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Treating armpit odour

Treating armpit odour
29.11.2008 LISTEN

Cleanliness is next to godliness. If you have ever stood next to a woman who has armpit odour, you would realise that it is very much nauseating.

Most of the time it is very difficult to tell the person what she should do because you do not want to embarrass or offend her. Armpit odour is an embarrassing problem a lot of women have to deal with on a day of day basis.

Keeping very good hygiene by showering regularly and well is very important. Water washes away the bacteria which cause the smell.

It is advisable to shave your armpit regularly to prevent unnecessary hair growth.

Rubbing lime juice under the armpit helps to remove bad odour because of its acidic nature.

Lime juice can, however, have detrimental effect upon the skin if it is dry or broken. Sometimes it discolours your clothing. It is therefore advisable to apply the lime juice under your armpit and wait for some few minutes before you wash down.

Using deodorant, talcum powder and sprays can also be effective armpit treatment because these help dry the armpit.

A woman once said that after showering and scrubbing the hell out of her armpits they still smelled bad. A homeopathic doctor told her that it is from years of using antiperspirants.

Anti-perspirants clogs your pores, for that is how it works. It is made to work this way to prevent you from sweating. It actually clogs your pores and over time builds up and is trapped in there.
Using deodorant only, not anti-perspirant, is recommended.

There are women who suffer from severe armpit odour condition.

Ama Serwaa (not her real name) said she is 16 years and has severe armpit odour problem. It is even a problem to her when she is going to school because she knows she will stink.

According to her although she does not really sweat that much it is just the odour she is concerned about. Akosua Mansa who has the same problem says she has tried every deodorant even the clinical protection ones but found out that what worked best was lemon.

Every night she rubs Iemon in her armpits after taking her bath, and only applies deodorant in the morning after taking a shower and this worked well.

Doctors say sweat does not smell, but bacteria on the skin do when they come in contact with sweat. It is advisable to wash under arm areas with safeguard soap or any other type of bacterial soap.

A good way of getting rid of smelly armpits is to change your diet. What you need to do is to cut the red meat out, or not eat it too often, stay away from junk food and dairy stuff because they cause toxins. Just try a healthy diet and you will not regret.

Some people use rubbing alcohol. A lady testified that she pours a small amount on her hand and dabs it under her armpits before bed, and then lies in bed with her arms up till they are dry. The next morning she applies deodorant and she is okay.

She also noticed that the alcohol has stopped her from perspiring as much. There have been days when she forgot her deodorant but as long as she puts alcohol on the night before, she is alright.

Using milk of magnesia seems to work. Shower in the morning and wash very well with anti-bacterial soap then take a small cotton ball, put milk of magnesia on it, rub it into your armpits, let it dry and then get dressed.

Some apply vinegar and baking soda, detol soap and liquid and it seems to work for them perfectly.