Money Betrayal

Poem Money Betrayal

O money,
be kind to me.
You were with me,
but now you're lost,
and I'm at a total loss.
They'll ask for diapers,
Cerelac is finished,
gas is gone,
the water bill is due,
and the light bill too.
What should I say
when I go home
and I'm without you?

O money, my frenemy,
you told me to trust you,
but you're full of deceit.
Four weeks of searching for you,
yet you came to me limping,
only to run and leave me empty.
Will you ever stay for a month?

O money, my frenemy,
you disrupt my world,
your face is too ugly,
but I want to see it often.

Let me wear my armor
of hard and smart work.
Wherever you go hiding,
I will keep finding you,
to make your stay permanent.

Abdul Rahman Odoi

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