Will 3% interest rates spur enough producer competition to curb inflation?

Feature Article Will 3% interest rates spur enough producer competition to curb inflation?

Dear critical-reader, the question to ponder over is: Will 3 percent interest rates not spur economic growth - and drive keen producer competition sufficiently enough to check inflation?

Yes, we readily admit to being ignoramuses and DEI uneducated old fools, dear critical reader. Be that as it may, the GHc64K question that we want answers for, from humankind's highly intelligent economic science gurus, from our idyllic African backwater base in Ghana's beautiful and bountiful Central Region's Gomoa Budumburam, is:

Will interest rates pegged at 3 percent, not spur growth in the real economies of nations the world over, anaaaa - and, if yes, won't keen competition amongst producers also lead to low prices, and ensure price stability, while keeping rampant greedflation (the real culprit in the causation of so-called inflation actually being corporate profiteering via price gouging, lol), in check, in the real on-the-ground-market-place, so to speak, anaaaa, lol?

Yes, dear critical-reader, we are aware that it is a very, very stupid question, of the kind that moronic individuals like us often pose, lol - but we nonetheless still want, and demand, answers, from the world's economic gurus asap: like now, not tomorrow, please, people, lol. Dig? No? Yes? Ask Grok, lol?

Finally, dear critical-reader, long story short: Can the world's economics gurus tell us whether or not low interest rates at 3 percent (or below that economic-fundamentals-metric), can spur growth and drive keen producer-competition sufficiently enough, to keep prices low and hold inflation in check?