Fri, 03 May 2024 Feature Article

Doom on New Lekma Road

Doom on New Lekma Road

The 7.5 kilometers long Lekma Road stretches from the Teshie Children’s Home to Spintex, Manet Junction. The road is now motorable, easing the free flow of traffic for motorists.

However, there are a number of problems: no street lights, non-functioning traffic lights, lack of road markings, and poor drainage systems.

Since 2022, poles have been erected for streetlights from the Manet junction to some parts of the newly constructed Ghana International Mall. However, there have been no plans to connect the streetlights as anticipated. When night falls, the entire stretch becomes dark. Additionally, long vehicles mostly ply that stretch of the road, making maneuvering risky. There have been instances where cars have knocked down people due to poor visibility.

Although there are traffic poles erected along the road, with the non-functioning traffic lights, some motorists tend to be reckless, driving at top speeds without slowing down for pedestrians, even pupils.

Whenever it rains, the rainwater struggles to find the conduit before connecting to the gutter. This causes the rain to remain on the street for a few days before finding the conduit completely. This leads to flooding, hydroplaning for vehicles, erosion of the road surface, increased risk of accidents due to reduced traction, and breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.

Regarding road markings, it is high time road contractors took it seriously. There are no white lines to indicate lane divisions or pedestrian crossings. Also, there are no yellow lights to indicate no-passing zones or separate lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions. Symbols like bicycle lane markings or symbols indicating parking restrictions do not exist. There are no arrows to show motorists traffic flow or lane changes. Lastly, there are no crosswalks to direct pupils on which side of the road is safe for them to cross.

These are great concerns that must be addressed urgently. If the project is yet to be fully completed, then we call on authorities to ensure that the needful is done.