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Legon PRESEC student kidnapped

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The kidnapped studentThe kidnapped student

A 17-year-old student from the prestigious Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (PRESEC), Legon has been kidnapped.

The student, whose name has been withheld, was abducted on 28th March, 2024 while on his way from campus to home in Obuasi during vacation.

Disturbing photos sent to the family show the student has been harmed.

Despite reporting the crime to police, CID headquarters, and PRESEC officials, the family told ModernGhana News that they have made little progress.

The management of the school has pushed back and shown little interest in the kidnapping of their student, claiming the incident occurred off campus and as such not much can be done from their end.

The kidnappers who initially demanded a staggering 34 million naira (approximately GHc 340,000) ransom from the family have threatened to sell the body parts of the kidnapped PRESEC boy should the family refuse to send the money.

With threats of harvesting their son's organs, if they didn't comply, the desperate family negotiated the ransom down to 20,000 cedis - all they could afford.

They sent the money via mobile money, but the kidnappers refused to release the boy unless an extra 300,000 cedis is paid in full. Today marks the 6th day since the boy was kidnapped.

As the ransom saga continues, the family makes an impassioned plea to the government and the Ghana Police to speed up the process of securing the boy and help bring their son home safely.


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