NPP's Freeze on Employment and the said Congested Payroll Underscores Urgency of Implementing 24-Hour Economy

Feature Article NPP's Freeze on Employment and the said Congested Payroll Underscores Urgency of Implementing 24-Hour Economy
FEB 24, 2024 LISTEN

In the current landscape of Ghana's economic and political sphere, the issue of job creation has become a pressing concern, exacerbated by the NPP government's freeze on public service employment. The staggering unemployment rate of 14.7% under the current administration is a stark testament to their ineptitude in addressing this critical issue that affects the livelihoods of many Ghanaians.

The freeze on employment, attributed to the stringent conditionalities imposed by the IMF bailout, has created a bottleneck in the job market, leaving many job seekers stranded and disillusioned. However, amidst this challenging scenario, H.E John Mahama's visionary 24-Hour Economy policy emerges as a beacon of hope and a viable alternative to stimulate job creation and economic growth.

The 24-Hour Economy model offers a dynamic solution to the employment crisis by introducing multiple shifts systems that create vacancies and provide financial support for businesses to expand their production capacity and operating hours. This innovative approach not only addresses the pressing need for job opportunities but also catalyzes business expansion and economic prosperity.

The assertion by former Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, now a special advisor to the president, that the payroll is full and graduates should create their own jobs underscores the urgency of implementing policies like the 24-Hour Economy. Lack of capital has been a major hindrance to entrepreneurship and job creation especially for young graduates, but with a financial support by this policy, aspiring entrepreneurs can now turn their ideas into reality.

Moreover, the flexibility offer by the multiple shifts system of the 24-Hour Economy will allow students, entrepreneurs, and other individuals to work while pursuing their academic or personal endeavors without compromising their commitments. This holistic approach will not only enhance productivity but also fosters a conducive environment for personal growth and development.

In contrast to the dubious claims of job creation by the current administration, with conflicting figures from Bawumia and various ministers which according to Bawumia, they have created 2.1 million jobs since 2017. Bright Wireko-Brobby claims it's actually 3.8 million jobs, while Ignatius Baffour stated over 3 million jobs were created in their first term. The Minister of Agriculture said Planting for Food and Jobs created 2 million jobs, and Ken Ofori Atta claimed 2.3 million jobs were created in the private and public sectors. These dishonest and self-serving politicians continue to ridicule the people of Ghana, the 24-Hour Economy stands out as a game-changer endorsed by organized labor. This innovative policy not only addresses the immediate need for job opportunities but also sets a sustainable foundation for long-term economic growth and prosperity.

As Ghana navigates through these challenging times, it is important to embrace progressive and sustainable policies like the 24-Hour Economy that offer tangible solutions to the pressing issue of unemployment. Not forgetting, unemployment remains the biggest threat to our country’s security. By prioritizing job creation and economic empowerment, we can pave the way for a brighter future for all Ghanaians, ensuring inclusive growth and prosperity for generations to come.