Agona Nsaba Omanhene advocates for good parenting to reduce indiscipline

By Benedict Kweku Nkrumah
Social News Agona Nsaba Omanhene advocates for good parenting to reduce indiscipline

Okeseiku Afari Mintah III, Omanhene of Agona Nsaba Traditional Area, underscored the critical role of good parenting in curbing indiscipline and fostering societal progress and development.

Addressing attendees at the launch of the 2024 Annual Akwambo festival of Agona Nsaba, Okeseiku Afari Mintah III emphasized that effective parenting is pivotal for economic growth and societal advancement. He urged parents to prioritize investing in their children's education, asserting that it represents the most enduring legacy they can impart to future generations.

Furthermore, the Omanhene highlighted the upcoming Akwambo festival's dual purpose: mobilizing the community's dynamic youth to contribute to local development initiatives and supporting traditional leaders in their efforts to combat indiscipline and negative social behaviors among young people.

Okeseiku Afari Mintah III also emphasized the festival's role in fostering unity among Agona Nsaba's residents, both locally and internationally. He called upon corporate entities, NGOs, philanthropists, and individuals to contribute financially to the completion of a new social center aimed at benefiting the community.

"The estimated cost of the project exceeds Ghc 750,000, and while our citizens have generously contributed, we seek additional support to alleviate the financial burden associated with organizing community events such as funerals and graduations," he stated.

Echoing these sentiments, Queen Mother Nana Adjoa Nkansa Eduam III of Agona Nsaba Traditional Area urged parents to prioritize the education of their daughters, emphasizing its pivotal role in securing financial stability for families.

The statements by Okeseiku Afari Mintah III and Nana Adjoa Nkansa Eduam III highlight the community's commitment to nurturing responsible youth and promoting unity and development in Agona Nsaba.

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