Wed, 22 May 2024 Feature Article

Why Can't The People Of Daffiama, Bussie, Issa Access Ambulance Services?

Why Can't The People Of Daffiama, Bussie, Issa Access Ambulance Services?

Providing an ambulance to my District was a very good intervention, considering that apart from the constituency being largely rural, the area do not have a District hospital and is far from the other facilities such as Nadowli District Hospital and the Wa Regional Hospital. The good use of the Ambulance would have served a convenience to people who are referred to other facilities.

Quite unfortunately, the ambulance has not significantly served its purpose to mitigate the suffering of the people. Why do I say so?

Many who called on the services of the Ambulance were asked to make upfront payment before it would be made available. In such emergency situations, people are not able to make prompt payment to have access to it.

People who were unable to afford the amount varying from 300 to 500 as the case may be, had to rely on public transport. On a particular situation, the Hon MP had to use his V8 to transport a pregnant woman to wa when he heard of such excuses. I can also recount a number of cases where the MP had to give money out to patients before they could get the services of an ambulance.

Perhaps, we could look at the service and their charges again. I am not saying it must be free!! But in emergency situation, prompt payment should not be the prerequisite.

That aside, the leadership in the District has demonstrated the highest sense of insensitivity. For more than five months now, our ambulance cannot be found. It is not in the District and my checks revealed that it has been grounded in somewhere in Wa for that long time.

For a facility of critical service to be grounded for more than five months without any step to have it back on road and without making any information with respect to the challenge available to stakeholders smack insensitivity and indifference by our leaders.

Perhaps, as usual, they are in a slumber waiting for some of us to speak or write about it only for them to wake up and react. That has been a trend. When we come to expose such predicaments, we are called names but for how long can we remain aloof?

We must speak for the voiceless!!
Yet we have political desperados who claim to be proactive! It is really sickening.

I am using this medium to call on our District Chief Executive, Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda and the national Ambulance Services to ensure that our only ambulance is back to our District! The few that can afford need it! It should be a matter of urgency!

Our health, our wealth!
Denis Andaban
The village Boy From DBI