Voter registration: Two Togolese Nationals arrested in Buem for attempting to register

  Sun, 19 May 2024
Headlines Voter registration: Two Togolese Nationals arrested in Buem for attempting to register

Two Togolese nationals are currently in the custody of the Jasikan Municipal Police Command for attempting to participate in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

The two were arrested by National Security officers in the area on Sunday, May 19 and handed over to the police for further processing before their court appearance tomorrow.

The National Security Officers told this portal that the suspects were allegedly brought to the Jasikan Municipal Registration Centre by the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the area. They further alleged that the NDC constituency chairman and organizer in the Buem Constituency were at the police station, attempting to secure bail for the two suspects.

According to the officers, members of the NDC in the area assisted the two and other Togolese nationals in crossing the border to participate in the registration exercise. These individuals are currently being housed by the NDC leadership in the area.




According to the officers, many of these individuals are currently in the constituency and are being transported to the registration center in small groups by the NDC leadership. The National Security Officers stressed that information suggests that the arrest of the two has caused concern among others who have not yet gone through the registration exercise.

Meanwhile, attempts by the NDC leadership to secure bail for the two have proven futile, as the police are preparing to bring them before the court tomorrow, they told this portal.

Such developments, according to the officers, raise questions about the efficacy of the guarantor system and why the NDC has insisted on its usage. The leadership of the NDC has used all available means to oppose the Electoral Commission’s attempts to abolish the guarantor system and stick to using the GhanaCard as the primary identification document for voter registration in the country.

This portal tried reaching the aforementioned executives of the NDC for a response but was unsuccessful.