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11.11.2008 Business & Finance

'Develop Baah Wiredu Legacies'

By Daily Guide

Business magnates and some heads of public institutions directly linked to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning have been explaining the need to sustain and build upon the legacies of late Finance Minister.

Mr. Baah-Wiredu who was buried last Saturday in his home town of Agogo in the Ashanti region, left several legacies that would be difficult for a minister of state to accomplish.

Tony Oteng Gyasi, President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) who was the first to speak to this paper said the legacies left by the honorable man if continued, will enable the country achieve its development goals on time.

“He started brilliant projects such as the 'One Computer Laptop Per Child' which was so dear to his heart. This project must be continued and transformed since computer literacy is one of the benchmarks in growing an economy today because of the technology it brings along,” he added.

In addition to that, the presentation of the budget two clear months before the fiscal year ends which he brought, must be sustained and enhanced, the AGI President reiterated.

“I cannot stop mentioning the kind of cooperation he had with the private sector.”

Integrity, passion and professionalism towards work were the huge trademarks of the late Mr. Baah Wiredu, Isaac Owusu-Hemeng, Managing Director of Trust Bank Ghana Limited told CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE.  

“If we had about 2 million people in Ghana with the same character, the country will have been rated as one of the best in the world”.  

The support his administration gave to the Central Bank, leading to its autonomy, has immensely contributed to the success of the stability of the financial sector in the country, the fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers said.  

His support led to a successful redenomination exercise and also the introduction of the Ezwich or biometric smartcard, he added.

“The Ezwich and the other payment systems such as the Cheque Code Line Truncating have several positive consequences in the future direction of the country and all is due to the good works of the late Mr. Baah Wiredu.”

Kofi Yamoah, Managing Director of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) recounted the instrumental support given to the Ghana Stock Exchange by the late Finance Minister in getting the automation of trading platform completed.

The automation of the trading platform has now made the exchange, which achieved a 60 percent return in profit after the first nine months, a world class stock exchange.

In terms of general policies, Mr. Yamoah said Mr. Baah Wiredu was very helpful.

“He and his team worked closely with us,” Mr. Yamoah opined.

Rev. Ogbamey Tetteh, Executive Director and Head of Research of Databank earlier on told CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE that Mr. Baah Wiredu's commitment to the capital market has led to its transformation within the shortest time.

“He was ever ready to assist in any way,” Rev. Ogbamey Tetteh emphasised.

By Charles Nixon Yeboah