Train crash: Railway ministry shares footage of incident

Headlines Train crash: Railway ministry shares footage of incident

The Ministry of Railways Development in Ghana has released dashboard camera footage capturing the train crash that occurred on Thursday, April 18.

The recorded video, spanning between 12:08 pm and 12:10 pm on the day in question, provides visual evidence supporting the ministry's initial account of the collision.

In the footage, the train can be seen navigating a bend at considerable speed when the engineer spots an obstruction on the tracks—a parked truck. Attempting to engage the brakes and decelerate, the train's momentum prevents it from avoiding impact.

A second video captures eyewitnesses commenting in Twi on the train's excessive speed, contradicting earlier reports regarding its velocity.

According to the truck's owner, his driver, Abel Dzidotor, abandoned the vehicle on the railway, leading to the collision with the oncoming train.

Dzidotor has since admitted guilt to three charges linked to the crash—reckless driving, unlawful damage, and abandonment of his truck on the tracks. As a result, he received a six-month prison sentence.

Additionally, when an image of the train approaching the abandoned truck was initially shared, some critics questioned its authenticity, suggesting it resembled an internet-sourced image.

Watch the video below:

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