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Accra To Be Named The New Jerusalem On Earth!

Accra To Be Named The New Jerusalem On Earth!

Kingdoms rise and fall, Empires come and go, and in all these, the Lord's will cannot be prevented from doing its great work. The role of the people of Ghana, especially the Akans during the Early Civilizations in Babylonian and Mesopotamia by leaders such as King Badu Nkansah ₍Nebuchadnezzar from the Amorites Dynasty₎ and King Amoabeng ₍Hammurabi₎ shows that Ghana will soon mount the seat of another civilization leading to an everlasting peace and mutual respect among nations. As the firstborn of the Almighty God, he had the power and right to lead this Reformation to transpire on Earth. In Egypt, Kings Tutu Ankomah ₍Tutukamun₎, Akenten ₍Akenaten₎, Akuffo ₍Kuffo₎, Tutu Mosi ₍Thutmose₎, Siamo, and other more had built the Egyptian civilization to the level that the whole world emerged from ignorance and ushered into the enlightenment. Even in Ancient Israel, King Opoku Agyeman ₍David₎, Siaw ₍Saul₎, Jojachem, and others had led a civilization of people who were to influence the whole world with religion and the right moral principles.

The recent discovery that both the descendants of the true Hebrews and the true Israelites inhabit Ghana means that there should be changes in how the people of Ghana govern and comport themselves in the world. Apart from the National flag being embellished with two additional ones to represent the Nation of True Hebrews and True Israelites, there should be a change of the capital city from Accra to the New Jerusalem. If the people of Ghana believe in prophecies and also the manner the Almighty God works, then they should know that nothing happens on earth concerning them without God himself being involved or having directed the way. Among his descendants on earth in Ghana, there should be the NEW JERUSALEM, which holds the seat of the True Kingdom of God.

As the nation organizers, both religious and political leaders follow the directions of the Almighty God these are the signs that there will be changes in the country, which will contribute to enormous development in Ghana.

Research Centers and Institutes
The first sign of changes in the country will be the erection of Research Centers and Institutes that will lead to the pursuit of Academic excellence. These centers will bring the nation to become one of the learning centers of the world where not only foreigners but also nations around the world will come to study the Biblical Ancient cultures to its core. The idea that the descendants of most biblical figures still live will entice more to come. Moreover, there is conspicuous evidence that cities Moabites and Abrahamic peoples' built thrive in present-day Ghana.

Religious Centers and Conference Bodies

There will be more centers that will have the purpose of spreading about the Hebrew God, and their contacts in Ghana will be desirable. More conference centers and bodies will be built to accommodate the influx of people into the country.

Tourists Destination
Already, Ghana is a tourist destination where many people want to come and visit the slave trade sites, artifacts, and dungeons. But there is more interest in the people who grounded the Babylonian Empire, Mesopotamia, Ancient Israel, Egyptian Civilization, and, finally the Roman Empire. All the histories behind these had been deliberately hidden by Westerners through arrogance and they had the intention of dominance, but now they are revealed so they are powerless. The descendants of Yesu, who happened to be an Okomfo who performed good works and healing through his possession of supernatural powers without being paid or receiving remuneration “Ayesuban” [He possesses a Gift behavior]. This name was later shortened by his people to be Ayesu or Yesu, which was popularly known by the people during the well-advanced Roman Empire where the protagonists were black men, some who hailed from the Akan tribes in Ghana. [These histories can be found in the 14 books which were not canonized known as the APOCRYPHA.]

State Institutions By Countries such as the USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, China, Russia, etc

Some countries have interests in steering affairs of power in the world, and they will always scramble for knowledge, power, and positions inside the last days of God's prophecies and his kingdom. I am of the firm hope that the USA, UK, Sweden, and Russia who consist of major powers of the world may like to influence by being involved in the fulfilling building of the Kingdom of God in the New Jerusalem Capital on Earth.

New Heights of Development
There will be incredible new developments in the country as Ghana is no man's land, and religious conflict will not be endangered by interest groups. The mutual peace that will result is, indeed a shift of conflict and strives for indescribable peace on earth; this is something which God chose his faithful prophets to engineer. Surely, the Almighty still reigns in the multiverse and will want to descend to live among his chosen people who had been the builders of Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Ancient Israel, Ancient Egypt, and the Ironfisted Roman Empire.

Fulfillment of Prophecies
If we still believe that God speaks through his servants through dreams and visions, then surely, this is the fulfillment of prophecies. Nothing can change the course of History except the Almighty God Himself is involved. Just as in the olden days, he moved his chosen prophets, today he has his faithful servants that he prophesy through them.

The Ark of Covenant will be Restored, and God will descend Among His True People

The Ark of Covenant, which dwells among his people in Ghana will be restored, and there will be mutual respect among people living in the world. Failure to heed will not be the use of weapons of mass destruction. He can use selective deadly diseases that could kill people just as it happened among the Egyptians. Your weapons of mass destruction will, therefore, be of no value!

Conclusion Remarks
He that has the ears let him listen to what the spirits of prophecy say. Mine ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts says the Lord of Host!

History of the world is written by Westerners even though major players of Ancient civilizations of the world were black people. This has exposed the former that they had engaged in certain types of corruption, which consisted of changing the names of protagonists, misrepresentation of salient characters as being white even though they were black men and women, taking credit for being the players themselves in these civilizations through historical dates do not permit them to be present in those periods being studied. This kind of usurpation of a whole group of people by Western scholars and the fixing of imposters who were not the original group has not been challenged due to a lack of adequate research by non-Western scholars.

Already there have been problems in translating this information from clay tablets (cuneiform) to scrolls, which were the first forms of books. The scribes or later scholars were not familiar with the spellings of names of that particular civilization, so they fumbled with their interpretations and transliterations. Coupled with these were the major problems of the scroll writers who were not educated and, so could not be careful, so they unintentionally made several mistakes that were difficult to correct until now. Mass copying of these scrolls for the use of public consumption increased the numerous mistakes that we find in history books today.

Another serious piece of information concerning these civilizations, which emerged earlier way back before the white peoples migrated to Europe, then North Africa around 1250 B.C. was that they deliberately attempted to portray every good event in history to themselves. The names of certain important men were deliberately misspelled and fabricated to make it difficult to detect so that the people who were involved in these civilizations would not know it was about them. A classic example is in the Bible where many names were changed just to prevent those who it was written about them being unable to detect that it was about them.

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