should TRUTH be then administered, or, we still go for LIES as is often whimsically perpetuated by the NDC, and accoladed by the sole founder and father of the party? Cry, oh my beloved country.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Nana Akufo Addo in the face of the NDC's intimidations will still stand strong on his feet, marching forward until victory is won. He will never succumb to any unnecessary intimidations and unfounded allegations being continually spearheaded by the Rawlingses and the NDC against him. Is this sign of bravery the much scurrilous arrogance of Nana Addo as being propagated by the NDC to put electorates off voting for him? When does one full of confidence about himself, his policies and vision and defends them eloquently become arrogant? Is it the NDC or the Ghanaians understanding of ARROGANCE? Arrogance by definition is, "that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree". Does Nana fit into this criterion and if answered affirmatively, what are some of the justificatory instances? Some Ghanaians have got real psychological problems. When you excel others in eloquence you are accused of arrogance but when you are far too humble or timid to defend yourself when even wrongly accused, you are said to be dumb. I can't understand human beings especially the NDC propagandists. A fellow Londoner nicknamed Kwame Thamesmead for residing in a place called Thamesmead in London, typifies the NDC's shallow mindedness of arrogance as erroneously in use against Nana Akufo Addo. When he did phone in to radio Hot FM, a London based radio station on Friday morning at about 09:35 hours, the presenter, Nana Abebie, challenged him to cite an instance where Nana Addo could be portrayed as been arrogant. He mentioned the recent fracas between Nana Addo's security agents and Former President Rawlings' cameraman at Tulip Hotel in Kumasi. According to him the incident happened under the very nose of Nana Addo but he did nothing to stop his security men from molesting the cameraman. To Kwame, this is arrogance. What a stupid instance to cite by this Ghanaian who claims to excel far better in spoken English than any other Ghanaian in the UK? How and why then does he stammer awfully lot when discoursing in English on air than when speaking in any of the other Ghanaian dialects? This is NDC to you. How does an act of nonchalance even if Nana had committed one, though never true as alleged, constitute an act of arrogance? Does it fit into the meaning of arrogance as stated above? By the vehemence of their treachery, physical and verbal attacks on the NPP and other innocent citizens, you will know the elemental composition and make of the NDC. You may dislike somebody for a reason but that does not lead you to conclude that the person is arrogant. A classical example is a guy who once told his friend, "I hated anyone who academically performed better than me when at Secondary school". His friend who was better than him in all subject areas then said and I quote, "Then you really hated me that much seeing I was far better than you". He quickly responded saying "NO, NO, NO" I mean others but not you. How can you generalise to hating anyone better than you but not your closest friend who was also far better than you? Envies can lead people to utter falsehoods about others. When the evildoers are caught in their track, they begin to invoke silly excuses. Let us learn to tell the truth as it is. It is the only means to set ourselves free from embarrassment.

Passivity on the part of any Ghanaian at the elections is a very unwelcome idea. Neutrality equates passiveness. It is either you are active or a bad citizen rather than being passive. You are either for me or against me. You cannot maintain a neutral ground. That stance is an act of cowardice. Those passive ones are said to be sitting on the fence. You either become hot or cold but not mild. Come out openly to support one of the contesting presidential candidates rather than to pretend while inwardly throwing your weight behind one. The Committee for Joint Action (CJA) lived in self denial for all these years. They were purporting to front for the welfare of Ghanaians but actually they were working for the NDC. I saw their deceptive covert activities years or way back hence, my critical articles published against their then silly distractive "wahala" demonstrations. I congratulate them for coming out boldly to declare where they had secretly belonged all these years. They were stupidly claiming baseless neutrality for the fear of their own shadow. Now they are NDC and have urged their members to vote for the NDC. Bravo! They have put their mouth where their bread is much buttered. It is now better for them than to have continued deceiving people still sitting on the fence.

Anyway, the ghosts in the NDC's closet are far too horrible and scary to help garner them their badly anticipated winning votes. Having said that, I encourage and appeal to all those who support the course of total freedom to campaign for Nana Akufo Addo to emerge victorious from the presidential contest. You can contact your relations back home to advise them how and why their vote cast in favour of Nana is the wiser decision. All NPP supporters, sympathisers and activists with all the rational but silent electorates, arise in your numbers to vote for Nana Akufo Addo on Sunday, December 28, for a better Ghana. Until the last voter has cast their vote and the results declared, no NPP sympathiser should rest sitting on their lap. Get up; go out there to seek votes from the undecided voters.

God is great, God is great, and God is great. "Insha Allah", Nana will win with your vote and by your support, so vote for Nana Akufo Addo to move Ghana forward in the right direction. AMEN and AMEN.

Rockson Adofo, London