Why condemn Katakyie Kwasi Bumagama ll for asserting that Ghana needs leaders with bold Characters like NAPO?

Feature Article Katakyie Kwasi Bumagama ll leading his people into the future.
Katakyie Kwasi Bumagama ll leading his people into the future.

It was a disheartening sight to witness Atta Boamah Bennie, a journalist and the son of one of Katakyie's Linguists, disrespecting Katakyie Kwasi Bumagama ll, the esteemed leader of the Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Area. Katakyie's only fault was expressing his preference for NAPO as the running mate of the NPP's presidential candidate. However, given Atta Boamah Bennie's familial ties to Katakyie's Linguists, his actions could be seen as biased and disrespectful.

Wasn't it the same journalist who once insulted President Akuffu Addo and was incarcerated? Doesn't this suggest that he has failed to learn from his past mistakes? Punishment aims to reform offenders, restore societal harmony, or deter potential wrongdoers. However, Atta Boama has yet to grasp this lesson. His actions only disrupt the harmony and respect we hold for our leaders. Perhaps the sentence he received was not severe enough, and he must face a more stringent one if he repeats such behavior.

I have been informed that Atta Boama is a native of Sefwi. However, this claim seems dubious, as a full-blooded Sefwi who was well-trained in Sefwiland would not insult our revered chief, who represented our forefathers. If this journalist is a Sefwi, he should apologize to Nana as Captain Smart did when he humiliated the people of the Western North Region.

In recent political discourse, insults have reached an all-time peak; this is not a Ghanaian phenomenon. This incites me to inquire when and how Ghana's political sphere degenerated into a forum for slander, with individuals hiding behind political screens to disparage people in positions of authority. This is not the Ghana we know and love; it is time we took a stand against this disrespectful behavior.

This infamous development has been widely ascribed to the widespread availability of broadcast media, which many consider to be a significant contributor to the recent upsurge in obscenities. The immediacy and reach of broadcast media platforms provide a powerful tool for individuals to spread slander and disrespect. If not so, how on earth would Atta Boama get the platform to insult our revered Paramount chief? Is this journalist doing the bidding of another political party or acting on his own? If he is acting on his own account, I would like to ask him if he can ever set foot on Sefwiland and what his reaction will be when the political party he supports visits Katakyie and he (katakyie) and his lieutenant refuse to give that political party an audience.

Ghanaians, including Atta Boama, must remember that the institution of chieftaincy holds immense significance in local governance in Ghana, particularly in the realm of socio-economic development. It is a testament to our rich cultural heritage and a beacon of our collective identity. Disrespecting our chiefs is disrespecting our culture and identity.

The institution of Chieftaincy in Sefwiman, led by our Paramount chief Okatakyie Kwasi Bumagam ll and other traditional rulers, is an expression of our rich culture, a growth agent, and a catalyst for change that must be preserved. Nana's leadership has brought many positive changes to Sefwiman's life. Unfortunately, this errant media guy is questioning Katakyie Bumagam's leadership abilities. We, as Ghanaians, must stand up against this disrespect and support our traditional leaders.

Some Achievements of Katayie Kwasi Bumagama ll

If Atta Boama Bennie is interested, I am listing a few of Katakyie's accomplishments as Omanhene of Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Area over the last ten years. The list include significant improvements in healthcare, education, and infrastructure, all of which have positively impacted the lives of the Sefwi people.

Under Katakyie's reign, the Sefwi people have witnessed a profound dedication to their well-being and progress. His initiatives, such as the construction of a one-thousand-capacity hostel at the Sefwi Wiawso Nursing Training College, the installation of a mechanized borehole for the Punikrom community, and the provision of mechanized water systems for educational institutions, including the Asafo Nursing Training College and Asawinso Senior High School, have significantly improved their lives.

In addition to making substantial contributions to healthcare, Nana furnished the Sefwi Wiawso Government Hospital with vital medical apparatus, including hospital beds, a lawnmower, a vacuum ventilator, and an anesthesia machine. Nana has also demonstrated his dedication to education by establishing the Katakyie Educational Fund, which has awarded tertiary education scholarships to around 200 financially disadvantaged but deserving students. The fund emphasizes assisting economically disadvantaged students, with a particular focus on women and individuals pursuing studies in STEM disciplines.

Furthermore, Katakyie's involvement in establishing the Western North Region should be noticed. He worked with other paramountcies and essential stakeholders to establish the Region, which aimed to bring the government closer to the people and promote rapid growth. With all these accomplishments, what is Mr. Atta Boama Bennie's notion of a transformation leader? Mr.Atta Boama, please go back and revise your notes, find out who a transformational leader is, and then apologize to the great leader of the good people of Sefwiman.

By Dr. Kwame Aduhene-Kwarteng