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African Soldiers Always Sacrifice In Dictators Wars D-Day June 6 1944-2024

African Soldiers Always Sacrifice In Dictators Wars D-Day June 6 1944-2024

Infectious absolute Power is orchestrated all over the world. The world needs to connect the increasing rise of world's Dictators to the Sacrifice African “Buffalo” and Minority Soldiers paid with their lives in June 6th 1944 80th Year Memorial D-Day Anniversary at Normandy, France. Europe generally. Africans are the last to get the benefits as their fellow soldiers got in Europe and America

The U.K Home Office destroyed thousands of landing card slips recording Windrush immigrants’ arrival dates in the UK to make it harder for older African and Caribbean-born residents in their 70s and 80s, to gain residency and benefits.

Africans have never fared well under liberal or conservative dictators. They are lumped lower and divided within other minorities to reduce their worth as soldiers and workers. Dictators are the most criminally minded felons crying for law and order just to disguise their projections on others. Yoruba say: Beriberi ko fe ki ada koja ori ohun, that is the hangman always put others' necks on guillotine, never his.

When they mention their Good Old Days, Africans are excluded. The 1944 GI Bill put a generation of whites into the middle class; not Africans who served at war only to come home to segregation.

Most countries have divided Power as a means of check and balance between Presidency, Judicial, Senate, Parliament, Religious bodies and a vigorous Press. All contribute to the smooth running of Governments. But Dictators want control and influence over every single body. Dictators desire absolute power to jail dissenting individuals or bodies that do not comply with any of their whims or caprices.

Do you think there will be wars beyond throwing chairs in the Parliament, House and Senate if leaders have to defend their own invasions personally as in ancient times; instead of using the Youths against one another? Even the thugs they use at home are not their children since their children are too comfortable to fight their fathers’ invasions and wars.

War is an ugly sight. One would think nobody wants it. Yet the Youths that are used against one another, cannot protest peacefully when they foresee the consequences of what those that force them into the war ignored. Well, someone has to declare war. Sometimes with consultation with their top Generals to avoid Palace Coup.

When you want to hang a dog, you demonize it. Convoluted leaders from ancient times are nihilists that enjoy tragedy as ritual entertainment But we are supposed to be more cultured and civilized leaving repulsive and pugnacious behavior to the last century. Law and order have curbed the violence of the giant man eaters of the past centuries.

Unlike those giant bones exhumed in Mexico; There are certain beastialities that humans should have abandoned since they left their stone caves. This recent excavation in Mexico found giant humans about 8 feet tall that preyed on fellow humans. When normal humans unite in numbers to eliminate their killers like dictators, now extinct. GIANT SKELETON TOMB UNEARTHED | Search for the Lost Giants (S1, E1) | Full Episode

Comparatively, our tall Youths are gentle giants that prevail in sports today. There is always war somewhere in the world at the nudge of leaders that cannot settle their egotistical and suzerainty differences. Without the Youths, old folks would have to fight their own wars themselves. When they suffer the cost and post traumatic syndrome of wars, fewer would dare go to silly wars often.

Wars are so disturbing, no country is rich enough or willing to ameliorate most, or all of the physical and mental consequential damages inflicted on each soldier, most of whom are the Youths. Some poor sons who refused to get conscripted into wars declared by leaders, are jailed. As privileged war dodgers use the devastating effects of war to damage decorated rival veterans against wars.

Let us face it, while we preach against violence and for peaceful coexistence, brutal forces are used against the weaker side to rule the world. If you do not do whatever the superpowers and regional powers want, they are ready to bomb you back into the stone age or out of existence.

Dictators usually gain the support of the gullible willing to vote the most gullible on the extreme Right or Left of the political spectrum. Once voted in, they come out in their worst color. There is no doubt that dictators are willing and ready to sacrifice humans that are against their whims and caprices. Dictators are set in their ways, unwilling to bend to or reason with superior views. They see any opposition against their rule as unpatriotic and in a theocracy, as heretic.

Unfortunately, many dictators were elected or appointed by the same people they oppressed. No matter how people are preached to about voting against their own self interest, they double down on their ignorance. Many are gullible and willing to prove opponents of their party wrong. It is difficult to understand why they warm up to those who compromise their very existence by identifying with an oppressor as in Stockholm syndrome.

Dictators are usually conservatives intolerant of liberals and independents of the political spectrum. But they would exploit any accommodating privilege accorded to them. While liberals are not only fair, they want to be seen as fair. Conservatives have no problem being intolerant of opponents or clamping down on views they deem unfavorable.

Do as I say, not what I do. They are not examples of good characters to be emulated by others. But they are willing to inflict the worst punishment on others who transgress the law they do. Their projection on mothers as welfare bums hide their own greed as corporate bums paying little or no tax compared to their subordinates.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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